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VIDEO: Kofi Mole Pays Tribute To Abedi Pele And Celebrates Black Stars.



Award-winning artiste, Kofi Mole, has reminded the nation of the need to celebrate its heroes in his new song titled ‘Abedi Pele’.

This new tune also serves as a cheer song for the Black Stars of Ghana as they participate in the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

The song eulogizes former Black Stars captain, Abedi Ayew Pele who is acknowledged for his exploits during his career as a footballer.

Kofi Mole sings of the legendary status of Abedi Pele and suggests that it is similar to his great strides in the music industry.

The Next Rated Act at the 2019 3 Music Awards in his lyrics advised Ghanaians not to forget the legacy of the football hero.

He went further to rally support for the Black Stars of Ghana who are in Egypt competing to win this year’s African Cup of Nations.

Black Stars of Ghana topped their group with 5 points and have advanced to the Round of 16 stage of the tournament.

Watch ‘Abedi Pele’ music video by Kofi Mole below;


OBRA (LIFE): A Review Of Samini’s Music Video.



Here we have 5 minutes of Ghanaian flavored reggae music that has many dynamic types of shading, and is sprinkled with sustained lines, weaving counter lines, and thick, resonant chords. The contrasts in mood are very well handled. It is a rousing number that exudes rhythmic intensity, and Ghanaian bravado. This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of adventure, and reggae lovers will enjoy the brisk tempo and fiery Ghanaian rhythms.

"Obra" - Life; is one of the top charting singles from Samini's Untamed album. It’s a very touchy record that does have a much deeper meaning or context. It is mainly championing the success of Samini, who has gone through so much and later losing wealth to a fraudster (Kwadzo Nkansah Liwin - Ghanaian comic actor).

"Obra yɛ ɔko oo e, I can’t believe sɛ aka me nko oo e, Aba no saa ara, Ama ma m'ayɛ wild! Me pɛ sɛ me kɔ kurom nso, Ɛnhyɛ me ho ooh e yeah! (Chorus). Where ma nigga dey bra bɛfa me, Na adwen-adwen bebirebe yi No be good for ma head o, Borga paa ara na ɛnɛ deɛ bɛhwɛ me, Me nya biribi a anoɔdene, Just to cool down my head o, Suro nnipa na gyae saman! Nnipa tirim yɛ sum toom Me ka m'gya nann, W'aka apepa n'ano wesee ahyɛda abisa sɛ hwan, Asɛ w'anka bi nso ɔno na ɔkaa deɛ edikan"

(Dominated by the Ghanaian Twi language and spiced up with Pidgin English, the verse's words are basically laid out. Life is war, if not lived well, you will be amazed to be left alone in the dilemma. Fear human and allow the spirit to rest). I tried decoding the lyrics.

The song sonically is amazing—it works perfectly with the voice of Legendary Samini. The beat doesn’t make the song, it doesn’t overpower his voice, it accentuates and enhances seamlessly while also being present and in your face. Samini pulled together some major actors (including known Kwadzo Nkansah Lil Win and Vivian Jill) into one epic video, directed by Yaw Skyface.

The video video to the song has older origins. The story line is one of the usual movie script's acted by persons who portray a character in a performance; actors. thus, someone (Samini)travels overseas to turn the hardships in his life into some good fortunes, sends the earnings to a friend (Lil Win) to make some properties for him, only to return to his homeland just to find out that his toil has been in vein.

Well, this not a bad video story line because, the lyrics of the song clearly tells how the visual components will end up. This video is actually one of a kind which vividly explain the audio side, basically, the lyrics. Thus, a patron can watch this master piece without the audio, or the sound to the video being muted, and yet getting the whole story line as if he or she (patron) was privy to the audio.

The five minute and fifteen seconds visual components has two bridges that is a contrasting section that prepares for the return of the original material section. or may be used more loosely in verse-chorus form. Its also allow the patrons or music fanatics to hear the words from the characters in video. Which sometimes I feel shouldn't be the case, because the audio has played that role.

You can't doubt Yaw Skyface's work. The directing was practically on point, I think the movie characters(Lil Win and Vivian Jill) in the video also contributed to a the smooth directing from the Yaw Skyface. Samini and the few passer by also performed to meet their task. The location was also point, with the weather condition (natural or artificial) adding more aesthetics to the body of work.

Waking up right from a rented compound house, Samini was looking so frustrated, holding and sipping a bottle of an alcoholic beverage with the objective of trying to calm his feeling or expressing of distress and annoyance resulting from an inability to change or achieve his set goals of making some properties in Ghana while living abroad, because Akwasi(Lil Win) who is responsible for making his dreams a reality used the monies to satisfy his personal needs.

He phoned his friend to accompany him to Akwasi's residence to confront him (Akwasi) and to request for the expenditure on how the monies was used. On reaching his residence, Akwasi flee the house as he sense an unquenching trouble from a distance. Samini also initiated a manhunt because there are questions that need answers. Akwasi was out of energy to continue the run. He was resting, and contemplating on where to escape to, all of a sudden he was caught by Samini, only to confess that, he misused the and didn't make any properties.

Overall, this is a strong production, and both characters and director deserve special praise. This dramatic piece creates an intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary;. The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed. This composition would make a good concert opener.

This music video is a message. It’s telling all people not to entrust their wealth in the hands of friends or family members, because you can be disappointed and frustrated.

Watch video below;

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GBTV: Watch Samini’s “OBRA” Official Music Video



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GBTV: Eye Judah – Party For Two (Official Video)



Fast rising reggae dancehall artiste Eye Judah releases video for his classic tune dubbed Party For Two.

Produced by Sicnarf Pro, the song is off the singjay's debut album Genesis.
He is currently signed onto Freedom Cry Records. Video was directed by Bra Shizzle for Shizzle Studios.

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Samini Paints A Touching Story With Obra Official Video.



One could imagine how creative a Musician can be, blending both comedy with very touching REAL LIFE touching issues in a video. Samini just gave us that in #Obra official video, starring popular Ghanaian actor, Lil Win, for a lead role.

Watch “Obra” Video here:

"Ɔbra yɛ ɔko" literally means Life is war [Conceptual Metaphor]

Here SAMINI [Recording & Performing Artiste] describes a story of sheer betrayal of trust.

In this personified plot, A Ghanaian immigrant to the West trusted his friend and put him in control of his property whilst he hustled in the cold and all related difficulties to make sure his life would be better on his return home.

Surprisingly on his return, he meets nothing done in his name including his building he had paid his friend to finish. His money had been used by his friend to his own benefit. He had even married his wife he left behind on top. All his sweat resulted to nothing, that is.

What a wicked world! He would need to start from the bottom again. “Life is war” indeed!

Enjoy Obra. The 5th record on Samini’s Billboard-Charted 7th Studio Album, UNTAMED. The Album also made history as the first Album by an African to win "@reggaeville Album of the Year 2018" [Recieved in Jan 2019] two weeks after its release on Dec. 22, 2018.

Video features Kumawood actors, Lil Win and Vivian Jill. Video was shot and directed by Yaw Skyface across various locations in Ghana.

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