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From Chief Moomen to Zylofon Boss



Celebrated playwright, Chief Moomen in a Facebook post made a request of GHC5 million to Nana Appiah the Zylofon boss after showering series of praise on him for his immense help and contribution towards the arts and entertainment industry. He then went on and added he would create the biggest theatre production the world have never seen about the legendary King of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa.

He said in the letter, “Give me 5 million cedis( Just a little over 1 million dollars). And let me create some magic that could, potentially, be the game-changer in Ghana’s arts and tourism industry,”

Mr Moomen went ahead to articulate step by step how he would put to use the amount if granted and how he will generate GHC100 million as returns. Some other businessmen who have have a thing or two to do with the entertainment industry were copied; Kwame Despite, Kwabena Duffour, Ibrahim Mahama, and Banasco Seidu Nuhu,

Below is the letter he penned to Nana Appiah.

Dear Mr. Zylofon Media Boss,
So your signing of Shatta Wale is all over the news. Kudos for putting money into the industry. I’ve always advocated for the wealthy in our society to invest their monies back in the country and become great patrons of the arts; that is how we build civilizations.

Obviously, you are not afraid to spend. And on the arts for the matter. So, let me sell you a vision that could be one of the most impactful things you’ll ever do.

Give me 5 million cedis( Just a little over 1 million dollars). And let me create some magic that could, potentially, be the game-changer in Ghana’s arts and tourism industry.

I want to create the biggest theatre production in the world, about the richest man to have ever lived on this earth, Mansa Musa the legendary King of ancient Mali Empire. This would be an extravagant, exciting and absolutely spectacular theatrical outdooring.
Here is the catch- you are spending millions to build an ultra-modern theatre, so we hear.

How about spend a fraction of that to produce amazing content for the place. How do you intend to unveil your new magnificent building? With another unimaginative show where some performers come to jump and mime on stage? We’ve seen that before. Oya, pass. Let’s do something different.

Now imagine this: Opening Night. High profile audience with local and international media. The curtain gently rises to a powerful yet soothing melody from a 200 member choir supported by a 100 member orchestra of both traditional and international instruments. Imagine 50 people in a synchronised beating of the fontomfrom or brekete.

Imagine 100 dancers with their surgically choreographed moves. Imagine our actors and extras all playing their parts powerfully. Imagine the rousing narration and poetry holding all the stories together. Imagine the elaborate set, the colourful and mesmerizing costumes and props, the lights and sound effects. Ahhhhh! Wouldn’t this be something else; 500 performers on one stage telling the epic story of a great African King. It is like the feeling you get when watching ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’. Something more daring and more spectacular than ‘The Lion King’, which has been staging for decades and has made millions of dollars.

Of course this won’t be for charity. It’s a business! Let the Mansa Musa Epic be the highlight performance of the theatre with an annual calendar. Target 1,000,000 audiences in Ghana and around the world over a period, with 100ghc standard ticket. That is, potentially, 100 million cedis in revenue for a 5 million cedis initial investment. Trust me, with the right marketing and hype, people will travel around the country, the continent and the world to come see this. But we must give them a reason to come. And it has to big and bold and absolutely worth their time and effort.

This could be so impactful in many ways;
Direct employment for 500 people with several thousands in the value chain.

Boost to tourism industry with many coming to see the play. And once they are here, they will also explore the country. This could be great evidence of the power of the arts to Government and can finally push them to make great investments in the area.

Several millions in revenue. Others have done it and so can we.

Not to talk of the importance of such a production in reinvigorating African pride and confidence. If you know what I mean.

All for possibly less than the entire value of the Shatta Wale’s deal. I say it is a risk worth it.

I’m obsessed with this vision. It will be done. Just a matter of time. Maybe sooner if those with deep pockets can see what I see. I have done so much, with so little. I could do so much more, with a little more!

CC: Kwame Despite, Kwabena Duffour, Ibrahim Mahama, Petronia City, Banasco Seidu Nuhu:) and others!

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Photos: KSM, Ayittey Powers, Coded, Flowking Stone etc. Enjoy Laughs At Comedy Express Show.



Comedy Express was the place to be last Saturday night inside Cockpit bar & Lounge Achimota mall; it was lit up with hysterical performances from the comedians that were billed.

Each act took turns in firing the seated audience with jokes that injured their ribs. I am sure for most of the people seated there it was their first encounter with Ghcomedy, these group of people I believe had a memorable night.

The host on the night MJ The Comedian was on point, from his clothing to his performance, there couldn’t have been a better host for the night. He won the hearts of many with his jokes and his personality. I am still waiting for the time comedians would be tasked with the job of hosting mega shows in the country.

This month’s edition had a host of celebrity appearances. K.S.M, Ayittey Powers Coded, Flowking Stone, MD of Multimedia Mr. Santokh Singh to mention a few were among the audience who came to have a great night. The performances on the night were top class, performing were James Brown, Teekay, Alowess, Opana Pop, Sportoo, Crypto, Comedian Waris, and DKB. Each billed act gave out their best and it has left a mark on the patrons forever.

The Godfather KSM himself shared a few words of encouragement and appreciation to the whole team for putting a sterling performance. He further spoke about how proud he feels about the progress of comedy so far.

Comedy Express is your premium monthly comedy show that happens every 1st Saturday of the month. The next edition is set to happen on 3rd November, advance ticket line is 0571241341. It also airs on Joy Prime TV and you can watch every episode on YouTube by subscribing to the channel “Comedy Express Ghana”.

Source: Fenuku Augustine.

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I Can Market Any Company Using Comedy – Soscket



Ghanaian entrepreneur and comedian who is known for producing comic skits by name Soscket in an interview went bragging about he being able to sell anything.

In an interview, Soscket who is popular known for his various comic productions on zylofon tv, yonko tv and kpordagh, claims that he can sell any company in Ghana and beyond with his new WhatsApp group challenge yet to hit the country within 24 hours and if any company thinks otherwise let them try him and see.

He continued saying, “in Ghana there are soo many reality tv shows on going but he bets that there is none that matches his WhatsApp group challenge.” 

The challenge we are told will begin in December by selecting the various groups as he and his team have made the necessary preparation towards that. 

He added, “Any company out there who want to sell their products or even have the best branding should not waste time in contacting the team as soon as possible irrespective of what you sell.”

Be on the look out for the Soscket Empires Whatsapp group challenge which seeks to sell organizations and their products through comedy. 

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Comedy Express Moves To Cock Pit Lounge With First Show This Saturday 6th October



Another exciting edition of Comedy Express is upon us. The premium monthly comedy show has over the years thrilled audiences with amazing comedy from talented GhComedians. The show which has become the favourite of many is changing its venue from the Osu branch of Eddy’s Pizza to Cockpit Bar and Lounge inside the Achimota Mall.

Performing on the night is the King himself, DKB, he would be supported by Comedian Khemikal, Id James Brown, Crypto, Opana, TeeKay, MJ TheComedian and Alowess. Patrons are to expect nothing but fireworks from the billed comedians.

The usually date for the comedy show which used to be every first Friday of the month has been changed to the first Saturday of every month starting with this month’s show. The new date for the show is on Saturday October 6 2018. Because DKB cherishes his loyal patrons and the support they give to him, each patron would on the night receive souvenirs from and also get a free DJ Sparkling champagne. For more information and tickets call or Whatsapp 057-124-1341 / 024-375-5531.

Comedy express also airs on Joyprime as a TV show that plays back all performances at the comedy express event. Don’t miss this show for anything hurry, get your tickets and come and join in the fun with your loved ones. Tickets are selling fast, don’t regret the decision of not getting one in time.

Source: Fenuku Augustine

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We’ve Not Banned DKB From Tamale, Stop Making The North Look Bad – DJ Carlos



Last Saturday at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, Ghanaian comedian, DKB was in Tamale for a performance on the show ‘Lanjuu lari’. After the performance which was top notch, he posted a tweet to thank Jesus Christ and the fans that came out in their numbers to support. In the tweet the comedian said “I have no one to thank for this great DKB night at Tamale stadium with more than 5,000 people cheering my name but my Lord and personal saviour Jesus Christ.”

Even though according to the comedian he had a wonderful show, reports that came out from many publication houses said otherwise and that he [DKB] had been banned from Tamale because he [DKB] insulted the Dagombas. According to the report, because of a tweet posted by DKB before the show, which read “To speak Tamale Dagbani language you need power and vigor! Even the name For AKONFEM sounds like a knockout.” The people of Tamale took offence to the tweet and have banned the comedian from coming to the city.

DJ Carlos, the event organizer who invited DKB for the show in Tamale has debunked the story and called it lies. He also stated that the people of Tamale haven’t put a ban on DKB and he is welcome back to Tamale anytime. The disappointed event organizer was worried how the media is always quick to paint the people from Tamale black. “What am I hearing from the media? It is very false, the people of Tamale are not happy with the news. DKB would step his foot back in Tamale again.

The media is always trying to make it seem as though the northern region is full of bad people, but we are not” he said in a video he posted.

DKB performed at the Lanjuu Lari Comedy Show where he had a very good performance and received a rousing applause with a standing ovation from the audience. Further checks with him indicate he is prepping for comedy express event this Saturday, which has now been moved to Cock Pit Lounge inside Achimota mall.

Source: Fenuku Augustine

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