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“Advertising Agencies Always Cheated Us” - Psalm Adjeteyfio

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 4/30/2018

Veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio, aged 64 who is noted for his role in productions like- Taxi Driver, James Town Fisherman & Papa Lasisi has lashed out at advertising agencies on how they cheated him for the works he has done.

Speaking to Gattuso on the “Aben Wo Ha show” on Kasapa FM the ailing actor who is currently battling a heart condition revealed.

“Advertising Agencies always cheated us. If they had paid me well, I would have had enough to take care of myself and family but I was cheated. If you complain about the amount, they’ll tell you they employed you so you have to shut up. If they paid GHc10, 000 for the actor, they’ll give you just Ghc1, 000 and pocket the rest.”

He continued to say he would have been in a better position to take care of his family and children is he had been paid well for his works in his days.

Responding to the question “if he has regretted acting”, T.T. As he is affectionately called replied “No and I won’t regret acting because acting has opened many doors for me particularly travelling to London without paying a dime and I got to meet so many people.”

The actor disclosed in an interview he has quitted active acting and now in full time ministry as he always craved for an opportunity to do the work of his maker after serving the entertainment industry for most part of his active life.