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The Greatest Poem Ever



William Dubois, known as Koo Kumi in the world of arts and poetry will be releasing his latest work THE GREATEST POEM EVER.
The poem eulogies the life and achievements of the world’s greatest boxer, Muhammed Ali. Ali redefined what it meant to be an African American.

He brought some sense of self prestige for the black man.

According to Koo Kumi, he fell in love with Muhammad Ali after an encounter with a librarian in a community library in Mampong Akuapem when he was a kid. He later got home and asked his grandfather about Muhammad Ali. He told him all the greatness that Ali possessed.

Kumi thereafter learnt more each day about him.
His inspiration to working on this poem came from the believe and honour that the greatest boxer ever put up always.

He started writing the poem in 2014 but finished it in 2016 and finally recorded it in 2018 because he believed the production should be great.

On Friday, 8th June, The Greatest Poem Ever will be available online for the general public consumption.

It was produced by Abochi.

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Ghanaians shower praises on DKB’s radio comedy show on Hitz fm



Ghanaians have for the past week been serenaded with a different landscape of comedy on Accra based Hitz 103.9 by comedy front liner DKB. The show dubbed “Free your mind’ is a magazine radio comedy show characterized by various hilarious segments and a discussion galore where listeners get the opportunity to participate. A total organized humorous chaos is what the whole show culminates into.

The “free your mind’ show that commenced on Wednesday, April 25 2018 has had its 2nd edition this past Wednesday with preparations underway for next Wednesday. Listenership participation on the show was tremendous with the hash tag trending among top 10 reflecting great feedback for the show.

Barely in its 2nd week, the “Free your mind’ show has received endorsements from award winning dancehall sensations Iwan and Jupiter with a special melodic tribute by BET award winner Stonebwoy. The overwhelmed comedian took to his social media to thank everyone for their support and promises the show would serve nothing but the best. “Thanks to everyone who tuned in, really appreciated, I promise you this show would serve you nothing but the best in comedy #FreeYourMindWithDKB” he posted.

The 1st and 2nd episode had comedians Waris and MJ “Free their minds” on trending issues in the country such as the just ended VGMA, the comments actress Moesha made during her interview with renowned journalist Christine Amanpour of CNN, taxation of beggars etc. The two with DKB took everyone who tuned in to a hilarious one hour journey.

“Free Your Mind” show comes off every Wednesday from 9pm-10pm. You can’t afford to miss this unique program purposely designed for you; it is a full one hour of unadulterated comedy and fun.

Source: Fenuku Augustine

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From Chief Moomen to Zylofon Boss



Celebrated playwright, Chief Moomen in a Facebook post made a request of GHC5 million to Nana Appiah the Zylofon boss after showering series of praise on him for his immense help and contribution towards the arts and entertainment industry. He then went on and added he would create the biggest theatre production the world have never seen about the legendary King of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa.

He said in the letter, “Give me 5 million cedis( Just a little over 1 million dollars). And let me create some magic that could, potentially, be the game-changer in Ghana’s arts and tourism industry,”

Mr Moomen went ahead to articulate step by step how he would put to use the amount if granted and how he will generate GHC100 million as returns. Some other businessmen who have have a thing or two to do with the entertainment industry were copied; Kwame Despite, Kwabena Duffour, Ibrahim Mahama, and Banasco Seidu Nuhu,

Below is the letter he penned to Nana Appiah.

Dear Mr. Zylofon Media Boss,
So your signing of Shatta Wale is all over the news. Kudos for putting money into the industry. I’ve always advocated for the wealthy in our society to invest their monies back in the country and become great patrons of the arts; that is how we build civilizations.

Obviously, you are not afraid to spend. And on the arts for the matter. So, let me sell you a vision that could be one of the most impactful things you’ll ever do.

Give me 5 million cedis( Just a little over 1 million dollars). And let me create some magic that could, potentially, be the game-changer in Ghana’s arts and tourism industry.

I want to create the biggest theatre production in the world, about the richest man to have ever lived on this earth, Mansa Musa the legendary King of ancient Mali Empire. This would be an extravagant, exciting and absolutely spectacular theatrical outdooring.
Here is the catch- you are spending millions to build an ultra-modern theatre, so we hear.

How about spend a fraction of that to produce amazing content for the place. How do you intend to unveil your new magnificent building? With another unimaginative show where some performers come to jump and mime on stage? We’ve seen that before. Oya, pass. Let’s do something different.

Now imagine this: Opening Night. High profile audience with local and international media. The curtain gently rises to a powerful yet soothing melody from a 200 member choir supported by a 100 member orchestra of both traditional and international instruments. Imagine 50 people in a synchronised beating of the fontomfrom or brekete.

Imagine 100 dancers with their surgically choreographed moves. Imagine our actors and extras all playing their parts powerfully. Imagine the rousing narration and poetry holding all the stories together. Imagine the elaborate set, the colourful and mesmerizing costumes and props, the lights and sound effects. Ahhhhh! Wouldn’t this be something else; 500 performers on one stage telling the epic story of a great African King. It is like the feeling you get when watching ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’. Something more daring and more spectacular than ‘The Lion King’, which has been staging for decades and has made millions of dollars.

Of course this won’t be for charity. It’s a business! Let the Mansa Musa Epic be the highlight performance of the theatre with an annual calendar. Target 1,000,000 audiences in Ghana and around the world over a period, with 100ghc standard ticket. That is, potentially, 100 million cedis in revenue for a 5 million cedis initial investment. Trust me, with the right marketing and hype, people will travel around the country, the continent and the world to come see this. But we must give them a reason to come. And it has to big and bold and absolutely worth their time and effort.

This could be so impactful in many ways;
Direct employment for 500 people with several thousands in the value chain.

Boost to tourism industry with many coming to see the play. And once they are here, they will also explore the country. This could be great evidence of the power of the arts to Government and can finally push them to make great investments in the area.

Several millions in revenue. Others have done it and so can we.

Not to talk of the importance of such a production in reinvigorating African pride and confidence. If you know what I mean.

All for possibly less than the entire value of the Shatta Wale’s deal. I say it is a risk worth it.

I’m obsessed with this vision. It will be done. Just a matter of time. Maybe sooner if those with deep pockets can see what I see. I have done so much, with so little. I could do so much more, with a little more!

CC: Kwame Despite, Kwabena Duffour, Ibrahim Mahama, Petronia City, Banasco Seidu Nuhu:) and others!

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”Pre-paid No Be By Force” – DKB Blasts ECG



Photo: GeorgeBritton

King of comedy, DKB, in a video has expressed disappointment at ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) at the way they are managing their pre-paid services. In the video the comedian is seen venting anger on the fact that he came back on from traveling to meet his lights almost off and has roamed the whole of Accra in search of a place to buy electricity pre-paid credit but to no avail.

In the video posted by the comedian on social media, you can tell he was motivated to make this video because everywhere he went to buy pre-paid credit he was greeted with the chorus “The network is down.”  This led him to ask “Is Pre-paid by force?”

According to him, Ghana should visit the old system where you pay electricity bills at the end of every month and when your lights go off, you know your payment is overdue and if they [ECG] want to stick to issuing pre-paid credit, then they should make available scratch cards or better yet pre-paid vending machines.

 “…You want to do pre-paid ECG, is pre-paid by force? That you roam the whole of Accra you don’t get light to buy. The annoying thing they tell you is “network down”…we are in 2017, can’t you [ECG] do pre-paid scratch cards that anytime of the night you can buy and load? Or even pre-paid vending machines?” he angrily asked.

Reaching the comedian to know if he has finally been served his prepaid credits, he bemoaned that today is going to be his 5th night sleeping with generator on and that makes 200gh cedis on fuel since he spends 40gh on fuel every night. He added that “what irks me is, I keep sending my siblings to be roaming Accra everyday in speculations of power availability, isnt this frustrating enough?”

We hope ECG restores this issue as soon as possible so that many others going through this ordeal will calm down.


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