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Ronnie Honored At GEA and Teen Choice Awards.



Ghanaian celebrated social media commentator known as “Ronnie Is Everywhere”, legally christened, Aaron Safohene Afful has chalked a remarkable success in his craft after receiving the significant accolade by the organizers and board of Teens Choice Awards/Face Of High School – 2019 and Ghana Events Awards (GEA) – 2019, respectively, at the just ended awards ceremony.

The honorary award which came in the title of “Students Favorite Blogger” and “Event Blogger/Influencer”, respectively, was a gesture of respect given to Ronnie Is Everywhere after the organizers/board of the various awards scheme recognized his performance and value to the positive growth of the Ghanaian entertainment industry. The outstanding award is generally symbolic.

Hosted at the National Theatre, Ghana, Teens Choice Awards/Face Of High School is a competitive event held annually to unearth talents,educate and also entertain teens from High Schools in Ghana. It also acknowledges individuals who have had significant contributions to human performance technology.

However, at the Silver Star Towers, Accra, the Ghana Events Awards (GEA) is also an annual awards scheme established to honor and celebrate indigenous Ghanaian Events and organizers who set the pace for excellence in event management across the country.

This honorary award which did not come in a monetary recognition is also geared towards providing formal, highly symbolic recognition of significant contributions and publicly recognizing quota as examples for other aspiring blogger or social media commentators to emulate.

Ronnie Is Everywhere is a Ghanaian Blogger, Social Media Commentator/Influencer has an established international reputation for excellence within the entertainment industry, and has demonstrated outstanding leadership, through activities such as a strong publication record, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ronnie has made a substantial and exemplary contribution to the country’s creative and arts sector and has been of outstanding service to the community, or the nation through activities or endeavours consistent with the sector’s, Vision and Strategy.

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“I’m Not DJ Switch’s Manager. – Merqury Quaye



Founder of Ghana DJ Awards, Merqury Quaye has debunked claim that he is part of DJ Switch’s management team.

The 11-year-old’s crowning as ‘DJ of the Year’ at 2019 Ghana DJ Awards got the world talking about the historic turn of events.

Some disgruntled individuals alleged that DJ Switch won because Merqury Qauye is her manager.

However, Merqury Quaye in an interview on Joy Fm stated that he doesn’t manage DJ Switch.

‘…that is not correct. As a matter of fact, any DJ in Ghana will tell you that I have been supportive to every DJ in Ghana including DJ Switch’, he said.

Merqury Quaye, who is regarded as the father of DJs in Ghana, revealed that his aim is to elevate the careers of all DJs in Ghana.

‘Anytime any DJ needs support, needs help, my remit is to catapult all these guys to the highest stage possible’.

‘At one point or the other, you will see me offer support to a DJ if they need the help.’, he continued.

Merqury Quaye stressed he is not ‘technically’ part or a core member of any DJ’s team but rather lends support to all.

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Mzgee Joins Media General, Rumoured To Host “TV3 Mentor”.



GREATER ACCRA, GHANA - An integrated media company with a focus on becoming the most loved media brand in Africa, Media General has officially announced Ghanaian born entertainment Journalist, and Television & Radio host, Gloria Akpene Nyarku known behind cameras as Mzgee as the new inclusion to the tall list of award winning journalists of the media network.

Known for her viral interviews with some Ghanaian celebrities and a former host of "Gee Spot" on Joy Prime Tv, Entertainment This Week’ on Hitz FM and anchored Hitz News, a subsidiary company of Multimedia Group Network, Mzgee will be hosting the rebranded TV3 Mentor and lead other entertainment related programs at her new company.

This announcement was made official on the social media pages of the media network. The entertainment host and fashion icon’s resignation comes after Manasseh Awuni Azure and Afia Pokua’s exit. MzGee joined Multimedia in 2014. During her days, she co-produced Daybreak Hitz which is Hitz FM’s four-hour magazine entertainment and lifestyle morning show.

MzGee got into radio in 2005 as a student at Cape Coast Polytechnic. Initially, she was invited as a panelist on Eagle FM which is a campus based radio station. Later on, she was taken on as a Co-host for a Late Night Relationship show and was nicknamed ”The Love Doctor”. With the passage of time, she became the host of the lunch time show after her predecessor had graduated. She worked at the radio station till she graduated in 2007. Even though she was expected to do her National Service at either Eagle or Kiss FM in Takoradi, she rather came to Accra and had her service at CHRAJ.

She presented the “Lunch time rhythms” after noon each day, read LPM’S and garnished product and services to attract patronage. She was also a co-host of “Passion of Love”; a relationship program on which she was named the love doctor by some listeners. She was also part of the news team and conducted interviews and gathered information for the news.

Between January and April 2009, she began working with Hot Digital Radio which was a Ghanaian British station. It had an outlet here in Accra and she hosted the late afternoon with African tunes and gave tit-bits from around Africa to Ghanaians living in the diaspora via internet transmission. Again, between July and October 2009, she Created and hosted the “5th Chapter talk show”; the show was about our fundamental human right as enshrined in the 5th chapter of the 1992 constitution and its implication on our daily routines.

She hosted it once a week on Skyy channel one (1) with persons who were in charge of enforcing the laws and those at the recipients. For about a year, she was a Trainee Reporter at TV3 and she worked in the News Room. She was peered with senior staff for various state assignments and assisted in writing the stories (news) gathering data both visual and audio (sound bite) and other material, editing same for the news.

She covered many stories for the station and within few months, three (3) of her initiative (stories) made headlines. MzGee also presented the Late Lunch show dubbed “One Word” on Pravda Radio. It was a 2-hour gospel talk show with a daily 45 minutes feature on an inspirational story or interview. Before “One Word” , she was the privileged host of “Sunset Africa”; a 3 hour brunch musical show. The content of each day’s show was at her own discretion and the essence of the show was to relax listeners’ whiles they worked.

Between August 2013 and February 2014 at Pravda Radio, she conceived, scripted, presented and co produced ‘Life and Living It’, a social/family life talk program which aired from 7pm to 9 pm every Sunday. The show had a panel of social commentators. She produced Campus on Hitz (at Hitz 103.9fm) which is show targeting students at the tertiary institutions. It airs every Sunday on Hitz 103.9 FM.

Between October 2014 and April 2015, she was a News Anchor and a Producer at Oceans TV. She had the sole duty to develop Oceans Television’s news content; conducting of celebrity interviews for the news, covering of entertainment shows, scripting and producing the news thrice a week. She doubled as the presenter for the news and the only on air personality of the television channel.

Between February 2015 and September 2015, she co produced Daybreakhitz which is Hitz FM’s four hour magazine morning entertainment show. She also sits in for the substantive presenter in his absence. The show has five segments and airs every week day. MzGee produces and also hosts Showbiz This Week, an entertainment weekly show on Saturdays. This show though just a year old has become a benchmark and a reference point for many entertainers in the industry. The platform has hosted a league of the high and mighty in the industry and has generated brilliant and very controversial stories.

© 2019 All rights reserved. The use of the articles from this web portal is allowed only when quoting the source – As information presented on this website may be distributed or copied.

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Hitz FM Launches Hottest DJ Season 5.



Every year, a disc jockey residing in Ghana gets the chance to experience life abroad and also wins trophies, among other essential packages. It’s all because Hitz FM, with Joy Prime as a partner award winners after they’ve proved their ultimate skills on turntables to wow patrons of the Hottest DJ competition.

Hitz FMs Hottest DJ Season 5 launched; 30 DJs to compete this year

After screening over 100 contestants, 30 were chosen under strict scrutiny by professional judges for this year’s turn, the 5th edition. At the launch, which took place at Multimedia Group’s premises and was aired live on Joy Prime TV on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, with KMJ as host, the mechanics for the 2019 Hottest DJ were listed.

The competition will be hosted by Hitz FM‘s Merqury Quaye and contestants will be appearing in the studio for the competition, starting from November 4 to November 15, 2019.
The judges for this year will be DJ Premier and Kofi Dixon led by Andy Dosty; also likely to be guest DJ daily.

Voting starts from the knockout stages; consisting of 60% public votes and 40% judges’ vote. To vote via SMS, voters should text, HDJ “name of contestant” to 1633 or they can resort to the Star Phone app.

Co-host of the launch, Hitz FM‘s Andy Dosty urged the 30 contestants to note that the highest votes will move them to the next stage. Joy FM‘s DJ Black passed through the show to motivate the contestants. He asked them to put in their best for the crown.

Joy Prime's KMJ and Hitz FM's Andy Dosty (R) at Hottest DJ launch

Patrons of the Hottest DJ competition can watch the show live on Hitz FM‘s Facebook or Twitter page, @Hitz1039FM. The competition will also be aired on Joy Prime, on the Hot Picks Show from 1:30pm-2:30pm.


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Meet SMADE: An Entrepreneur Bringing The African Diaspora Together Through Music And Entertainment.



"African Diaspora" is a term commonly used to describe the communities located around the world which are made up of people predominantly from Sub-Saharan Africa who have migrated. Whilst they come from various countries such as Nigeria, Ghana or French-speaking Cote D’Ivoire there is a cultural affinity when they meet and come together. One entrepreneur who is bringing the African Diaspora together through Music and entertainment is SMADE, real name Adesegun Adeosun Jr.

Early Beginnings 

SMADE moved to London from Lagos 14 years ago when he was 19. The third eldest of 13 children he was sad to leave Lagos but he and his parents knew it would be best for him to get his education in the UK. Growing up in a very disciplined family when he arrived in the UK he was very focused on utilising his studies to build a ‘traditional’ career, so much so he followed up his undergraduate degree with a self-funded Masters degree.

However, despite his upbringing and not drinking alcohol he became known on campus as someone who threw parties for all of his friends. Over 2 years, these parties grew in size with the largest being his birthday party where the police were called. All was in order but they suggested he should probably organise these parties in a club. This sparked the idea to start organising club nights. These club nights started as hosting birthday parties for other people in clubs, which was soon followed by many other special occasions and he got a reputation as the guy you should go to if you want to organise an event. However, he had larger ambitions than hosting parties for friends in clubs. 

After deciding he wanted to begin co-hosting regular nights one of the first things he had to do was find a venue. Given how nascent Afrobeats was in the UK 10 years ago it wasn’t a straightforward process. Very few venues wanted to host Afrobeat nights so he ended up having to put down substantial deposits just to confirm venues. He recalls “walking around the City of London trying to find a venue that would take a chance on him at favourable terms”. Soon after he ran into luck when one venue took a chance on him. The regular club nights soon morphed into hosting nights for well know Afrobeats artists such as Davido and Wizkid.

A few years later and the roles were reversed with leading venues in London’s West End and Shoreditch regularly calling SMADE to see if he would be interested in hosting club nights. He had a strong belief in Afrobeats as a culture and loved the way some of the younger artists were coming up. He still thanks these artists for much of the success he has had. “Ultimately it was their hard work and delivery that filled the rooms and kept people talking about the events for weeks,” he says. However, after having regular club nights and hosting several sold-out events at venues such as the o2 he decided once again he wanted to work on something bigger.

Afro nation

Whilst pondering on what to do next SMADE met his business partner, Obi Asika, founder of Echo Location Talent, a leading talent management agency who covers many of the most well-know urban acts globally. This was pivotal as between them they had already built great relationships with various artists over the years and knew how to put on a great event for this demographic. The final piece of the puzzle came along when Live Nation, one of the worlds largest global entertainment companies, who SMADE had worked with in the past bought into his vision and came on as the third partner.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, crowd

Once this partnership was formed and the idea was solidified they had a year to bring everything together. This involved many trips to Portugal where the festival was held as well as many trips to Africa to confirm artists, many of which had become friends with SMADE over the years which made the process a little easier. The final touch was “fasting and praying with many of his team and friends to ensure it would turn out a success”.

Performers at Afro Nation
Performers at Afro Nation PHOTO TAKEN BY MICHAEL TUBI

The Future

Afro nation 2019 took place in August and the reception from many of the 15,000 attendees has been incredible. As opposed to the recent horror stories like Fyre Festival we have heard of in recent years many of the guests have sent SMADE personal messages on social media to say it was the best time of their life. Moving forward SMADE has his eyes set on more festivals as he continues to unite the African Diaspora and give the musical talent from the continent more chances to headline large scale events rather than being pushed into the background.

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

His entrepreneurial endeavours have also started to expand outside of events with a recently launched beard grooming kit which he created as someone who “joined the beard gang long before it was a thing” so feels he has a lot to share about male grooming, one of his other passions.

Image may contain: crowd, sky and outdoor

As we wrap up our conversation there were certainly turbulent times for SMADE and events which just didn’t go well. However, the organic nature of how things have unravelled, things which he didn’t see a short term payoff for, makes me believe that there may have actually been some divine intervention from all of that fasting and praying he did and we're only seeing the beginning for  SMADE and his team.


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