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“A Prophet Is Not Honored In His Own Home”; Black Prophet Laments

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 1/11/2018
Ghanaian international reggae artist, born Kenneth Wilberforce Zonto Bossman but know in the circles as Black Prophet broke unto the international scene and he is leaving nothing to chance, this evident in his consistency. The “Legal Stranger” hitmaker, celebrated for his exploits has been off the scene in Ghana for a while and gives reasons that accounted for that. In an interview, he detailed what he has been up too and what Ghanaians should do to show appreciation for their musicians.

The reggae musician who has toured all continents recounted how artiste are appreciated and paid better in other countries more than it’s done in Ghana his homeland. “I have not done any performance in Ghana for a while, I’m more appreciated abroad, I’m on all the festivals and headlining the festivals internationally but just don’t do shows in Ghana. So you see, love goes where love is”. Black Prophet who feels a prophet not been appreciated in his own home is motivation for him/her to work harder advised, “We just must love any artiste who does a good job, who is working harder or the world will take it ifs Ghana takes a while to recognize it”.

The returning Black Prophet has been featured on Kwaw kese’s “let me do my thing”, Edem’s “Best rapper”, and on Stonbowys “Love pressure” but it’s obvious that alone is not enough. Been who he is, Ghanaian musicians should take more advantage to do collaborations with him and the ordinary Ghanaian should also be proud and support his own.