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Apple And Other Tech Companies Bent On Keeping Their Devices Hard To Repair.

Written by Naa AyekieDate: 8/8/2017
 Bulleying or Pure Business Strategy?

Some Tech Companies including Smartphone Giants Apple are fighting to make their devices near impossible and hard to repair. 

Since iPhone makes up of more than 50% of their entire business, Apple makes it difficult to repair it's products by using proprietary screws, unibody enclosures and other cumbersome manufacturing and design techniques that makes Apple and Computer experts the only ones to take them apart.

Replacing iPhone batteries is another "headache" the company has put in place by gluing the batteries to components and burying them beneath layers of complex sensitive parts.

This means that when your iPhone battery is down, it's down! it's time you got a new Phone

All the same the company has put in place incentives to get iPhone users who have been using their phones or want to discard them for various reasons between 18-24 months of use for newer ones.

The Verge in it's recent post mentioned how Apple is continuously working to improve sustainability efforts but remains committed on keeping tight control over how its Products are made and repaired.

A lot of Environmental groups think repairability could help cut down on manufacturing waste but the tech companies would not have any of that since It would be bad for business.

If you are an iPhone user and for some reason you send your phone to a repairer at circle or lapaz please forget about ever powering it back to normal since the only ones to help you are certified Apple Experts.