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Perfumes: How To Use Them Correctly



Everyone likes perfumes and it is a great feeling when you step out smelling your best. Imaging people turning to look at you with smiles when they pass by you because you smell dope. They are great confidence boosters and they can help you get an upper edge in situations you will not even imagine.

Perfumes come in different variety. They range from very strong scents to the very mild ones so everyone can chose one suitable for them. Perfumes come in three layers of scents as top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Notable perfume brands included Dior, Armani, Dolce and Gabanna, Polo, Celine, Puma and Tommy Hilfiger.

Perfumes are awesome and to get the best of the fragrance, there are a number of things to do to ensure you get value for your money.

One thing worth noting is that perfumes smell differently on everybody. When you are smelling a perfume, use blotters and spray once about 15 centimeters away from you and smell after some seconds.

One other way to test a perfume is to spritz it on your skin and wait for it to dry before smelling it. The pulse, wrists and behind the ears are good places to spritz your perfume. However do not rub it as it breaks down the perfumes molecules.

Some things that destroy perfumes are light, heat, and oxygen. Bathrooms can get hot with changing temperatures hence not a good place to keep your perfumes. Perfumes need to be kept at low constant temperatures. You can actually freeze your perfume in its box to achieve stability in scent or you can keep it in a cool dark place.

Spray your perfume after a shower and before getting dressed. Apply Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last for a longer period.

You can spray cotton balls with perfumes and keep them in your closet to keep your cloths smelling nice. You can also put the scented cotton balls in your bags to keep things fresh in there and even dubb the swabs on you for fresher scent all day.

So now you can get your favourite perfume to perform at its best while you smell good all day.


Aphia Sakyi Outdoors Exclusive Year of Return Fashion Line Dubbed ‘Still I Rise’.



Having  toured  fashion  shows  across  the  globe  and  collaborated  with  American  celebrities;  Ciara,  Tiffany Haddish  and  Janet  Jackson,  award  winning  Ghanaian  fashion  designer  Aphia  Sakyi  is  set  to  introduce  her latest  accessory  collection,  dubbed  ‘STILL  I  RISE’.

When  asked  what inspired  this  new fashion line,  Aphia  quoted  a  famous  liberation  quote  enshrined  on  the  walls of  the  Elmina  Castle.

She  averred in  a  very  calm  tone,  “In  everlasting  memory  of  the  anguish  of  our  ancestors,  our  latest collection  labeled  ‘STILL  I  RISE’  tells  the  story  of  African  humanity  through  our  luxurious  accessory pieces.”

May those  who  died,  rest  in  peace.
May  those  who  return,  find  their  roots.
May  they  never  again  perpetrate  such  injustice  against  humanity. We the  living,  vow  to  uphold  this.

The new collection, according to Aphia is intended to honor black liberators of African descent in commemoration of the Year of Return.

Aphia hopes  this  new  collection  will  afford  her  further global  impact  and  compliment  her  long  time conviction  of  supporting  talented  but  needy  fashion  designers  to  materialize  their  ambitions.


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Charity/CSR Events

Former Miss Malaika; Eirene Binabiba Launches ENB Foundation.



2014 Miss Malaika Queen, Eirene Binabiba has officially launched the ENB foundation, a non-profit organization that is focused on conducting sustainable development projects in deprived communities to promote development as well as tackle issues relating to women and children.

According to the 2015 Ghana Labor Force survey report, commissioned by the Ghana statistical service, revealed that about 1.2 million people in Ghana are unemployed and out of that number 714,916 are females.

The United Nations (UN) also revealed that, 57 million children remain out of school and majority school dropout cases are as a result of lack of funding thereby cutting short their dreams and aspirations. Another crucial issue deprived communities face, has to do with accessing basic clothing and social amenities.

The ENB Foundation seeks to tackle these issues by focusing on three (3) core projects annually; The (Learn a skill; Earn a living); a women’s economic empowerment project, where resource persons and volunteers would equip the women in deprived communities with entrepreneurial skills to encourage self dependency.

The Cloth and Comm Project (clothing and community); this project seeks to help provide clothing needs and basic amenities to deprived communities. Notre future (our future); this project will assist brilliant but needy children through school by offering them scholarships and creating mentorship programs which would serve as a step to help them realize their career goals and aspirations.

The ENB Foundation expresses its’ readiness to partner with companies, other NGO’s and sponsors that have similar concerns of conducting sustainable development projects in deprived communities, to enable the foundation to achieve their vision of being at the forefront of impact, empowerment, and development globally.

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Arts & Culture

Wendy Shay, Edem, Kuami Eugene, Yaa Pono To Headline Jack Daniel’s Music Fest



Jack Daniel’s has unveiled the official artist lineup for Jack Daniel’s Music Fest, Accra’s Biggest Street Music Festival, set to take place on the 25th of August on the main street of Plot 7 in Nyaniba Estates, Osu starting at 5:00 PM. In alignment with Jack Daniel’s long history of affiliations with iconic musicians, this free concert will celebrate the originality of Ghanaian music featuring live performances from some of Ghana’s top artists including Kuami Eugene, Wendy Shay, Edem, Yaa Pono, Kofi Mole, Dope Nation, Tulenkey, Quamina MP, Ara B, Epixode, DJSky and more.

“The Jack Daniel’s Music Fest will celebrate the Ghanaian music scene which remains one of the most vibrant in Africa. The popularity of dancehall, hiplife, and dynamic young artists in Ghana who are constantly reinventing music genres has contributed immensely to the growth of the industry in a way that has never been seen before. Jack Daniel’s is thrilled to provide a platform for the community to enjoy an evening of live music with some amazing artists,” shares Richard Bouclaous, the Jack Daniel’s Ghana, Brand  Manager.

Jack Daniel’s Music Fest Full Artist Line up

•   Kuami Eugene
•   Wendy Shay
•   Edem
•   Yaa Pono
•   Kofi Mole
•   Dope Nation
•   Tulenkey
•   Quamina MP 
•   Ara B
•   Epixode
•   DJ Romeo
•   DJ Sky
•   Opanka
•   Ras Kuuku
•   Wisa Greid
•   Dahlin Gorge
•   Joni Blaze
•   Champagne Lee
•   DJ Sly

Jack Daniel’s Music Fest is powered by Watsup TV.  Attendees must be age 18+. Visit Jack Daniel’s Facebook Page for more information:

About Jack Daniel’s
Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top-selling American whiskey in the world. It is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, by the Jack Daniel Distillery, which has been owned by the Brown–Forman Corporation since 1956.

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Arts & Culture

Jack Daniel’s Hosts JD Music Fest, Accra’s Biggest Street Music Festival



Jack Daniel’s is set to launch JD MUSIC FEST Accra’s biggest street music festival on the 25th of August, to celebrate the authenticity and independence of Ghanaian music. The free concert will transform the streets of Osu Close into a buzzing arena of live afro beats, dance hall and electro music featuring some of Ghana’s up and coming acts.

“Jack Daniel’s has been a supporter of live music for over 150 years, music has always been a part of the brand’s DNA. Jack Daniel’s history with music goes all the way back to its founder Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel who was a great lover of music. With JD Music Fest, Jack Daniel’s will celebrate it’s musical heritage through Ghanaian music and artists as a reflection of the motto: “Have it Jack’s Way. On the Rocks, with Great Music in Great Company,” shares Richard Bouclaous, the Jack Daniel’s Ghana, Brand Manager.

Jack Daniel’s comes from America’s oldest registered distillery, the Jack Daniel Distillery founded in 1866 by Mr. Jack Daniel in Lynchburg , Tennessee and is one of the most well-known producers of whiskey in the world. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is made with the finest corn, rye and barley malt and has a distinctive character that is the result of natural fermentation, careful distillation, and use of the Distillery’s iron-free water from the Cave Spring that runs at a constant 56° F.

Jack Daniel’s has sponsored and hosted music festivals and concerts worldwide and has had close friendships with legendary musical artists such as Frank Sinatra, Florence and the Machine and Franz Ferdinard to name a few. In Ghana, the brand has hosted the JD NightLife Awards Ceremony to award Ghanaians and organisations in the nightlife industry that reflect the Jack Daniel’s brand values.

“We are thrilled to host JD Music Fest to provide an opportunity for lovers of music and Jack Daniel’s to celebrate Ghana’s thriving music scene in the heart of the community. Jack Daniel’s has one of the most enduring relationships between a brand and popular music which has contributed to the brand as an icon. The festival line up will feature many Ghanaian artists and DJs who are also on their way to icon status, ” adds Bouclaous.

JD Music Fest will be a free street music festival held on the 25th August in Osu Close. Attendees must be age 21 and older to gain admission. Please visit Jack Daniels Facebook Page for more information.

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