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Let Us Not Compromise Our Standards Just To Get Interviews – Prince David Osei.



Prince David Osei in recent times has been very outspoken and his thoughts on some of the issues bordering the arts and entertainment industry one can’t avoid but to concord.

The actor recently shared his opinion on how people just fooling lately with social media and are called up for interviews on top radio and TV shows. He recounted before now how only people who get called for interviews are the ones who do exploits, but not anymore as the standards are being lowered.

He said, “Why have we lowered the standards in our entertainment industry??? back in the days before a Radio/Television station will interview you then you must have done something remarkable, now just fool anywhere especially on social media then the next thing you being interviewed on top shows”.

The actor continued to register his displeasure saying,

“Meanwhile, other folks doing great stuff in the game, have to beg and pay to be interviewed….Stakeholders in the game please wake up!!! No one is hating on one because it is not even worth it”.

Prince ended by using the opportunity to send a word of advice to industry people.

“In every institution there are standards, let us not condescend and compromise ours, we are the mirror of society. In case we have forgotten….Long live our Entertainment Industry.”

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Fella Makafui On The Closing Of Her Wine Shop



Actress Fella Makafui is denying reports about the closure of her wine shop.

A statement released by her manager, Richmond Amofa Sarpong claim they are “only relocating from the American House Building To another bigger space.”

Read full statement below.

“Keep Calm and be Advised Accordingly not to pass any comment or judgement.

For Issues of such nature also has serious emotions attached.

How can people rejoice over this negative issue which is not even true when this fake story says her boyfriend who she dated for 5years stormed her wine shop –

*doesn’t that make her a good lady for being with a single man for 5years and not sleeping with men to make her shop like People thought*

but rather she was with just her bf to do this amazing project [thats if we are to believe this fake news]…

Since when did ladies deserved to die or suffer in relationships all because the man has bought them a private jet and that because of that they can’t free themselves to stay focus on their talent. [thats if we are to believe this fake news]..

Isn’t this even a clear vindication that She didn’t after all sleep with men to acquire her hard won shop but it was a project with her man who they have dated for five years [thats if we are to believe this fake news].. and not that she does men…

people should treat this story with a big laughter … For Now Let’s All Not Judge Base on what we are told always. The rule of Natural Justice requires Judgment or Conclusions after both sides are heard.

And so far as we are concerned we are only relocating from the American House Building To another bigger space.

Ghana Should get ready for a big announcement from us tomorrow for a bigger project which will take place on the 30th of June….

Fella Is More Focused and Determined To Be That Inspiration For All Hardworking Ladies. Our Women Should he Treated With Respect ✊ and Appreciated… This fake news could Happened to another close female you know or a family member..”

Big Announcement Tomorrow..
kindly Follow @fellaMakafui on Instagram for the news..

– Richie
Manager, Fella Makafui [Brand

By: Livefmghana

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Don’t Take Acting As A Full Time Job – Yvonne Okoro Advices



Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro has warned up and coming actors and actresses not to take acting as a full-time job but rather get an education and secure well-paying jobs because acting does not pay in Ghana nowadays.

According to her, the Ghanaian movie industry is gradually dying so people who put all their hopes to make a career out of only acting could be a very bad decision and would regret it later.

She indicated that unlike Nigeria where there are several movie producers, cinemas, and a larger population, Ghana has none of these and that has been the bane of the industry.

While speaking to Utv Ghana she stated that “The movie industry now does not have enough producers and finance. It’s all because there’s no money in the industry lately. The actors and actresses have now turned into producers, which shouldn’t be so”.

She further added that “There should be something aside acting you can perfect at. Acting does not fetch money in Ghana right now. Compared to Nigeria where they have over 20 cinemas and a larger population as well, a good movie can sell in all cinemas and make huge sums of money, it is not so in Ghana. I’d advise these up and coming actors to go to school, get a constant paying job and maybe do acting for the passion of it”.


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Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Baby Daddy’ Reacts To Breakup Rumours



Jamie Roberts, the Irish father of Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson’s daughter, Ryn has responded to the alleged breakup of their relationship, describing it as false.

According to Chris-Vincent Agyapong of, he receieved a mail from Jamie threatening to sue the site for defamation over the breakup story.

Read his post below

Jamie Roberts, Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy emailed me, as usual, he says he will sue GhanaCelebrities.Com and me for defamation over his breakup story with Yvonne Nelson or whatever he means.

So I just replied back:

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your E-mail.

It’s unfortunate you are not happy about a publication on Yvonne Nelson that mentions you, due to your ‘relationship’ with the Ghanaian actress.

I have re-examined the publication and I can confidently state that it does not amount to defamation as it’s at best based on our opinion/interpretation of Yvonne and your social media activities and worst, from what industry sources close to Yvonne Nelson claim (say) has happened.

We did not at any point state anything as a fact or presented anything as such, and I can also confirm that we do not have any malicious intent towards Yvonne Nelson which rubs on you or your family.

You may disagree with our opinion or interpretation of what has happened but that does not amount to the tort of defamation. Alleging that a celebrity’s relationship has broken down based on the social media activities of her and her partner which reasonably points to a break down does not in any way amount to defamation.

Should you find our interpretation of the unusual and sudden social media unfollowing of you by Yvonne Nelson and same of her on your page as well as the sudden deletion of your photos from each other’s Instagram pages to be wrong, we would like to know what all that mean and run a publication stating that you have said this is the case and not what we think.

I reiterate that I am confident our post does not defame Yvonne Nelson, you or your family but should you think otherwise and prefer to bring a frivolous lawsuit against GhanaCelebrities.Com or me, you can proceed to the court.

Please contact me should you have any further concerns.

Thank You.


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

By: Ghana Web

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You Can’t Pay Me Peanut For A Role – Prince David Osei



Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei in an interview on Hitz FM fired at a Kumawood producer whose name he withheld, but described him as someone who wanted to pay him peanut for a role after he disclosed to him the full amount he charges for a role.

Quoting his fee as GHC 10,000 for English movies during a conversation with the producer after which the producer proposed to pay him a GHC 2,000 which constitutes just 20% of his usual charge. Prince, who seems not to be happy upon hearing that turned down the offer and we believe it was done in an unfriendly manner, looking at how he narrated his ordeal below.

He said, “A Kumawood movie producer discussed how their movies kept going down. He wanted to give me GH¢ 2,000 for a role. He was begging me to take that amount, but I told him to look for someone who will take that amount.

The producer kept pushing so I had to cut the call. I charge GH¢10k for English Movies so that amount was next to nothing to me.” He ended.

The Kumawood movie industry has seen a decline in patronage in recent times and from this conversation we can say the players in the field are not sitting aloof, neither are they blind to the problem as they are doing what they can to save the ailing industry.

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