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Mark Okraku Mantey Clamps Down On Nudity In Music Videos.



The President of the Creative Arts Industry and entertainment critic, Mark Okraku Mantey, has slammed musicians for always using half naked girls in their music videos.Advertisement

According to Mark, he cannot comprehend why in most music videos, the men are fully covered while the females are practically naked.

He stated that such act is not right adding that musicians must portray the culture of Ghana in their videos and stop showing explicit content.

Mark Okraku Mantey further stated that there should be a system to check such things and how the youth also consume explicit content.

“Most of our videos, you will see the woman half naked and the man fully dressed. It sends a signal that the men are covering themselves and making the women be girls, and it’s not cool.

Sarkodie’s Lucky video, for example, Sarkodie was full dressed-all white but the ladies in Bikini exposing their parts, why?.

We must build our culture. We need to have a system that checks how young people consume sexual content”, Mark Okraku noted.

It is very common to see naked or half-clothed girls in music videos in recent times and musicians claim that such scenes make the video attractive and pleasing to watch.

Some musicians also claim that “sex sells” and having naked girls in their music videos also portrays the beauty of women.

Radio and TV News

Meet SMADE: An Entrepreneur Bringing The African Diaspora Together Through Music And Entertainment.



"African Diaspora" is a term commonly used to describe the communities located around the world which are made up of people predominantly from Sub-Saharan Africa who have migrated. Whilst they come from various countries such as Nigeria, Ghana or French-speaking Cote D’Ivoire there is a cultural affinity when they meet and come together. One entrepreneur who is bringing the African Diaspora together through Music and entertainment is SMADE, real name Adesegun Adeosun Jr.

Early Beginnings 

SMADE moved to London from Lagos 14 years ago when he was 19. The third eldest of 13 children he was sad to leave Lagos but he and his parents knew it would be best for him to get his education in the UK. Growing up in a very disciplined family when he arrived in the UK he was very focused on utilising his studies to build a ‘traditional’ career, so much so he followed up his undergraduate degree with a self-funded Masters degree.

However, despite his upbringing and not drinking alcohol he became known on campus as someone who threw parties for all of his friends. Over 2 years, these parties grew in size with the largest being his birthday party where the police were called. All was in order but they suggested he should probably organise these parties in a club. This sparked the idea to start organising club nights. These club nights started as hosting birthday parties for other people in clubs, which was soon followed by many other special occasions and he got a reputation as the guy you should go to if you want to organise an event. However, he had larger ambitions than hosting parties for friends in clubs. 

After deciding he wanted to begin co-hosting regular nights one of the first things he had to do was find a venue. Given how nascent Afrobeats was in the UK 10 years ago it wasn’t a straightforward process. Very few venues wanted to host Afrobeat nights so he ended up having to put down substantial deposits just to confirm venues. He recalls “walking around the City of London trying to find a venue that would take a chance on him at favourable terms”. Soon after he ran into luck when one venue took a chance on him. The regular club nights soon morphed into hosting nights for well know Afrobeats artists such as Davido and Wizkid.

A few years later and the roles were reversed with leading venues in London’s West End and Shoreditch regularly calling SMADE to see if he would be interested in hosting club nights. He had a strong belief in Afrobeats as a culture and loved the way some of the younger artists were coming up. He still thanks these artists for much of the success he has had. “Ultimately it was their hard work and delivery that filled the rooms and kept people talking about the events for weeks,” he says. However, after having regular club nights and hosting several sold-out events at venues such as the o2 he decided once again he wanted to work on something bigger.

Afro nation

Whilst pondering on what to do next SMADE met his business partner, Obi Asika, founder of Echo Location Talent, a leading talent management agency who covers many of the most well-know urban acts globally. This was pivotal as between them they had already built great relationships with various artists over the years and knew how to put on a great event for this demographic. The final piece of the puzzle came along when Live Nation, one of the worlds largest global entertainment companies, who SMADE had worked with in the past bought into his vision and came on as the third partner.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, crowd

Once this partnership was formed and the idea was solidified they had a year to bring everything together. This involved many trips to Portugal where the festival was held as well as many trips to Africa to confirm artists, many of which had become friends with SMADE over the years which made the process a little easier. The final touch was “fasting and praying with many of his team and friends to ensure it would turn out a success”.

Performers at Afro Nation
Performers at Afro Nation PHOTO TAKEN BY MICHAEL TUBI

The Future

Afro nation 2019 took place in August and the reception from many of the 15,000 attendees has been incredible. As opposed to the recent horror stories like Fyre Festival we have heard of in recent years many of the guests have sent SMADE personal messages on social media to say it was the best time of their life. Moving forward SMADE has his eyes set on more festivals as he continues to unite the African Diaspora and give the musical talent from the continent more chances to headline large scale events rather than being pushed into the background.

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

His entrepreneurial endeavours have also started to expand outside of events with a recently launched beard grooming kit which he created as someone who “joined the beard gang long before it was a thing” so feels he has a lot to share about male grooming, one of his other passions.

Image may contain: crowd, sky and outdoor

As we wrap up our conversation there were certainly turbulent times for SMADE and events which just didn’t go well. However, the organic nature of how things have unravelled, things which he didn’t see a short term payoff for, makes me believe that there may have actually been some divine intervention from all of that fasting and praying he did and we're only seeing the beginning for  SMADE and his team.


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Sadiq Abdulai Writes; Samini Needs Celebration, Not vilification.



I get it that, in these parts, we don’t respect legends & trailblazers. But all that has to change particular on social media. Before everybody else, there was a SAMINI who blazed the trail, held our flag high & kept our music at the forefront of the pan- African music scene.

A few of our notable headliners today are making us proud & keeping our flag high, winning Ghanaian, pan-African & global laurels to keep us shining regardless of our inability to fully dominate & be on top on the Pan-African music chain. Our SAMINI kept it at the very top. Winning the Mobos as the first African resident talent & the first recipient of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) Best African Performer in 2009. He followed it up with a nomination at MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) for Best African Act. A nomination that has since eluded Ghanaian talents.

Remind me if I am wrong I think he is about the only Ghanaian talent that ever got nominated in that category till date.

Before commercial endorsements took center stage. SAMINI had mouth a watering deal with MTN. He is one of only two acts alongside Okyeame Kwame to be MTN Music ambassadors.

Even before mobile handsets operators thought of establishing operations in other major African markets aside South Africa, Motorola who at the time, controlled the global handsets market was on call, partnering with SAMINI on his projects & getting their brand featured in his video for his self titled video, Samini. Which still looks super good.

From the late 90’s till now & with almost 20 years in the game, SAMINI’s music, business sense & knowledge of the game, relevance & his incomparable ability to move crowds as an entertainer is unmatched & should be studied rather than vilified or trolled.

Guys put some respect on the name SAMINI. He is a legend. Some of us (I am talking about myself) need to bow down our head in shame. For not doing enough to project, still hold him high & celebrate him for his achievements. The disrespect can’t & shouldnt continue.

Whilst we look for solutions on how to keep our music & talents at the top of the pan-African chain & ensure our talents earn more from their work, Samini is one person who has been there, done that & continues to do it. Rather than to look to him & take wisdom at his Fountain, are we going to sit down & allow young ones who don’t know, are less insightful & are arrogant about knowing vilify & troll him?

Do you guys know what his catalogue is worth? Or you just learnt a thing or two about YouTube or streaming numbers & you think it’s the only way of measuring value of an artiste? Guys tone down on that arrogant ignorance social media gives you.

SAMINI needs celebration not social media trolling or vilification. I am still trying to forgive myself, when on my hospital bed (as I was rushed to the hospital due to exhaustion & stress) & due to miscommunication, our team bungled his performance at the last #3musicAwards19. A lot had gone into it & we were bent on getting that climax with his performance. The SAMINI I know has forgiven us, but the disrespect to an artists of his calibre shouldn’t be tolerated.

Celebrate SAMINI today, highlight his gains & achievements, track the “how”
He did it & keeps doing to use that to influence the future direction of our music. Use the access to such a legend responsibly. Social media is not only meant for trolling, cyber bullying & vilifying Legends.

SAMINI is to us what TUFACE is to Nigeria. Thank you Samini for blazing the trail and keeping the spotlight on our music alive to shine onto to our notable headliners today.

I hope to see you at #AfroNationGhana & hope everybody involved makes sure you are part to continue helping Ghana make that much needed statement with your music & artistry. END

(Story: Sadiq Abdulai Abu – 3Music)

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Afia Pokua Takes Over UTV’s “Mmra No Se Sen” Show.



GREATER ACCRA, GHANA - Private free-to-air television broadcaster in Ghana United Television (UTV) Ghana Limited, has officially announced former Multimedia Group Limited mass communication journalist and news editor, Afia Pokua, known in the media landscape as, Vim Lady as the inclusion to the media family.

She will be taking over as the new TV host for the "Mmra No Se Sen" show; an Akan free to air TV programme which educates television viewers on the position of the law regarding all aspects of their everyday lives, after its some speculations has it that, former host, Tweneboa Koduah and Dr. Poku Adusei has parted ways with the firm.

United Television made this announcement via their social media handle, precisely Twitter. It is believed that, Afia Pokua 'Vim Lady' has a long time experience in the media landscape and her prowess qualifies her to be in the right position to take on the mantle to host viewers' most educative show.

Aired on Friday nights, the programme explains what the law says on almost any subject Ghanaians encounter on daily basis, be it in marriage, social engagements, business contracts, civil rights, natural rights, employer-employee contracts, land and property acquisition, how to bail an arrested person from a police station, amongst others.

Mmra No Se Sen has become one of the most popular programmes on the station, and viewers send in their concerns and questions and legal concerns to the host for free consultancy. Aside the interactive segments, each episode of the show has a specific subject it discusses in detail.

Mmra No Se Sen also has a guest lawyer, often a very high profile legal consultant, to help the host in addressing the issues and educating the viewers. The programme is presented in Akan. Apart from the right content and professional attitude of the host, there is a possibility that the language in which the proggramme is presented has played a significant role in making it a favourite among television viewers.

United Television Ghana Limited (UTV Ghana) is a private, free-to-air television broadcaster in Ghana. It was launched in 2013 by the stables of the Despite Group of Companies, operators of Neat FM, Peace FM, Okay FM and Hello FM, headed by Dr.Osei Kwame Despite. UTV Ghana airs and produces a variety of television programmes including news bulletins, dramas and successful Telenovela, films and other entertainment.

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“My Husband Permitted Me To Host The Sex Education Tv Programme. – Akuma Mama Zimbi



Media personality Akumaa Mama Zimbi has revealed that she had to seek permission from her husband before she started hosting her controversial relationship talk show ‘Odo Ahomaso’.

The show which many have criticized for its explicit content is rated 18+ and it essentially teaches viewers various sex positions and how to satisfy one’s partner in bed.

Speaking to Adom TV’s Pokua on her Vim Talk show, Akumaa disclosed that it was her husband who granted her permission to start hosting the show.

“The thing is, I was married for so many years before I got into showbiz, so my husband and children knew me for who I was. But those outside my family see fault with what I’m doing. What’s evil about the education I’m giving?” she asked.

Akuma added: “When I got married, I wasn’t doing those things but with my husband’s permission, I went into it because it is something I am passionate about.”

Odo Ahomasuo airs on AdomTV every Thursday from 11:30 pm – 12 am and Fridays 11:00 pm -12 am.

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