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Ghana’s Kwame A.A Opoku Appointed ECOWAS Youth Ambassador.



Award Winning Futurist, Young Entrepreneur and Global Keynote Speaker, Kwame A.A Opoku was on Saturday, the 1st of December appointed and inducted an Ecowas Youth Ambassador by the Ecowas Youth Council. His appointment comes months after he was named one of the Most Influential Young Africans and was listed as one of the TOP 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow by the St. Gallen Symposium. Earlier this year he also won the highly coveted African Youth of the Year (Male) at the Africa Youth Awards.

The Economic Community of West African States-Youth Council (ECOWAS- YC; EYC) was established in 2014 as a youth arm of the ECOWAS Commission to minimize the demanding challenges of youths in order to discharge efficient service delivery with the sole aim of engaging and promoting regional economic co-operation and integrations between 15 countries with different historic trajectories (colonization, language, and administrative cultures) through cohort of youth hubs and activities to the posterity of the sustainable development process of the West African region. It has over 200 Million members across 15 states.

The Council is governed by renowned patrons such as H.E Abdoulaye Wade, Former President of Senegal amongst others.

His appointed comes with the the Office of an Ambassador (His Excellency), a mandate to lead the Youth Agenda for the Ecowas Youth Council in Ghana and facilitate cross border engagements across all member states. The highly prestigious appointment will also grant him access to government agencies across all member states in the interest of the Council. As an Ambassador, he is one of the youngest to ever earn such honour.

Kwame A.A Opoku is an Award-Winning Futurist, Global Business Keynote Speaker, 2x Tedx Speaker, Brand Architect, Serial Entrepreneur and a Social Media/Digital Marketer. He was awarded the 2017 Africa Youth of the Year at the African Youth Awards and named among the Top 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow by the St. Gallen Symposuim.

As an entrepreneur, he is CEO of Mary & Mary Global partners, a leading communications marketing and PR firm with a bank of super creative and talented minds connecting, informing and creating inspiring work, he is also the Co-Founder and Lead Curator of WE FESTIVAL AFRICA a unique platform dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs who are in the trenches of building their business.

He is one of the most recognised voices on the Continent in the Area of Exponential technologies and has since founded Future of Business Africa (FOBA). FOBA GLOBAL is an independent non-profit futuristic business think tank using exponential technologies to tackle Africa’s biggest challenges and creating the future —today.

HE is also the Founding President of Institute of Future Learning, a collaborative learning platform and educational institute focused on raising the next crop of exponential thinkers and innovators. HE is an itinerary speaker on the subject of AI, Robotics, Space Economy, Nano Technology, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Optogenetics etc. and The Founder of the FUTURE GOVERNANCE FORUM.

He is the Co-Founder of Idea Factory Africa, a global African Community and a Social Enterprise, welcoming young people from every discipline and culture who seek to influence the world through NOVEL IDEAS.

Kwame is a dynamic millennial who brings over 10 years of international experience to driving transformation and youth empowerment in Africa.

He is currently the Vice Chair, West Africa for the Young CEOs Business Forum, one of the World’s leading Organizations, he is head of all YCBF related projects within the West African region, making Him Head of Operations in 16 Countries.

Congratulations to this indeginous son of the land.

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On Wendy Shay Slaming MzGee; The Rights And The Wrongs.



In the early hours of yesterday, a video surfaced  online in which Ruff Town Records signee Wendy Shay was seen categorizing a question asked by MzGee of Joy news as dumb.

Wendy Shay during an interview just after her performance at the BF Suma concert over the weekend slammed her interviewer in an attempt to avoid the follow up question, ”Who is Wendy Shay”.

She responded, ”Who am I, as Who is Wendy Shay?” She threw the question back to the host and continued, “can we cut the conversation, this is a dumb question isn’t?” while she looked around in shock and disbelief. 

MzGee then asked, ”sorry?”, she responded, ” I don’t want to do the interview anymore, I’m already…..” making gestures of tiredness. 

The now viral video has picked the interest of both media persons and non-media persons and the conversation now is, was she right to tag the question dumb? And was MzGee right with her conduct in that context? 

Let’s get into the issues surrounding the unfortunate incident. Wendy Shay just got off stage and adrenaline’s are high, she was expecting a praise for her energetic performance and was not in the mood for any sort of criticism or a question that borders on her personality and style which has been over dragged she feels.

The response of Wendy Shay to the question came from the angle that, “I’m tired of the Ghanaian media”,  you people always say bad things about me, “Wendy Shay has no talent, she can’t even sing, she is a bad performer, she is a forced clone of Ebony and oh, she will not survive.” Recently, an alleged tape of her and Bullet caught in bed sufficed online only for us to realize it was for her new song the boy is mine featuring Eno. But trust me she was bashed and dragged “papa.”

Considering how she has been dragged and denigrated, she feels it’s time to stand up and show Ghanaians who underestimate her, she is not that soft but trust me that was a bad platform and time – yes she was wrong responding as such. 

I know we were expecting her to give us her autobiography or better still an oral essay of herself, that’s easy right.?

Notwithstanding, truth be told, some hosts can be very annoying, but she should have been smart enough to know MzGee was on an agenda with that question to expose her ignorance and she fell for it. 

In as much as she was wrong for asking the question as at that particular time, the fact is she was doing her job and she needs the news to go, that’s what she gets paid for at the end of the month. 

I know Wendy may soon come out to render an open apology for her conduct to avoid being blacklisted by the Multimedia group looking at their mileage, but I think it’s right for MzGee as a person to also say sorry to a sister. 

Her question was not wrong nor dumb, but the  time she asked that question makes it a question that will inconvenience any hyped up performer. 

Wendy’s team on the spot should have swiftly moved in to rectify the situation, render an apology and plead for a retake of the interview and the video deleted. This could have saved the young ladies career.

Let’s going forward do well to project the good works of our brothers and sisters than their negative and flaws. 

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Thousand And Twenty (1020) Communities In Ghana Without Mobile Signal To Be Covered By GIFEC



CEO of GIFEC, Mr. Abraham Kofi Asante

The Government of Ghana under the Nana Akufo-Addo led administration has empowered the Ghana Investment Fund For Electronic Communication (GIFEC) and the Ministry Of Communications (MOC) to help improve communication solutions especially in remote areas in a very unique way.

Since the universe is turning a digital globe, GIFEC which is taking up a pivotal role has introduced various innovative ways of executing the task of resolving electronic communication related challenges.

At a press conference in Accra, on Tuesday, 24th July, 2018 the CEO of The Ghana Investment Fund For Electronic Communications, Mr. Abraham Kofi Asante noted; “GIFEC has undertaken a number of rural-centered initiatives over the past years in unserved and underserved communities, all aimed at narrowing the digital gap.”

Outlining their achievements under the various rolled out initiatives, the CEO said, “Rural Telephony Project (RTP), through close collaboration with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) led to the following accomplishments over the years: 117 RTP sites constructed (2014 – 2016), 100 RTP sites constructed using UMTS 900 (2017), 85 repeater sites (May 2018), 900 communities covered and 200 RTP sites to be constructed by the end of 2018 of which 50 has already been completed.”

“Under the Cyber Laboratory programme; 819 Educational Institutions were provided with Computers, Printers, Scanners and Projectors while 120 Basic Schools are to be equipped with ICT Laboratories by the end of 2018”

Touching on the GIFEC Satellite Hub, which provides Internet Points of Presence in unserved/underserved communities through the installation of a VSAT Satellite Hub, he said, “100 VSATs internet sites have been installed, 25 RTP sites integrated into the hub, 82 CICs connected to the internet.”

He further eulogized MTN and Huawei for partnering GIFEC on its major task to provide rural areas with good Internet and voice services.

Narrating the ordeal people in the rural areas go through in search of the internet and clarity for voice calls, Mr. Abraham Kofi Asante said, “Most people in rural areas, mostly find it very difficult to get good receptions during the making of calls to their loved ones in the cities, as most have to either climb trees, or go to places where they can hear or get good call receptions.”

He also revealed, measures are being put in place to not only offer voice solutions during calls, but also offer better Internet (data) for one to surf the Internet even in remote areas whiles the businesses in the communities are educated on how to use social media to enhance, market and expand their business.

In the coming days, GIFEC will be increasing the reach of some new innovations such as the Emergency Call Centers which empowers Citizens to call and lodge complaints to government directly and get real time feedback and the Coding for Kids initiative; an arrangement to train kids to be able to use computers in programming and learning which already has 150 teachers trained as at June, 2018 and it is expected to train 1500 school children by the end of the first phase of the project.

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Obour, Nero X, Mz Vee, Kuami Eugene And Other Come To The Rescue Of Atewa Forest Reserve



Depletion is our natural reserve has lately been on the rise but this might not be the case of Atewa as Ghanaian musicians add their voice to the save Atewa Campaign.

MUSIGA President Obour, Nero X, Mz Vee, Kuami Eugene, Sherifa Gunu, Kojo Rana and others teamed up to released a Song and video titled “Atewa Till Eternity” which seeks to caution the perpetuators of Wrong’s in and around one of the two left forest reserves in Ghana.

The campaigners also sent a firm message to the arms of Government that are to be responsible for the safe keep and preservation of our natural resources as well as the President himself.

The indigenes of Atewa could not hide their gratitude and stated their position, “We the Concerned Citizens of Atewa Landscape share and appreciate the priceless provisions and functions this forest provides. As such we stand for and support the long-term conservation of the Atewa Forest range as a National Park and a heritage site.”

A great deal has been said on the importance and uniqueness of the Atewa forest by both the local and international institutions and personalities including the Save Atewa Forest Music Ambassadors, we hope the plea falls on right ears.

The Atewa Range Forest Reserve measuring 23,663 ha is part of an ecosystem known as the Upper Guinea Forest.

The Atewa Range is only one of two such forests left remaining in Ghana. This forest reserve was created in 1926, deemed a Special Biological Protection Area in 1994, one of Ghana’s 30 Globally Significant Biodiversity Areas (GSBAs) in 1999 and in 2001 was listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International.

Not only is the Atewa Range important in biological diversity but it also provides the headwater for three major river systems, the Ayensu, Densu and Birim rivers.

These rivers are the most important source of domestic and industrial water for local communities as well as Ghana’s major populations such as its capital Accra.

Atewa also presents an inexhaustible laboratory for global medicinal needs as it presents an unlimited array of species, both flora and fauna with pharmaceutical properties of tropical species.

But in recent times, the illegal activities of some is leading to the reserve loosing its naturals and so the need for a wake up call.

Below is the vedio, watch and share.


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“S*x Sells, But It Will Sell You In A Bad Way” – Feli Nuna



Christened at birth as Felicia Akosua Tawiah, Feli Nuna now as she is widely known has over the period weaved her way into the hearts of music lovers as the only Daavi who doubles up as a Diva but keeps it covered as best as she can.

Nudity has become the easiest way to push a female act onto the scene and we have seen how the exploration of such has dashed the careers of very promising female arts in the industry.

On the topic, identifies Feli Nuna as one of the few who has been able to keep it covered and still pottery her act and sell her craft, we picked her thoughts on the subject matter and she had some interesting things to say.

She said, “I believe people should be themselves and not to allow pressures to change them, if you are someone who does not feel comfortable wearing short things be you, s*x sells, but it will sell you in a bad way, don’t, don’t do that with the thinking that you will get more attention, traction or mileage.”

She gave a dose of advice to female artists and up and Coming’s saying, “ Be yourself, be free, but don’t fall for the pressure to do the wrong things, think about the people you inspire and reach out to with your works”

She continued with the advice, “If you are a young girl, don’t follow blindly, do things that you will be proud of in some years to come”

She rounded up with an advice for the music consumers, “Let’s focus more on the art, their work, the music and the message than what this person or that person is wearing. If we do this it will go a long way to help people desist from indecent exposure and this will help the industry as a whole and not only the female artist.”

Below is an audio visual of her new project “Dream”, do enjoy.


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