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5 Top African Fabrics You Can Get On The Ghanaian Market

Written by Alice Date: 7/12/2017
Over the years, the fashion industry in Africa, has been making a  significant  statement and  by so doing putting Africa out there.

If ever Africa had a history , then its made known in our rich african fabrics. Every element,or detail seen in the prints has a story to tell and trust me it will amaze you to know the inspiration behind these prints. For the young, edgy, bold and advanced in age, you name it and there will be something to suit your personality.

Here in Ghana, we take pride in what we wear, which leaves traces of our identity.

Whenever you find yourself in the western part  of Africa, precisely Ghana,  these are some of the most popular branded fabrics to get in the market.

1:GTP – Ghana Textile Printing company Limited.
This company  started in January 1966, as a wax printing business with their factory located in Tema industrial area. It is  known to be the oldest textile company in the motherland. 

With the dawn of the  Nustyle collection having a fine blend of soft cotton colorful fabrics which will compliment your skin. You will want to get that for your nice outfits to meet every need. Whenever you get to the motherland, do well to lay your hands on a piece and let the fabric do the talking.

2: ATL : Akosombo Textile Factory
Being established as a private firm In the  1967 as a part of the Cha textile group of companies, ATL is situated in the eastern corridors of Ghana, precisely Akosombo.

Springing up a year after the inception of GTP, ATL has since then  delivered upon their promise by adding life to fabrics as their slogan reveals. Among  their rich wealth of fabrics are diverse collection such as Treasure, ATL brands, Inspiration, ABC brands and the Customized designs to suit you and every event.
There is never a dull moment with ATL

Being in existence for over 50 decades, printex combines bold artistic features in their prints, using landscape and works of art, with its headquarters at spintex. Their fabric is made with the man and woman of style wanting to add a tinge of flair to their taste. Be it the simplest of patterns to the most intricate of designs for runways, the glitz and glam, printex  has you sorted. As the slogan goes in the local dialect ‘maa so ma hy3 bi’ literally meaning I have also worn some.

4: Woodin 
One  of the giants in the textile industry making strides  and rising up against all odds. Woodin is a fashion brand which vibrates our cultural diversity and focuses on all things that unite Africa.  It has been in existence for some time now and has a wide range of collection for both sexes.

Take time to walk through town and feed your eyes on what woodin has got to offer, trust me they don’t disappoint. Get eyes and necks to turn in your direction when you pass by

5: Vlisco
Vlisco  fabrics have a unique sense of color and beautiful patterns suitable for all occasions. It has been in existence from the year 1846 and has since then been  providing people with affordable yet exquisite fabrics for their varied styles to fit different occasion. 

Vlisco over the years have been creating fabrics in holland and have influenced the african fashion landscape. You don’t need to be told, Give it a shot.