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122 For Teens: Tips On How To Manage Violence In Children.

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 4/16/2018
Today we will be giving some healthy tips on how to manage violence in children.

1. Set firm and consistent limits. Children need to know what behavior is, and is not, permitted. Make sure that everyone who cares for your child is aware of the rules you set, as well as the response to use if he does exhibit this behavior. A child who kicks, hits, or bites should be reprimanded immediately so he understands exactly what he's done wrong.

2. Help your child find new ways to deal with her anger. Encourage her to use words to express her feelings rather than fighting with her body, and praise her for exhibiting nonviolent behavior. Let her witness other conflicts that arise in your home being resolved in a peaceful manner.

3. Instill self-control in your child. Children don't possess an innate ability to control themselves. They need to be taught not to kick, hit, or bite whenever they feel like it. A child needs a parent's guidance to develop the ability to keep his feelings under control and to think about his actions before acting on impulse.

4. Avoid encouraging "toughness." In some families, aggressiveness is encouraged -- especially in boys. Parents often use the word "tough" to compliment a child. This can cause a child to feel that she has to kick and bite in order to win parental approval.

5. Be a Role Model for Your Child: As a parent, you need to be a role model. If you and your spouse are hurting one another or hurting your children to get your way, don’t be surprised if your kids mimic that. Kids watch parents for a living - it’s their job, it’s what they do. If parents model shortcuts and poor problem-solving, it’s natural that the kids are going to follow suit.