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”Gari And Monthly Alawa For SHS Students Fake Reportage” – John Mahama



Former President, John Dramani Mahama has debunked reports circulating within a cross section of web portals on a subject matter that, National Democratic Congress will every month, if voted back to the seat of presidency come 2020 general elections give senior high school students provisions to feed on as false.

The reports claims that, the Presidential aspirants for the opposition National Democratic Congress, John Mahama spoke to students in the Volta Region stating that Senior High School student will be supplied with gari and ‘alawa’ every month in his second coming.

Former President Mahama led the National Democratic Congress into opposition after an excruciating defeat to the governing New Patriotic Party led by President Nana Akuffo-Addo by a margin of 44.40-53.85% with few reason such as the general quest for change by the populace and also the teeming young population who are impatient and in a haste to see results.

In a news statement signed by the spokesperson of the former president, James Agyenim Boateng, the former president refuted such report as fake and stated that its the figment of the writer’s imagination, adding that, he has not visited the Volta Region to speak to students. It disclosed that, the former president is yet to extend his tour to the Volta Region to campaign ahead of the flagbearership of the National Democratic Congress.

The signed news statement revealed that, former President Mahama is on a five day tour in the Western Region, speaking mainly on issues of the traumatized cocoa farmers, small scale miners, jobs, the cost of leaving in the country, his development ideas for the NDC, plans to better the implemented Free SHS as well as his determination to eliminate the chaotic double track system in secondary education.

The news statement, former president John Dramani Mahama reiterated that, Ghanaians should disregard the bizarre, outrageous, and ridiculous publications by the cross section of web portals, urging the Ghanaian citizen to treat it with the contempt that it deserves.

By: Gerrard-Israel


7th Annual Woman of Character Conference in Woodbridge Virginia Features Dr. Cindy Trimm.



The 7th annual 2-day Woman of Character Conference (WOCC) came to an end on June 8, 2019, after it kicked off at the Freedom High School in Woodbridge, Virginia (VA) in the United States (US). This year's conference themed The Chayil Woman, started on the morning of June 7.

Woman of Character Ministries, organizer of the annual WOCC event which was first held in May 2013 at Stafford, VA in the US disclosed that this year's conference was hugely successful owing to the fact that it was attended by over 150 women from across States like Maryland (MD), VA, and the US Capitol Washington, DC.

This life-changing event for Christian women was highlighted by special guest speaker and renowned speaker Dr. Cindy Trimmwho made appearances on the second day of the event, Dr. Trimm is a highly respected empowerment specialist. During her interaction with the women, she took them through revolutionary ways of thinking that will change them into transformational leaders.

Dr. Trimm is Founder and CEO of Trimm Ministries International, a bestselling author, and a multi-award winning personality. She is also a life coach, a humanitarian and a deliverer of the message of the kingdom through her Kingdom School Ministry.

Other preachers that joined Dr. Trimm to impact WOCC with spiritual insights included host Tina Sarsah of Woman of Character Ministries in Woodbridge, VA, Pastor Yeromitou Grier of Grace Church in Dumfries, VA and Dr. Patricia Grace MacGodman of Prayer Strategist in Edgewood, MD.

Conference founder Tina Sarsah who shed some light on WOCC theme for this year said "The Chayil Woman as envisioned by Woman of Character Conference is clearly defined in Proverbs 31:25 which says, 'She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future'. We wanted to help women come out of their shells and face the future with confidence," Tina said.

Longtime participant and 2019 co-host Pastor John Sarsah encouraged conference attendees to visit the vendor boots which had some quality women’s products including; cosmetics (Mary Kay products by Ms. Danika Hughes), Women’s jewelry by Ms. Nicole Brown of Nikki B Jewels and women’s clothing. Other items on the vendor list were accessories by Ms. Bola Surakat from House of Beulah.

There was also individual advisory for businesses, finances, and travel among others. "But one of the most spiritually blissful aspects of the 2019 conference was the amazing talks and great networking opportunities for all plus amazing books authored by Dr. Trimm," Pastor Sarsah exclaimed to

"It is vital to understand that women play an impeccable role on the earth. As daughters created in His image, we have been uniquely created to reflect our Father’s heart and carry His virtues with us wherever we go," Tina Sarsah told in a post-event interview during which she expressed special thanks to Almighty God.

Tina also specially thanked the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Restoration Temple of Woodbridge in VA, the Woman of Character Conference Planning Committee, Thoronka Law Firm, and all the Special Guests including attendees who helped make WOCC a success.

Sisters Marilyn Tagoe and Ernestina Opoku led the praise team to give an uplifting praise and worship experience that lifted the women and some of the men present to their feet as they danced to the glory of the Lord. For photos, videos, and info about this year's WOCC visit


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Ghana's entertainment industry is happy to welcome Hakeem Ellis, CEO of Sultan Group of companies into Africa's fast developing showbiz sector. The US based Ghanaian investor has formalised his entry by opening a fresh record label, a movie production hub and an artiste promotion and event agency known as Hekell Entertainment.

The record label has already signed underground artistes that they are helping to climb up to the top.

Investment in showbiz is a daring one that requires a higher dose of passion than just calculated vision to make instant income; — the lack of industrial structures to give the fraternity an assured financial return of capital investment gives it opaque overview, especially to the business collegiate.

Our entertainment industry needs cash, so bad. However, we have failed to attract serious investment that will turn the industry to good in the medium - long term.

But Hakeem Ellis has the passion and the thrive to put a long term investment portfolio into the industry. He has signed juicy endorsement deals with many bloggers and entertainment journalists in efforts to strengthen that section of the industry.

The boss of Hakell Entertainment is making sure young artistes don't just follow the dream of pursuing music, but also get the necessary education.

Mr Hakeem Ellis

In a heartfelt letter to budding female artistes Chikel Baibe, who just completed her senior high exams, the CEO of Sultan Group really touched on our emotional chords, so we decided to pen this for posterity. Read his letter below and share your thoughts.

One faithful day Chikel Baibe reached out to me. She told me her story and I was so inspired by the things she had overcome, her love for God, dedication, and the will to not be derailed no matter how people talked about her and took jabs at her looks. She reminded me of myself! She made me better! So after thoughtful deliberation and love for 🇬🇭 music, I decided to establish a record label to help individuals with similar drive and talent. Please help me congratulate this beautiful and talented young lady for finishing high school. The journey is bright!! 🎼🎥🇬🇭. THE TRANSFORMATION will be witnessed by the world and her powerful talent will be appreciated... #Chikelbaibe to the Globe 🌍 #🇬🇭withyou @hakell_entertainment @zealgovernor @chikelbaibe @sultan_drinks_ghana

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Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah Among Some Of The Ghanaians In The US Making Great Strides.


on caught up with Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah after he was recognized with a Distinguished Patent Fellow award for his innovative ideas. This encounter was to learn from him and share his thoughts to inspire youths all over, specifically those in developing countries.

We also wanted his thoughts on how policymakers, governments, and generally people in key positions in developing worlds especially African countries could be encouraged to reconsider innovation, invention, and patents to secure their economies for now and the future generations.

There are huge benefits in innovation, inventions, and patents if pursued very well and diligently, Dr. Anim-Mensah said. This is an area not well developed in Africa; hence, people lack the understanding and oftentimes terminologies are vaguely used.

On several occasions without a proper invention search, some Africans assemble or make things that already exist that they unknowingly claim as inventions while that creation might already exist in a preceding invention protected by a patent in respective jurisdictions.

An invention can be defined as the creation of something distinctively new with potential value through a utility such as product, process or service Dr. Anim-Mensah said to “Before creating something new one will need to assess its value and feasibility. On the other hand, innovation occurs if someone improves on or makes a significant contribution to an existing product, process or service i.e. something new and uniquely useful,” — Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah explained.

Being innovative affords one to stumble on an invention which is securable by a patent. A patent gives the inventor(s) the exclusive right for some number of years to commercialize an invention to reap the benefits without competition.

In simple terms, innovation is where business and technical perspectives meet to give birth to new valuable and lasting opportunities to solve problems that make life easier, generally bring about improvements, with associated monetary gains, and/or securing a better future.

For an ordinary person in a developing country, “filing for a patent could be expensive, however, any country that wishes to pursue this area could have an institution that thoroughly assesses and screens the various inventions to show its business and technical benefits while making them accessible to attract local and/or foreign investors to take them to the next level.

This could lead to commercialization which creates positives like new businesses and solving local problems among others. Generally, inventions geared towards solving existing community, societal or global issues goes a long way to improve its business viability and interest. For countries that wish to develop a strong innovation, invention and patent system are necessary,” said the Doctor.

It has always been the vision of to serve as a conduit to promote Africa’s development by tapping into key information and transferring them from both sides of the oceans to inspire the youth to make a difference.

Through this process, we help the youth carve their visions and have role models. Owing to this we have followed Dr. Alexander Anim- Mensah’s work over the years and see him as a rising star among some of the US-based Ghanaians making great strides.

Also read: Using Apple’s iPhone To Explain The Difference Between Invention And Innovation.

In 2017 Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah got inducted into the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Patent Society as a Fellow. About two years on he was recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the same society in May 2019, for his involvement in inventions generating exceptional levels of commercial and technical successes. It appears this Ghanaian inventor knows no stop as he keeps amassing patents and realizing ways to make lives better.

Dr. Anim-Mensah was recognized for his contributions on the inventions relating to “Flow through Chemical Sensor” used for both qualitative and quantitative chemical sensing and monitoring i.e. for detecting the presence and absence of different chemicals as well as for the different chemical concentrations used on some commercially available products. This invention led to several patents in the USA and key parts of the world including the European Union, Canada, China, and Mexico.

Dr. Anim-Mensah is results-driven with a track record of delivering sustainable technical, business and management results through award-winning performances. He has a Ph.D., an MS and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati – Ohio, North Carolina A&T State University – North Carolina, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Ghana, respectively.

Among his numerous specializations is Technology, Operation, and Value Chain Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management – Cambridge, Massachusetts, Business Strategy from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Virginia. He also gained an Intellectual Property Law and Policy education from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Before University education in Ghana, he attended the Ghana Secondary Technical School.

He is presently involved with over thirty (30) inventions, and US/world patents in areas spanning from improved chemical & water use efficiencies, sensing, energy management, cleaning, refrigeration & heat pumps, optimization, process improvements, performance monitoring, waste minimization, and environmental impacts reduction.

Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah is the co-author of 2 books, 2 books chapters and several technical papers in the area of membrane science and technology, and biomedical applications. Some of his leisurely activities include writing secular articles, engaging in mentorship and mobilizing fellow diaspora-based Ghanaians to give back in Ghana. He is also a key player in Ghana-affiliated associations and organizations based in North America. believes Dr. Anim-Mensah is on track to enter the innovation hall-of-fame, which is why we will continue to keep an eye on him. For now, please find him on LinkedIn and don’t forget to comment on and share this piece or point us to people like Dr. Anim-Mensah you feel that Africa and the world must know about.

Written by Oral Ofori

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Rwanda Is Bringing Wakanda Into Reality With The First-ever “green city” Project In Africa



Rwanda is set for the development of a model green city in Kigali by January 2020. This city which will have clean technologies, electric vehicles, electric bicycle and motorcycle lanes, renewable energy, sustainable waste treatment, biogas plants, urban forests, among others is said to be bringing Wakanda into reality.

“The estate will also have mini-factories with clean technologies, affordable housing, integrated craft production centres. We are conducting a study to estimate the jobs that will be created based on how the residents of the area generate income,” said  Eudes Kayumba, Deputy Team Leader of the Green City Pilot project .

The city, the first ever green city project in Africa estimated to cost $5billion will be located on a 620 hectares of land in Kinyinya Sector, Gasabo District with a system that prevents environmental degradation and air pollution.

The funding for the project will come from different stakeholders. Currently, the Rwanda Green Fund, with the financial support of the German Development Cooperation through the KfW Development Bank, is undertaking a feasibility study for the project. The Rwanda Green Fund contracted Sweco, a European engineering and architecture firm, to support the implementation of the project.

“When studies get completed later this year, we will start the implementation of the project, beginning with key infrastructure such as water, electricity and roads which will also benefit neighbouring communities,” said Kayumba, adding, “the project will not displace low-income earners, rather the proposed city will be built in such a way that low-income earners will be empowered. In fact, a section of the green city will be earmarked for low-income earners,” Kayumba said.

According to Kayumba, the project serves as a yardstick in showing the viability of green cities in Rwanda and in revealing elements that could be replicated in the development of secondary cities across the country with green technologies and innovations for green and climate resilient urbanisation.

While the rest of the world is finally waking up to the effects of global warming and the positives of making policies around environmental conservation, Rwanda is currently being celebrated as the third greenest city in the world and the United Nations declared Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, as the most beautiful city in Africa.

Wakanda is a fictional African nation created in the Marvel universe. Wakanda is located in East Africa although its exact location has varied throughout its publication history.

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