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Zylofon Media Activates Its Fashion Brand As It Signs Sima Brew.

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 1/3/2018
Fashion in Ghana is taking shape and media giant Zylofone made the right move as it officially signs and unveils one of the young, celebrated and revered emerging fashion designers in Ghana who has worked for almost all the A list celebrities in Ghana. She was unveiled at a brief ceremony held at the headquarters of zylofone media on Wednesday as the first ever and official fashion designer on the Zylofone media brand - Sima Brew –this the first of its king a fashion designer/stylist is signed to a media house.

Sima Brew, signed four (4) years under Zylofone even though package undisclosed is “entitled to a juicy package and all she will need to advance her brand – she is well taken care off. We at zylofone has Fashion as one of the brands we want to push both locally and internationally and Sima Fits into our focus” said Samuel Atuobi Baah (Sammy Flex) the head of Communication for Xylofone Media.

Sima when called upon to address the gathering recounted how she started from school as a young designer and later added other business till what we see now, added on saying, “Thank you Zylofone media for this opportunity to have a working partnership with you, this the first time this is happening in Ghana and Ghanaians watch out for us” she said.

Notwithstanding being signed to Zylofone media, Sima Brew is still available to do business with her clientele and not limited to working with Zylofone singes only. She couldn’t have left without a word of advice for the young and upcoming designers “keep on working hard and you will get there” she concluded.