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Sam Okyere: The Ghanaian Celebrity Bridging the Racial Gap in South Korea

Written by Dorothy KyeraahDate: 11/13/2017
Samuel Okyere, known as Sam Okyere is a Ghanaian born celebrity entertainer, media person and cultural advocate making Africa proud in  South Korea. Born on April 21, 1991, he is a Ghanaian television personality  in South Korea and Ghana and  the most famous black celebrity in South Korea.

He is a fashion model and has modelled for Vogue Korea among others.  He was listed this year, 2017 on the Forbes 30 Under 30 achievers in Asia. In 2015, he won the  Global Star Award at the 8th Korea Drama Awards with  'Warm and Cozy'.
The journey of this outstanding young man began when he had a scholarship to study in Korea in 2009. Upon arrival, he noticed the high level of racism against black people. He almost gave up on his studies but was convinced to stay and that is when he decided to help change the situation.

According to him, nobody would sit close to him in a bus because he is black so he set out to change the standard by means of using  media to educated the people of Korea about the need to stop racism.

He set out to learn Korean culture and language and his breakthrough came when he was featured on the KBS talk show 'Hello Counselor'. He has the heart of the people of South Korea and has since shot to fame and  is currently the most popular black celebrity in Korea.

He has also established a juice shop in Korea where his fans get to interact with him called My Juice Shop. Okyere believes in giving back to the aociety he came from and has established a school in Ghana to help educate the people of his motherland. He has also started an initiative for cultural learning between Ghana and Korea through food and fashion.

He has featured in movies and shows such as Island Village Teacher, Running Man, Golden Tower, True Justice, Non-Summit, Real Men Season, Law of the Jungle Season 4, Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education, Infinite Challenge, and  Battle Trip amongst others.

His story is a good example of how one can turn  misfortune into a blessing. Sam Okyere is indeed an inspiration and a true national icon worth celebrating.