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Scientists Create Fabric That Smells Better The More You Sweat.



It isn’t a sure-fire way to make your sweaty gym clothes smell like roses, but a new fabric might be able to give off a pleasant lemony aroma at the very least.

Processes already exist to embed fabric with scents like those from aromatherapy essential oils, but now researchers have combined the idea with concepts taken from advanced smart fabrics.

A team of engineers from the University of Minho in Portugal have developed two ways to modify cotton fabric so that it lets off a citronella aroma when it comes in contact with sweat. Their methods for using sweat against itself are outlined in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

The scientists used a protein found in pigs’ noses (yes, hog snouts could be the key to sweet-smelling sweat) that binds to scent molecules. They also attached what’s known as a carbohydrate-binding module, which binds to cotton. They used a second method involving fat-like liposomes rather than proteins to bind the pleasant scent to the fabric.

The tweaked cottons released the citronella scent when they came in contact with an acidic sweat solution. The pig nose protein-treated fabric emitted a “quick burst of scent,” while the liposomes cleared the air with a slower, more controlled release. 

“Both strategies revealed high potential,” the engineers’ paper reads. “Functional textiles incorporating fragrances could be an effective clothing deodorizing product.”

As a bonus, citronella is also a popular insect repellent. Keeping both the mosquitoes and bad body odor away could soon be as simple as reeling off 50 quick jumping jacks. 

(Source: CNET)

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Saudi Arabia To Build Medical University, 42 Senior High Schools for Ghana – Dr. Bawumia



The Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has announced that following an appeal by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the King of Saudi Arabia, the Goverment of Saudi Arabia has agreed to assist Ghana in the construction of a Medical University and 42 senior High Schools.

The Medical University will be established in northern Ghana.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which would fund the construction of the Medical School, would also provide funds for the construction of 42 senior high schools throughout Ghana to increase access to education for the youth, especially girls.

Vice President Bawumia underscored Government’s commitment to providing more opportunities to disadvantaged communities in Ghana, including the Zongo community, when he addressed Muslim faithful on the occasion of 2019 Eid al Adha celebration at the Independence Square in Accra on Sunday August 11, 2019.

The proposed construction of the Medical School comes a few weeks after Vice President Bawumia secured an agreement with the Government of Cuba for the training of 40 qualified students, drawn from the Zongos and other deprived communities, as medical doctors in Cuba.

“There are many brilliant students from the Zongo and other deprived communities who have had their dreams of becoming doctors shattered due to lack of funding. This programme would come as a welcome opportunity for such students to realise their God-given talents. And Insha Allah, this partnership between the Governments of Ghana and Cuba will produce more doctors from Zongo and other deprived communities in the country” he explained.

“I'm also glad to announce that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has accepted another proposal by the Government of Nana Akufo-Addo to establish a Medical School in the Northern Region of Ghana.

“Establishing a Medical School will significantly reduce the scarcity of doctors and other medical personnel in the northern part of the country. This giant step to advance the health needs of the Ghana, together with Government's other initiatives on education, vocational skills, sanitation and infrastructure development in the Zongo communities, which are being driven through the Zongo Development Fund, clearly underscore Government's vision for the Zongo community.”

Vice President Bawumia urged Ghanaians to be on the lookout for any persons who might seek to destroy the peace and unity Ghana enjoys, saying “We should remain vigilant in our communities and neighbourhoods. We must watch out for agent provocateurs, who will want to breach the peace in order to undo all the successes that we have chalked in our developmental journey this far.

“Ghana continues to remain an island of peace in a troubled region. We must not let that slip from our hands. Let us report any suspicious characters in our communities to the security agencies, so that the name of Islam is not soiled on the altar of some political goal that misguided elements may seek to achieve.”

Vice President Bawumia commended the organisers of this year’s Hajj Pilgrimage, noting that they have done such a good job that “not many people even know that some of our brothers and sisters are in Mecca for the Hajj,” unlike previous years when organisational challenges were the order of the day.

The Vice President called for prayerful support for the nation, emphasising, “As I have always done, I wish to, once again, request your support and prayers for President Akufo-Addo, myself and the government so we will continue to remain focused in our quest to successfully steer the affairs of our beloved country for the well-being of citizens.

“On behalf of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Government of Ghana, I wish all Muslims across the country the very best as we mark the sacred occasion of Eid Al Adha.”

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Multimedia And Adom FM Visit Cecilia Dapaah To Render Unqualified Apology.



The Hon. Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah on Wednesday July 24, received in her office, a delegation from the Multimedia Group led by Mr. A.C Ohene, the senior editor of Adom FM to formally render their profound apology to the Hon. Minister following a recent Adom FM publication which attracted a lot of negative publicity for the Hon. Minister.

Mr. A.C. Ohene stated that the incident was quite unfortunate and an error on the part of Multimedia and Adom FM and wish to assure the Hon. Minister that utmost diligence and care would be observed to forestall any such occurrences in future.

The Acting Chief Director, Mr. Joseph Obeng-Poku, explained that at the time that the Minister received the call, he was with the Hon Minister in a meeting and that the Minister sounded cool and collected. He expressed surprise that it would be reported that the Minister allegedly showed disrespect. This issue according to the Acting Chief Director was not about the lady being an intern, but rather about the due protocols being followed.

The Honorable Minister for her part accepted the apology in good faith and indicated her preparedness to continue to work with Journalists for the good of mother Ghana.

The Senior Editor, Mr. A. C. Ohene reiterated that the Multimedia Group has learnt a lot of lessons from the unfortunate incident and would work hard to ensure a strict adherence to their time tested protocols. He indicated that an apology had already been placed on their websites, Adom FM online and Joy FM online.

The intern, Miss Rahinatu Abdul Bach indicated her admiration for the Hon Minister and considers her as her role model and therefore regrets the incident, and accordingly rendered an unqualified apology to the Honorable Minister who in return offered madam Rahinatu a box of chocolate.

The multi media delegation included; Mr. A.C. Ohene, Senior Editor, Mr. Nii Dowuona News editor and Rahinatu Abdul Bach, an intern.

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Cuba To Train 40 Medical Students A Year From Zongo And Deprived Communities.



The Government of Cuba has accepted to train forty (40) brilliant but needy medical students a year from Zongo, inner city and other deprived communities in Ghana.

This follows a proposal by the Vice President of the Republic, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, to the Government of Cuba to extend the special arrangement between the two countries for the training of health personnel in deprived communities .

Vice President Bawumia made the proposal when he held bilateral talks with the President of Cuba, H.E. Miguel Diaz-Canel as part of a two day official visit to the Caribbean country.

According to officials, the programme will begin next year. Gender parity will be ensured in the selection of the students to be trained as medical doctors, with a proposed selection of 20 males and 20 females.

The President of Cuba noted that over the years the government of Cuba has tried to dymistify the training of doctors by making sure the study of medicine is not the preserve of the elite. Cuba has 80,000 doctors as a result.

He lauded Ghana's efforts to offer medical training to brilliant but needy students from poor communities like the Zongos and inner cities and said that Cuba is ready to support Ghana in achieving its goal.

The training of the doctors and other professionals from poor communities will not only lift them out of poverty but also provide important role models for other children in the communities.

Vice President Bawumia also witnessed, as part of the visit, the graduation ceremony of 221 newly-trained medical personnel at the University of Medical Sciences, Cuba. Ghanaian Doctor, Ahmed Ayebeng Owusu, was adjudged the overall best foreign student.

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How To Love Your Body At Every Size.



After years of battling with negative body image, writer, comedian and self-proclaimed fat activist Sofie Hagen, 30, is no longer ashamed of taking up space. Here’s how, in Sofie’s words, to love your body at every size and alter your perception of what it means to be fat…

How to love your body?

You can just change your mind.

If you continue to believe that fat is inherently a bad thing, you will spend the rest of your life fearing it. Each meal can become a threat. A life full of limitations, restrictions and negativity. All in order to become or stay thin. Most people live like this – because we have been taught that thin means happy. Look at those beautiful and thin women in the diet ads, laughing at salads. Who would not want to be so happy that they find themselves erupting into laughter over lettuce?

So here is the trick. You can actually be just as happy as legume lady without having to limit your intake to stuff that is green and tasteless. You do not have to be thin to be happy.

You do not have to be thin to be happy.

You do not have to be thin to feel good about yourself.

You do not have to be thin to be loved and wanted.

You do not have to be thin to think you are sexy and beautiful.

You do not have to be thin to do yoga or to go swimming,

to wear a bathing suit or a crop top, you do not have to be thin to follow your dreams.

You do not have to be thin.

Challenging ‘the truth’

The gist of it: The very first step is learning, accepting and believing that being fat is not a bad thing. It seems like such a simple thing to state but it is absolutely crucial. Society has successfully placed a voice within all of us that constantly tells us that fat is worth fearing. I can go into a random cafe and say to a group of people, "I feel fat," and they will say, "Don’t say that, you’re not fat," regardless of the fact that I am actually fat and that the word fat is technically just a descriptive word and not something I can feel. I cannot feel brunette. It is widely accepted that ‘fat’ equals ‘bad’.

And it is wrong. You need to believe that it is wrong. If we take it one step at a time.

Female bare feet with weight scale in the bathroom
© Getty Female bare feet with weight scale in the bathroom

The notion that fat is not beautiful: There are two sides to beauty. There is beauty in the socially acceptable sense. The beauty ideal. What has been deemed beautiful. It is this idea of beauty that is terribly damaging because it leads to people who do not fit into this category being discriminated against and oppressed. This definition of ‘beauty’ is very carefully constructed and forced upon us from a very early age. In this understanding, fat is not beautiful because fat is not acceptable. This idea of beauty is objective.

The other side is the individual’s perception of beauty. The subjective interpretation. Naturally, a lot of us are prone to preferring society’s idea of beauty because we are so easily manipulated. But to a certain point. From then on, what happens inside of our brains is the very definition of subjective. There are loads of people who find fat people beautiful. I believed that beauty was one particular thing for most of my life. Until I rewired my brain. And what I saw in the mirror seemed to change, even though it remained the same. I suddenly found and saw the beauty in the body that I had hated. When you think of it, it is ridiculous to assume that we all find the same thing hot. It’s important to attempt to dismantle the beauty ideals that we are all forced to survive under, but it’s also important to dismantle those beliefs within yourself.

The notion that fat means lazy, greedy, unintelligent, evil, non-sexual, etc.: You can continue this list yourself – all the personality traits that you subconsciously combine with fatness. The fact that none of these are true should be so obvious that I feel bad even spending precious time saying it. You know it is not true. I know it is not true. Even the most fat-loathing person in the world would do a double-take if you asked him to bet all his life savings on this being true. Despite this, we often swing these words around alongside ‘fat’, like it is a fact.

“Oh, he is so fat and lazy,” and it just sounds true. If I said, “You thin lazy mess,” it would seem weird. We should have reached a point by now where we know that how a person looks does not mean they are a certain type of person with specific traits.

Perhaps it is easier to look at it like this: being fat describes that your body is rounder and softer than people who are less round and less soft. That is it. Fat describes a body shape or the amount of fat you have on your body. It is a neutral thing. If you must add any emotional connotations or moral connotations to it, add positive ones. Most importantly: get rid of all the negative ones.

Owning the word ‘fat’ was the most important step of my pilgrimage towards self-love. ‘Fat’ was a weapon that had been used against me my entire life. Taking the word, using it about myself, stripping it of its negative connotations was like grabbing the gun out of someone’s hands and pointing it right back at them.

And essentially, it was fairly easy.

Pregnant woman with raised arms in nature smiling
© Getty Pregnant woman with raised arms in nature smiling

‘Fat’ is not a negative word. I repeat: ‘fat’ is not a negative word. ‘Fat’ has been made to mean something negative through society’s fatphobia. ‘Fat’ has been made to mean greedy, lazy, selfish, unintelligent, annoying, evil, unattractive, in the way and excessive. But actually going back to basics, to the actual origin and meaning of the word: it is not a negative thing. It is a descriptive word describing the size of your body.

The upset or hurt that you have been taught to connect with the word ‘fat’ has nothing to do with the actual word or – and this is very important – with any facts. Being fat is not intrinsically a negative thing, in the same way as being a redhead or tall or wearing a purple T-shirt says nothing about what your core values are or how objectively good-looking you are.

I understand that the word ‘fat’ can hurt. For many of us, it has been thrown at us from moving vehicles, from family members who were meant to love us, from people on the internet whose sole intention is to hurt us. If, every time I left the house, someone tossed a cinnamon bun in my face with fury, I might actively start to dislike cinnamon buns after a while as well. But if I somehow managed to figure out a way of catching the cinnamon buns so I could eat them later, all the tossing of them would stop hurting. Quite the contrary: it would mean that I would get to eat a lot of cinnamon buns.

So, if you can start accepting and using the word ‘fat’ as a neutral – and eventually a positive – thing, it will stop hurting. As with most things, it will take quite a lot of time. The more you use it, the more you say it, the better the cinnamon will melt on your tongue.

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