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Rosemond Brown Apologizes To “Waakye” But His Response Leaves More Questions Than Answers.



Instagram sensation Rosemond Brown finally apologized to Prince Yawson (Waakye) as she made a shocking U-turn on her earlier allegations which was; naming him as one of the people she slept with in the industry.

Nonconforming “Akuapem Polo” on the “Delay show” some weeks ago confidently posited that she had slept with veteran actors Waakye, Fred Amugi and some other prominent actors in her bid to earn roles in the movie industry.

Social media went avid as usual, but It’s obvious she had realized her mistakes and seeks to right her wrongs.

At a press Conference, Rosemond remorsefully made a U-turn and indicated that she said all that in order to be in the news. Interesting what she can do to trend Huh!

“I want everyone here to help me say sorry to my father here because I made some comments about him on Delay’s show. Everyone who knows me is aware that I’ve been in this industry for nine years, but I was not known so I now say and do anything just for the hype. I’m so sorry that I said all that,” the “Hype-drowned” Rosemond said.

Waakye who was present at the venue when asked how he feels about the whole scuffle responded in a way that made it obvious the two were involved somehow as he was tight lipped.

“Whatever she did, it was not as if she was telling the world I’m a thief, or I’m a murderer or I have forced something out of someone, there is this saying, a drowning man will catch at a straw, she feels this are the people I could use to get to the destination I want to get to, so if now she has realized and have come to apologies, who am I?” He quizzed as he accepted her apology.

Asked if there was any truth in the sex allegations, the veteran responded in a way that made me feel whatever the young lady said was true.

He swings over the question, saying, “I wouldn’t want to go there”.

Movie News

Ivan Quashigah Makes A Shocking Revelation About Fella Makafui.



Ivan Quarshigah, a film maker, director, producer and CEO of Farmhouse Productions, producers of popular TV series YOLO yesterday during a presentation made shocking revelations about actress Fella Makafui.

The ace filmmaker who was taking participants through the basics of film making in an attempt to explain how casting is done and how to identify characters ended up revealing how Fella cried when she was asked to play Serwaa; “The villager to sell bread in the series.”

He said, “Fella Makafui Cried when she was asked to speak bad English and act like a bread seller in Yolo.” The shocker came when he added, “But she was one of the brilliant people on that set.”

Fella may have come across as a tough person (Hard girl) looking at all the negative publicity she had been hit with in recent times, but behind that hard girl is a girl who cried when she was handed her breakthrough role.

I personally have no doubt about her braininess since it’s evident for all to see. From playing “The villager to sell bread in the series.” A role that many will describe as menial, today Fella has become a household name and an entrepreneur.

Ivan promised, our favorite youthful TV series Yolo will soon return before end of year.

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Celebrated Cinematographer Reveals Why Ghanaian Movies Don’t Go International.



Yaw Ladzekpo, a Cinematographer, director, fixer and also a lecture divulged why Ghanaian movies don’t make it onto international platforms.

At the MTN Open Coffee on the 5th of September, 2018 at the MTN house during a presentation on the topic “understanding the art and craft of cinematography”, he noted the reason why Ghanaian movies don’t make it on to international platforms.

To the surprise of the audience, he said, “Ghanaian movies are not going international because Ghanaian Cinematographers just use the camera as a recording tool and not a story telling tool.”

He also added, “Cinematographers are supposed to be the most brilliant and knowledgeable people on set.”

As to what he means by telling a story with the camera and not just recording, he elaborated.

In shooting a movie, every camera shot and angle should tell a story and not just to record the scene for editing.

If you don’t tell a story with your shots, no international platform will give you a listening. He said the above as he explained the types of shoots and the reasoning behind it and how to convey a message of importance or relevance of the cast or surroundings in a scene.

This edition of the MTN Open coffee has been a great initiative to enlighten people in the arts and entertainment circle and if you are yet to be a part, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

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AMAA Announces Workshop In Partnership With The Film School Of Cuba In Kigali



The Africa Film Academy (AFA) is proud to announce a workshop in partnership with The International Film School of Cuba (EICTV) in Kigali at AMAA 2018.

A 4-day workshop under the esteemed tutelage of Rebecca Roos, guest lecturer at EICTV will focus on visual story telling for both fiction and documentary films. The intensive workshop will entail theoretical basics and practical exercises, pitching and the production of a few short films.

An Animation class will be presented by Edward Lapang, Nigerian animator, painter and motion graphics artist. His goals are to place an emphasis on the creation of quality animation and special effects in the African film and television industries.

The International Film and Television School Cuba (EICTV)

Cuba’s world renowned International Film and Television School (EICTV) was founded by a group of intellectuals, led by Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez, Argentinian poet Fernando Birri and Cuban filmmaker Julio García Espinosa, leading figures in Latin American debates about revolutionary and politically committed art.

Its initial aim was to support the development of national audio-visual industries in countries that lacked the infrastructure or resources to train their own professionals.

Representatives from the film school will present certificates to the students that complete the workshop and will also take part in round table discussions sharing their knowledge in how to train filmmakers within an industry that lacks infrastructure or resources.

The film school has attracted many renowned international filmmakers as visiting teachers for master classes and workshops including the likes of Werner Hertzog, Francis Ford Copolla and Stephen Spielberg.

They maintain its objective: to train artists of a high aesthetic and technical level with an ethical concept, capacity for dreaming, critical vision of the world, deep concern and positive position against injustice and oppression.

The Africa Film Academy (AFA)

The Africa Film Academy (AFA) was established as an initiative of the Osigwe Aniyam-Osigwe Foundation. Founded in 1999 to Honour the new African sage philosopher Chief Emmanuel Onyechere Aniyam-Osigwe, the non-profit organization, was set up by the Foundation as the vehicle to enhance creative energy of Africa’s growing youth population.

As part of its core mission the AFA uses the medium of filmmaking as a tool for community development to train aspiring artists in all aspects of filmmaking: acting, writing, directing and producing motion pictures all across Africa.

As an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movies, the AFA hosts the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) which is the biggest gathering of movie makers across Africa and the Diaspora.

Many of the films produced to date continue to tell our stories and have served as a shared collective experience and reminder that Africa is a vibrant continent with colour, energy and endless possibilities.

The Dates

The workshop entitled ‘Visual Story Telling’ will run from the 17th to the 20th of October at the Kigali Conference Center in Rwanda.

Training is offered to 40 students that want to enter the film industry as a technician, writer, producer, director or writer.

3 projects from the students will be made into short films under the guidance of expert production crew.

This Course is FREE and sponsored by the Africa Film Academy.


Students need to be over the age of 18

Be available from the 17th to the 20th of October, 2018

Have a passionate interest in filmmaking

Preference will be given to students that have a smart phone with video capability, will also need enough space to download an editing app to the device.

Note: You need to provide your own accommodation and food during the course.

To apply for this tremendous opportunity in Kigali, continue to:


NOTE: Training is limited to 40 students.

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The Best of Lydia Forson



Ghanaian actress, writer and social advocate Lydia Forson is the true definition of black don’t crack, besides her unbeatable talent, Forson is very charming. Not forgetting how stylish she can be and making good use of her natural hair in every bold statement she makes fashion-wise.

Forson’s acting career started with a cameo role in Hotel St. James (2005), Run Baby Run (2006), Different Shades of Blue (2007). She has stared in a lot of award-winning movies like “The Perfect Picture”.

Here are some of her most stylish and bold appearance at some award events and premiering events.


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