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Sarkodie Apologize To Hammer On Strongman’s Behalf.

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 4/13/2018
King Sark, the C.E.O of SarkCess music obviously has been monitoring how things between his signed artiste Strongman and his Former manager Hammer went down on social media and has apologized on his artistes (Strongman’s) behalf.

The banter of fact validation which started under a post on Facebook saw Strongman technically calling Hammer a “liar” as Hammer came in to ask the owner of the account who made the post to “Dey Guard”.

Sarkodie the whole time kept his cool and did not wag into the argument, he later took to his twitter page to breath some calmness into the hot back and forth with his “matured” comment on the issue.

King Sarkodie in a tweet has this to say, “Normally don’t feed into stuff like this but for the respect I have for @Dahammergh … On behalf of Young King @StrongmanBurner wanna say sorry if any comment directly or indirectly dents your hard earned “Brand” I know the media can make it worse but again “Sorry””.

We hope Hammer forgives Strongman for his utterances but  what we at still seeks to find out is whether or not there was a move by Hammer to sign Strongman as all this doesn’t confirm or debunk that allegation.