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Kwesi Arthur Opens Up In The ‘Zombie’ Music Video.



While preparing his November New York concert, the Tema rap star went to London to produce shady and energetic visuals.

With a busy year coming to an end for him, between the release of Live From Nkrumah Krom Vol II: Home Run and the resulting awards, such as the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019, Kwesi Arthur still has some things to say. Here, he unveils a harmonious and powerful freestyle, from which a certain maturity can be seen in the words and sounds. “Zombie” addresses success and money but also a star system difficult to live, deeply altering his relationships. Aware of his new status and what he represents, a “ghetto boy” today at the top of the Ghanaian rap industry, he says it all on a TwoBars instrumental.

The video is produced by Frmwrkldn, a London-based creative collective that has also worked with Jacob Banks or Piers James. It is available on the Ground Up Chale platform and label.

Listen to Kwesi Arthur in our One Dance playlist on Spotify and Deezer.


Bald Men Are More Attractive According To Studies.



Balding is a sensitive topic for some man, they might feel like it makes them less attractive and masculine. But a study has shown that there is no reason for such a self-destructing attitude.

Professor Dr. Frank Muscarella from Barry University conducted some research and demonstrated that bald men are thought to be more socially dominant in comparison with other men.

Those researchers discovered that while people see men with hair as more physically attractive, bald men are more likely to be seen as the ones with higher social status: people claimed they perceive them as more dominant and superior, but didn’t feel any threat in comparison to men with hair.

The research says that women tend to find hairless men to be larger, stronger, and more powerful, too.  So, if your husband is worried about losing his hair, you can now let him know that his life is only going to get better!

This isn’t exactly surprising news considering some of Hollywood’s greatest hunks: Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel happen to shine with shaved heads. However, bald men aren’t just perceived as strong and sexy, but they’re also seen as smart.


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Featured Artiste

Myra Kay Pledges Her Allegiance To Ghana Music In America.



Ms Myra Kyeremeh’ being her official birth name is popularly known as ‘Myra Kay’ in the music circles and amongst peers as her Stage and Artistic name was born in Atlanta, USA to Mr and Ms Kyeremeh about 22 years ago Myra Kay moved back to Ghana at the age of five years where she continued her education at the nursery and primary level until she was thirteen years old when she was moved back to the United States, Atlanta Georgia to stay with the rest of the family.

In Georgia she completed her high school education and currently pursuing multiple degree programmes in the states.
After realising her God given talent she made an effort to developed her vocal and writing capabilities over the years, now a solid promising up and coming female musician with a wealth of exciting musical and acting talents with lots of energy.

Myra Kay’s dream; she said ‘is to be able to influence and help people from all walks of life across the world with her music and message’. She further went on to disclose her intentions and ultimate hope to become ‘one of the biggest female musicians in Ghana and across the globe’. Myra also hinted during the interview that she will love to collaborate with the like of Efya, Raquel, Becca whom she listened to when growing up; she went on to expand the list to include Mr.Eazi , Koredo Bello, Nanso Amandine, Tiwa Savage, Wiz Kid, Davido and many many more renowned musicians across Ghana and Africa.

With a strong conviction she said ‘Music has always been my number one passion and I put that passion and energy into every song each and every time I write music. My mother has been my biggest inspiration of all time, growing up she exposed me to many songs and artist alike due to her personal love for music, she will ask me severally to sing for her when I was a little girl, Myra Kay lamented.

She intends to use her music to educate and touch lives of her small but growing following in Ghana and across the world, but most importantly she wants to spread African music to the whole world
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“Things Fall Apart Appeals To Corporate World. – Kofi Kinaata



Lyrical genius and Team Move leader, Kofi Kinaata, has expressed his idea of a successful musician following the release of his latest hit single, Things Fall Apart.

According to the ‘Adam & Eve’ crooner, the true mark of success as a musician is being able to, through your music, appeal both to the streets and the corporate world, which he believes ‘Things Fall Apart’ does very well.

Also he has further revealed that he is a member of the Church of Christ but admitted he is a part-time Christian jokingly. The former High-Grade signee stated, it’s about time for introspection and reality checks as Ghanaians and explain that as Ghanaians we should not take everything for granted.

Kofi Kinaata entreated everyone to eschew hypocrisy hence the need for us to go back to our popular adage which says “Charity begins at home”. The ‘Susuka’ hitmaker stated that he has learnt, grown and mastered his craft as a musician, therefore, he can rap and sing at the same time.

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Private Schools In Rwanda Close Down As Public Schools Become More Attractive To Parents.



Private schools in Rwanda are on the verge of closing down due to low patronage. A report by Daily Nation says desperate proprietors who face closure of their institutions are now asking the government to sponsor students in private schools at public rates.

But the government has rejected the idea. The “problem” started with the government’s twelve-year basic education policy which made public schools affordable and preferable.

According to the report, the Ministry of Education invested hugely in expanding capacity and teaching infrastructure at public schools across the country; introduced the school feeding programme and abolished school fees.

More than 30 private schools are said to have closed indefinitely this year, while others are struggling to stay afloat after losing students to public schools.

School owners told Rwanda Today that even those that had managed to stay open were struggling to meet their operational costs.

“We’ve suffered a sharp decline in the number of students enroled, yet the school has accumulated debt, unpaid salaries and owes arrears to suppliers. It is not clear if the school will re-open,” said Samuel Batamba, the head teacher at College Nkunduburezi in Gakenke District.

Mr Batamba said the school used to have 900 students but now has only 80 students after it failed to attract new students while others enrolled in public schools.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, the government owns 460 out of the more than 1,575 schools in the country.

The rest are run by religious bodies with the Catholic church owning 620 schools, the Anglican church 279, Adventist church 22 and Muslim schools are at 16. Another 178 schools are run by parents’ associations and individuals.

The most affected institutions are private boarding schools. Figures show that students in private schools decreased from 101,510 in 2012 to 79,076 last year while enrolment in public and government-aided schools almost doubled in the same period.

According to John Gasana, the Vice chairman of the Private Schools Association, competing with public schools requires huge capital investment to improve infrastructure, equipment and hiring skilled teachers, something many private schools cannot afford.

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