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Lotty – Do Ur OWN (prod by DatBeatGod)



New Artiste

RuffTown Records Newly Signed Act Fantana Releases First Single



RuffTown Records officially unveils a new artiste. Fantana is the name and her first single is what we have for you here. "So What" is the title and it has an afrobeats / dancehall flow. Her official entry into the music indutry and a lot will definitely be expected of her. MOG Beatz on deck for the production. It comes along with a very colorful video which was shot on location in South Africa. It was directed by Yaw SkyFace.

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New Artiste

Tytan Drops “Over You” Featuring Kofi Mole, And More You Need To Know About Him.



Adu-Gyamfi Ernest known by stage name as Taitan has released a new and fantastic track featuring Kofi Mole and Quamina. The title of the song is "Over You".

The song is a crazy one which mean a lot, it stress on "if you snatch someone's woman you can keep her but not for long because she’ll stress you", WOW. And also,If you see a beautiful lady don’t envy her boyfriend because you don’t know the stress he goes through to satisfy her and this actually the story of a friend of mine.


Taitan’s  real name is Ernest Adu-Gyamfi who always wanted a channel to express,he was introduced to Piano in church and started making his own melodies.He added the words he had always wanted to say and that was the beginning of his music.

According to Taitan, he had always felt like he do not belong but when he started music everything changed and he is just expressing himself basically and people are amazed by that.

When asked about his genre of music, this is what he said "When it comes to segregation in music I think the industry is open to hear artiste explore,I don’t like to put myself in a box because I can do different types of music depending on how inspired I am and my mood."

He disclosed, his vision in the music industry has always been to inspire,to let the children on the street and children without hope believe that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.Because he was just like them but if he has been able to step out that zone, then they can also do same.

"The music scene is diverse and I like to listen wide,I get inspired by each and every artiste even upcoming ones like myself because there’s something to be learned from everyone." answer to who he inspire in the music industry.

Finally he said, Ghanaian and music lovers should rally behind their own talents now and not put them in expectation zones waiting for something big to happen before they support,and he is doing great things now and it can only get better.

Hit the link below;

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New Artiste

Budding Jodiba From Cape Coast Infiltrates Mainstream With His Craft.



Jodiba Conquers Central Region And Sets Eyes On The Global Music Scene.

Christened at birth Joseph Dickson Bassaw, and performs under the brand name Jodiba is a budding Ghanaian talent who hails from the Central Region, Moree but has in recent times infiltrated the mainstream.

The young avid Ghanaian rising firepower has a deep understanding and knowledge rooted in music coupled with his lingering vocals, trust me, the singer, rapper and songwriter who place fifth in a family of six siblings is sure to place first on your music makers list – do check him out.

With his musical discovery journey which started in his early school days at Kwegyir Aggrey Senior High School at Anomabu in the Central Region, which saw him join the now defunct group 5000 Ones on whose account he conquered the Central Region of Ghana with performances including Moree, Cape-Coast and Anomabu.

The Alumni of Takoradi Technical University (TTU) did not downplay his Rap Prowers as he has participated in tones of such competitions and won himself countless trophies.

Lounging in the glory of his vivacious, danceable debut single titled “Ayeeba” which undeniably gave him mileage on the airwaves while his collaboration with the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, winner of the ‘Record of the Year” TeePhlow on a song titled “One Drop” certainly earmarks him as one of the few to watch out for in the field.

With an accepted catchphrase ‘Ayah’ which dominates his songs as it reminds him of God’s greatness and power to raise him higher, he together with his elder brother Pythagoras, the CEO of Jobas Muzik record label readies to release his debut album soon.

Below are Jodiba's social handles, get connected;






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Album/Mixtape Review

Once Upon A Wednesday, Music Was Redifined By Sena Huks With His Album – #WhenItsDay



It’s been years since Sena Huks, the young and talented singer gave us a body of work. Anyone who’s heard him sing knows the world needs more of his pure and appealing voice. 
Lovers of Sena Huks’ music have had to replay the songs they love over and over again while waiting in anticipation or a new breath of fresh music from him.
After months of grueling hard work and days of learning, unlearning and pursuing his passion, Sena Huks is not just going to give new music but he’s presenting the work in one amazingly filled package: an album.

The album, When It’s Day is a clever play on the word Wednesday. He chose this day in particular because of the significant experiences he’s had with the day Wednesday. Aside the most important reason being the fact that it’s his born day, most of what he considers to be his musical magic happened to have occurred on a Wednesday but that’s not all.

For him, Wednesday is an extremely significant word when it’s broken down to the words, ‘When It’s Day’ which clearly means a new day...a new morning, one that comes with a fresh start, new joy and most importantly, light which gives hope. 
Wednesday is also known as the hump day...the day between the dreadful Monday, bleh Tuesday and the excitement of the incoming weekend: Thursday and Friday.

For Sena Huks, after a relatively long and tough struggle through his musical career, this album will be the beginning of his transition to a fresh start.
One that boasts of the emergence of a new generation of ecletic talents and one that inspires people to be original and gives them the freedom to be themselves the best way they can.

The album, When it’s Day will prove to all who have underrated his musical prowess for even a split second, that he’s the answer to a whole new world of amazingly unique music.

Heard the songs on the album yet? Below are the links, do listen and don't hesitate to share. 

Written by; Meg Sagoe

Below are the links to the full album:




Video link



Twitter: @senahuks

Facebook: Sena Huks Music

Instagram: Sena Huks Music

YouTube: Sena Huks Music official

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