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Ghanaians Jubilate As GBC Governing Board Allays Fears On Persecution Of TV License Defaulters

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 1/11/2018
A cross section of Ghanaians went “haywaya” when reached with the news of the payment of re-introduced TV license some few days ago. The TV License Fees established by the Television Licensing Act – 1966 (NLCD 89) were re-introduced in 2015 to charge fees from individuals and groups that own television sets. The payment which ranged from GHC 36 for domestic users to GHC 136 for TV dealers of course did not sit well with some Ghanaians as series of questions were asked about the operations of GBC. This development spark a lot of argument on social media, was at the center of every major discussion, and received rebuttals from almost every ordinary Ghanaian.

Notwithstanding the loud public outcry and rage, GBC has retained its stance that the said monies to be collected will aid them discharge their duties to the ordinary Ghanaian well and will enhance their service delivery – A defense Ghanaians are obviously not settling for as some advised there should be a content law instead of TV license Fee.

In the wake of this developments, the Governing Board of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in a meeting yesterday gave a directive to GBC in a press release signed by Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng (PhD) – Chairman of the GBC Governing Board, “not to pursue any activity, or set of processes, leading to the prosecution of any individual for non-payment of the Television License Fee”. The letter also charged the “National Media Commission (NMC) to drive the processes of engaging critical stakeholders, to resolve the status of GBC, and find a more enduring funding module, that would enable it to discharge its constitutional mandate”.

Hearing the news of no possible persecution, some Ghanaians took to social media to express their joy and sentiments – expressing excitement at the news.

Below is a copy of the press release.