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The Greatest Poem Ever



William Dubois, known as Koo Kumi in the world of arts and poetry will be releasing his latest work THE GREATEST POEM EVER.
The poem eulogies the life and achievements of the world’s greatest boxer, Muhammed Ali. Ali redefined what it meant to be an African American.

He brought some sense of self prestige for the black man.

According to Koo Kumi, he fell in love with Muhammad Ali after an encounter with a librarian in a community library in Mampong Akuapem when he was a kid. He later got home and asked his grandfather about Muhammad Ali. He told him all the greatness that Ali possessed.

Kumi thereafter learnt more each day about him.
His inspiration to working on this poem came from the believe and honour that the greatest boxer ever put up always.

He started writing the poem in 2014 but finished it in 2016 and finally recorded it in 2018 because he believed the production should be great.

On Friday, 8th June, The Greatest Poem Ever will be available online for the general public consumption.

It was produced by Abochi.

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Comedian Warris To Speak Your Mind With “On The Behalf Series”



Budding but impactful Ghanaian comedian born Abdul Waris Umaru readies to commence a comedy series dubbed “On The Behalf Series” which will touch on current and trending issues in the country.

Comedy in Ghana has seen a face lift in the past decade and getting better as the days roll by. There has also been the emergence of tones of comedy related shows, but this is one of its kind and is intended to get you annoyed comically.

Since the inception of his career to becoming an international comic star, Warris has performed on many platforms like; Comedy Express, which was organized by DKB, Laughline Comedy Show, Laugh Kitchen Comedy Show, Music Magic and Comedy which was live on ETV GH and April Fools Comedy Show among others.

“Comedy has never been easy, but God`s grace, determination and the kind of passion we have is what is holding us in the industry, ” he said as he touches on what has kept him going as a young comedian.

On revealing his reason for this new show, he motioned, “The love of putting back smile on someone`s face, the joy of giving someone a memory and the joy of giving people a reason to live is what also keeps us working hard.”

As a standup comic, Warris has ever always made it clear through his outstanding art that it is his job to make sure the majority of people laugh, and he believes that comedy is the last true form of free speech.

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Comedy Express 2 Sold Out Shows On New Year Night Was By The Help Of Tesori Perfumes – DKB



Comedy express the premium monthly comedy show started the year on a very successful note inside their regular venue, cockpit lounge – Achimota mall. The show which has been running for a while now has had many successful editions to its credit. Created by the King of Comedy, Derick Kobina Bonney (DKB), the show witnessed for the very first time, two shows being held on one night.

 DKB who was excited by the turn of events couldn’t stop thanking Tesori Perfumes for their support to the show enabling him host two shows on the night. The thankful comedian couldn’t help but acknowledge that even though individually, the comedy industry has been able to hold down its fort the financial assistance from Tesori Perfumes helped push organizes to run multiple ads on social media plus cater for certain need that made the show a massive success. 

The comedians billed on the show did amazingly well. Back to back, each comedian did justice to the audience with their rib cracking jokes. Preforming on the night was DKB, OB, Lekzy, Waris, Putogo, Sportoo, Crypto and hosted by MJ the comedian.

“We were a bit scared when we tried to do two shows a night, that’s 6pm and 9pm. Tesori Perfumes supported the show, and with that support, we were able to run multiple sponsored ads on social media, print more fliers and this resulted to the over patronage of the show. Both shows 6pm and 9pm respectively were both successful witnessing a lot of people patronizing with sitting areas running out..

 I would like to thank Tesori Perfumes, for if it hadn’t been for them, we would not have had the ability to widen the scope of our publicity and also to Joy Prime for being a solid partner for Comedy Express DKB said. Icing on the show was when they [Tesori Perfume] gave out a bottle each to all that come through the show, giving everyone the chance to try their product.

 Tesori Perfumes is an Italian perfume imported and distributed in Ghana. It has fragrances for both male and female. 

Source: Fenuku Augustine.

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KSM To Pick ‘Thousand Laughs’ Award



Celebrated Ghanaian comedian, Kwaku-Sintim Misa (KSM) will December 1 receive an outstanding leadership award at the 2018 edition of Opa Williams Nite of Thousand Laughs comedy event in Accra..

The award is in recognition of KSM’s contributions toward the growth of Ghana’s comedy industry and that of Africa.

The honour is also to celebrate KSM for being an inspiration to many young comedians who are also helping the comedy industry in various ways.

According to statement by organisers of the comedy event “KSM will be receiving a special award Opa Williams Nite of Thousand Laughs because he has done a lot for the comedy industry and beyond. It’s a great opportunity to honour him while he is here.”

The Opa Williams Nite of Thousand Laughs is a comedy show in Accra with some of Africa’s headline comedy acts to serve comedy lovers, a dose of “rib splitting’ performances.

The event will take at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) on Saturday December 1, 2018.

Among comedians to perform include DKB, Gordons, Jacinta, Akpororo, I Go Die, I Go Save and a number of others.

They will be serving their audience with sterling never-to-be-forgotten performances.

There will also be music performances by Kidi, Victor AD and Drum Lord.

The show which starts 5:00pm already has tickets up for early sales at the Airport Shell, Achimota Mall, Osu Frankies and West Hills Mall.

KSM’s special award is one of the great side attractions to the event.

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DKB Delights Former 1st Lady Nana Konadu’s 70th Birthday Party With Amazing Performance.



Derick Kobina Bonney, known by many as DKB was honored to perform at the 70th birthday of former first lady of the nation, Her Excellency Madam Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. The comedian on the night was excellent with his delivery, cracking everyone present with hilarious jokes and was simply a delight to watch.

The comedian thrilled those present with his witty clever jokes. His performance was climaxed when he questioned the former first couple about their “firsts” early on in their relationship. The couple revealed who in the relationship farted first, which Papa Jerry owned up to. There were other revelations such as the first love song Papa Jay sang to Madam Konadu, which was karaoked by the birthday celebrant and the entire audience.

Even though there was a history between the two, DKB and Former first Lady Madam Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, on the night, the comedian displayed so much professionalism and creativity. In a video that was shared on many social media platforms, you can see the birthday celebrant enjoyed every bit of the performance.

In a media post after the performance, the comedian posted “I just finished performing at the 70th birthday of the former 1st lady Nana Konadu & Uncle Jerry John, Hon. Ken Ofori Atta etc in stiches. It is sad how some people predicted my downfall from the past issue but I rose up due to the God I serve. #Vimyaazo.”

The monthly comedy show Comedy Express which DKB is a regular performer, comes off Saturday December 1st, at the cockpit bar and lounge inside the Achimota mall.

Source: Fenuku Augustine

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