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Shazam The Music Fanatic's Favorite App : Then and Now

Written by Naa AyekieDate: 7/17/2017
One of the most widely used app to find a title or artiste of a music is the Shazam app .

Very popular amongst the youth worldwide Shazam  provides the  listener with the ; title, artiste and even where to download music from.

Shazam for iPhone 2.0 was first debuted on 10 July 2008, with the launch of Apple's App Store.
The free app simplified the service by enabling the user to launch iTunes and buy the song directly if the user was on a Wi-Fi connection since at the time, iTunes did not allow music downloads over 3G. 

In January 2011, Shazam announced a partnership for iOS and Android to help users identify music with Shazam and listen to tracks through Spotify.

Fast forward, Shazam 8.0 which was  released in October 2014,  starts 'listening' immediately it is launched and can take as little as one second to identify media.

 In addition to music, the app can identify TV programs and ads, if they are Shazam-enabled.

Moving on to present day 2017, Shazam has had over 100 million monthly active users and has been used on more than 500 million mobile devices and has been of great help for music lovers or anyone at all who hears a music they love or want more information about a song heard in a cab , bus , radio or even a movie on TV without foreknowledge wherever you find yourself in the world

All it takes is a 1 -3 second listen and the music information is displayed on your screen.

This means that, almost every song released worldwide can be found in the database of Shazam.Don't know that song you are listening to in the bus or restaurant? Just Shazam it!

Something that just clicked my curiosity though. How many of our Ghanaian Artistes or TV programs are in that data base?

Question for the gods..