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Kafui Danku Rewrites the Parlance “Silence Is Golden” in Her Book titled “Silence Is Not Golden”

Written by Kwesi OmegaDate: 1/10/2018
Kafui Danku, the executive producer at ABC pictures and celebrated Ghanaian actress defies all the odds and dares to re-write the all-time famous  parlance “Silence is Golden” in her first ever written book with the titled “Silence is not Golden” which will be published in February this year. In a brief ceremony held at the A.H Hotel where the cover of the book was unveiled, the actress revealed briefly to the press her inspiration to write the book which all came from her bitter personal experiences and things she had to deal with as a woman in silence.

At the meeting, Kafui who looked all cheerful and stunning noted that, “based on some bitter experiences I had to deal with in silence and the pressures it comes with – been able to deal with it, I decided to write a book knowing there are a lot of women who are going through this challenges but have to suffer it in silence. This book has a solution to women and men who are genuinely concerned”. She added that, “the book will be made affordable to all and will be adapted into a movie later in the year with an audio version in some local languages”.

The book titled “Silence Is Not Golden” can be pre-ordered on her website, Kafui has choked some success in the movie industry with movies like “Letter to my mother”, “Devil in a dress”, “Happy Deathday”, and her recent movie “I Do” with her ABC pictures and soon to be added onto her list of achievements is the book titled “Silence Is Not Golden”.