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Ruining My Reputation Will Not Wash. I’m Not HIV Positive- Aik Livingston Abani Speaks.



Contrary to ”unsubstantiated” claims by a snap chat slay queen that Livingston Abani, CEO of Maddhaus Entertainment is HIV positive. A communique and a test result from his outfit which we have intercepted states otherwise. 

During the early hours of yesterday, a snapshot of a post on snap chat sufficed online in which the said lady alleged that he Livingston Abani is HIV positive and has since set out on an agenda to spread the pernicious virus. 

In wake of the unrest, a knock on the doors of the CEO of Maddhaus Ent. was fitted with a rejoinder stating emphatically that he knows next to nothing about the wild allegations and threatened to seek legal redress and has added a test result which is dated 19/02/2019.

His full statement is below. 

”I was greeted yesterday in the morning with humbug and a manufactured storyline, which seeks to dent my hard earned reputation but I’m confident Ghanaians are discerning and will not take this unfounded allegation hook line and sinker. 

To begin with, I will want to state emphatically that I’m not HIV positive and those behind this are set out for no good. I advise the dawdle snap chat lady who has been recruited to find something else to do than to want to go on this tangent of which ascertaining the truth is just a walk to the hospital for a test. The test results accompany this statement so they can feed their ignorance.

I say verily, destroying my reputation will not launder. This allegation is just a figment of their own imagination and the test results flaws their claims. 

In a series of posts, the said lady claimed I have had sex with dozens of women and celebrities unprotected and paid them huge sums of money. She even went ahead to mention some names and that is rather unfortunate because these people are young Ghanaian women who are working hard and dragging their names like this is unacceptable. 

I’m a man of affairs and an entertainment industry savvy, hence I have always been available to offer help to players in any capacity I deem fit or as much as my strength could allow, but not for sexual pleasure in return – I support the industry out of gratuity and love for the art.

I want to inform her and her cronies that I have been in Ghana since 2002 and not three years ago as she claims, its palpable she has been misguided with information and I advice she desist from peddling falsehood or I allow the laws to take its course.

I hereby entreat all and sundry to treat this malicious fabrication with the discontent it deserves. The matter has been reported to the police and I have since informed my lawyers as we gear up towards seeking legal redress.”

Livingston Abani

Thank you.

Test Result

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VGMA; I Will Stop Comedy If Medikal Does Not Win. – Comedian Waris.



Full-fledged Ghanaian comedian, Abdul Waris Umaru has made a troth to quit Comedy if rapper Medical goes home empty-handed again after this year’s VGMA.

Hear Waris, ”Mark this I will stop doing comedy if @AmgMedikal does not win the Rapper of the year and I mean it. #VGMA”

The comedian posted the above on his Twitter timeline as he throws his unflinching support behind the rapper who during the previous edition of the most revered award show in Ghana went home empty-handed notwithstanding his nomination in multiple categories, hence his aggressiveness pertaining to this year's edition.

The ”Ayekoo” singer who trended last week for addressing the International media head-on with his freestyle undoubtedly has had an amazing year and crowning him with an award is deserved.

The rapper has earned four nominations in this year’s edition. He’s competing for Rapper of the Year, Hiplife /Hip-hop Artiste of the Year, Hip-hop Song of the Year and Hip Life song of the Year.

As to the seriousness of Waris with his comment, I await a day after the VGMA to access that, but for now, do well to vote for Medikal massively so we can save Waris his career.

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Where We Dey Go? Trigmatic Questions Government On Decision To Make French Ghana’s 2nd Accepted Language.



Rapper and onetime radio personality today in a series of tweets tabled his discomfort about the attempt by Government to make French Ghana’s second language ahead of our local dialects.

The rapper who is currently in Kumasi preparing for his My life concert responded to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration made by Shirley Ayorkor Botchbuy which confirmed that Ghana is set to adopt French as a second language.

Hear Trigmatic, ”Ppl hv died sacrificially 2 hold in high esteem our heritage. Till date dat struggle lives on n the least we could've done was to protect it. Why French as a second language ?This is a cultural indentation to Ghanaians.Thought @FolkloreGH says more of our folklores? #wherewedeygo”

He continued to elaborate more, citing how we clinch onto foreign things and decamp our own as the cause of lack of self-esteem and added its a poor way of growing a generation.

”We growing a generation that will believe less in themselves and more in anything foreign. This has been a very old but grand agenda and it's still in operation. In beginning to see how the trade started? Our leaders have been part of our plight” shared by Trigmatic.


Speaking at the opening session of the 2019 La Francophonie week, Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, said Ghana’s education sector will be reformed to inculcate the learning of French.

She added that President Akufo-Addo aims to prioritise the French language in Ghana by making the country a full Member of La Francophonie.

Ghana joined the La Francophonie in 2006 and currently an Associate Member but the government has plans of making the country a full member, hence the displeasure registered by the rapper.

Ghana is bordered by three French-speaking countries, namely; Togo, Burkina Faso, and La Cote D’Ivoire but is that enough reason to want to make another foreign language our second accepted language than picking up any of the local dialects as the argument; if or not to make Twi our second language has been far-flung.

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Geoscientist “Sena Huks” Readies To Transfigure Skeptics Of His Talent Into Believers With His Upcoming Album.



Sena Huks, a stage name which was coined from his birth name Sena Hukpati gives a lead as to how creative and smart this young Ghanaian avid musician can be. Brace up as the songwriter/singer and composer who is also a Geoscientist by profession readies to birth his second album first quarter of 2019.

The “Odade3” (old boy of PRESEC) who winded up from Legon with a degree in Geology and scaled up with a Masters degree in Petroleum Geoscience (Geology Major) from IFP School, France, palpably started exploring his capabilities during his elementary days at Morning Star where he discovered his musical ability which over the years has been molded into a fine art of class.

Versatile, best describes him as he has over the years served musicophiles with a smorgasbord of love related music; RnB, Hi-life, Hip-Life, Hip-Hop, Afro-RnB, Dancehall and Pop among others – evident to this was his first debut (14-track) mixtape, “LET IT GO” in 2014 which had three (3) singles; ‘Wonkoaa’, ‘Looongtin’ and ‘Go down’ which enjoyed massive air play on various electronic media platforms in Ghana.

The year 2016 saw the returning Sena Huks release “MARRY ME” and followed it up with “HOLD ON A MINUTE” on the NUFF LOVE RIDDIM, then released two other singles in 2017 – “No More” and “Send me your love”. He plunged right back into the music space in 2018 with “I no dey get you” which featured BBnZ star, Shaker, and later in that same year released “God do am” which seeks to thank his Maker and has gained some attention since its release.

Ghana’s music scene may look like one which is at its chock point with varying factors acting as a brake to the growth of the industry, but with a young talent such as Sena Huks who is applying new skills to the old trade, we see a glimpse of hope.

Lovers of his art are in demand of more music from the prodigy as his music is gaining rapid acceptance, but surprisingly, during a conversation, Sena matched their worries with a best-fit answer.

Hear Sena, “It’s about time the world gets a full body of work from me, so they can judge for their selves the talent they have been sleeping on – the Sena Huks you see today. It’s also an avenue to finally lay to rest the doubt about the musical genius which I’m. Get ready for an album instead.”

The year 2019 is sure to be his year of outburst as the days of Sena Huks-less music chats will be a thing of the past with a soon to come album in sight. Audio links to his works are available online on Aftown, iTunes, Apple music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon to mention a few


Twitter: @senahuks

Facebook: Sena Huks Music

Instagram: Sena Huks Music

YouTube: Sena Huks Music official

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KK Fosu Features Afia Schwarzenegger & Akuapem Polo in ‘Odo Nti’ Music Video



Ghanaian highlife act, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu popularly known as KK Fosu who made a comeback about two years ago after going on a music hiatus is set to release a new video for his song ‘Odo Nti’. The singer featured rapper ‘Dadie Opanka’ on this song. The two did justice to the song and definitely executed the music video to perfection as well. The music video starred two of Ghana’s most controversial personalities, Afia Schwarzenegger and Akuapem Polo.In the video, Afia Schwarzenegger and Akuapem Polo acted as mother and daughter respectively.

KK Fosu and Akuapem Polo who were in love had to fight and overcome obstacles from all angles especially from Afia Schwarzenegger, who was Akuapem Polo’s mother and was against their relationship. Will their love be able to withstand and blossom despite the people against it? ‘Odo Nti’ will KK Fosu still go through the humiliation and fight for his woman?
Popular Ghanaian videographer and director, Prince Dovlo shot this video and added his magic touch to it. Contemporary Highlife singer, KK Fosu is without a doubt, going to bless our screens with this video.

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