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The Father Squashes “Beef” Between Strongman And TeePhlow.

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 4/13/2018
Sarkodie as we all know has been on a long thing with his colleague Rappers when it comes to “Beefing” right from his days on Adom Fm’s Kasaharri till the last one with M.anifest but it’s obvious he has turned a new leaf as he Squashes the heat between Strongman and TeePhlow.

Sarkodie, who is the C.E.O of SarkCess music, the record label onto which Strongman is signed has come out to caution his artise and TeePhlow with a post on twitter which we believe Squashes the ongoing Beef between the two.

In the post, Sarkodie stood on the fence as he did not tip any ahead of the other, matured and smart right.
He made it clear both arts are very good and are pushing the GH Rap culture to the next level.

In his tweet, Sark said, “@StrongmanBurner X @TeePhlowGH are two lyrical geniuses pushing the GH Rap culture to the next Level … They r young and wild and sometimes have no filter and limitations to how far they can go to Show their skills 😊 #RapFacts I relate”.

The questions that linger on my mind is this, Could squashing the “Beef” be just to calm the nerves of the two artistes or he is advising them genuinely not to “beef” base on his own “bad” experience from “beefs”.