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Filth Resurfaces In Accra; A Possible Outbreak Of Epidemic.



In government’s quest to restructure and manage filth to make Accra the cleanest city in West Africa , there has been a gradual return of garbage heaps within the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, and has been a canker to the natives of Greater Accra Region are lamenting over.

Not to take away the massive infrastructural growth the current administration is embarking on to change the city’s landscape, heaps of refuse on the shoulders of the roads, bus stops, markets and highways have remain a menace within the Accra Metropolis contaminating oxygen within its jurisdiction.

The resurgence of waste has been attributed to the waste management companies ineffective mechanisms slated and hitches in managing and disposal of waste in the capital city, Accra.

Residents residing and commuters who make Accra a route to their preferred destination have expressed displeasure at the high level of health hazards filth within the Accra Metropolis poses them to. The vociferous residents have out spoke shock at the rate mounds of filth have resurfaced in their areas overnight, adding that, the heaps of refuse and stench that engulf the air every morning on daily basis is horrific. They pleaded to the government steadfast efforts in managing filth to avert the possible outbreak of epidemic.

Environmentalist, Dr. Edward Wiafe in an interview with stated that, the country needs selfless efforts to control the resurgence of waste, precisely solid waste in the capital city, Accra irrespective of their political connotation, adding that, pollution is no respecter of political background.

According to him, waste management institutions needs to employ the labor of individuals who are in the will to explore beyond their proposed boundaries to make sure filth is being alleviated in the capital city. He revealed that party chairmen quest for the release of individuals who have been arrested for improper disposal of waste due to their political affiliation.

Dr. Wiafe commended the services of ‘Aboboya’ in waste management, stating that, approaching it holistically in the waste management system in Ghana, there is no need of illegalizing their services since they are with the objective of making the city clean. He urged the authorities to allocate softer condition for the ‘Aboboya’ services to be registered to enable them work according.

The Senior Lecturer at the Presbyterian University stated that, Ghanaians should see waste for that matter not as an end product but as a product in transition that can be inherited by a different group of people, adding that, Ghanaians should change towards waste disposal, that is, segregating the degradable waste from the non-degradable waste since the degradable waste is an environmental friendly fertilizer that can be used on the farms.

Environmentalist, Dr. Edward Wiafe lauded government’s plan to transform Accra to be the cleanest city in West Africa, urging government to allocate institutional support to authorities that are responsible for these cleaning exercises.

By: Gerrard-Israel


”NPP Geared Towards Job Creation” – Prez. Akufo-Addo



President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has expressed confident in the tenure of governance of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) administration, stating that, the administration is on course as how it delivering it campaign promises.

According to him, the governing New Patriotic Party,(NPP) has the objective of filling loop holes of inadequate jobs to alleviate the high level of unemployment the teeming Ghanaian youth is being exposed to.

The ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) government, during the 2016 general elections made series of promises, such as, job creation, planting for foods and jobs, one-district one-factory, as way of reducing the unemployment rate Ghanaians are facing.

In a Facebook post by the Ministry of Information tagged, ”Commission Of A Biomass Boiler And An Oral Care Factory Of Unilever Ghana Limited”, the Chief of Defense Staff stated that, goal is to unleash the innovative and entrepreneurial instincts of the Ghanaian private sector to drive rapid growth and job creation.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo precisely and clearly communicated his unflinching solidarity in his government, expressing great confidence and assurance that, they are on course to realizing this important goal of job creation.

By: Gerrard-Israel

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Read; How Time And Chance Brought Edem Fairre From The Stone Quarry To Becoming A TV Sensation.



Ghanaian born, raised and now a full blown TV personality Edem Fairre, a host with TMGTV in an interview with’s Kwesi Omega disclosed how time and chance took her from the stone quarry to the screens.

The young and budding model plus TV personality recounted how difficult it was for her as a young lady after her parents’ pattered ways and she had to fend for herself and her younger siblings. This ended her up at a stone quarry amidst difficult times in school, which was coupled with bad experiences suffered from people she had met earlier on who promised hope but delivered nothing close. The grateful Edem through it all kept hope alive even with no hopes of how the offing will turn out to be.

Edem who got her first modeling gig as the face of Donthes media after a passport picture she took for personal use in 2010 which got the photographer blown away by her photogenic self also was the face of Beige capital customer service. From then till now, her courteous self-have graced many modeling stages. The model has also bagged some juicy deals; she was named the 2017 Woodin Textiles Connexion de Woodin and 2018 Voile de Woodin brand ambassador but in all this, little did Edem know she was going to end up on TV.

The then model who was at the time helping a friend out on the flank with event update on Top TV got called up by fashion GH to host their red carpet. She fell in love with the screens and just like a bait, Edem was thrown into the deep oceans of presenting with little training and no experience. Edem couldn’t help it but to sneer as she spoke about how she had to learn on the job, polish her skill and craft which has earned her a spot with VIENNTYS TV AND TMGTV.

VIENNTYS and TMGTV’s finest is currently doubling as the co-founder of Empire GH modeling management and holds an ABE level 6 certificate in Marketing management as she is beaming with the hope to soon further her education.

Amidst the trail, tear, misrepresentation and fake people, which has led to her breaking down on several occasions and had even contemplated suicide in 2018, Edem is still in high spirits. The gratifying Edem couldn’t say much, but be thankful to God, her family and friends who have been super supportive to her cause as she readies for another marathon of yet a busy year ahead for modeling and presenting which promises to be a bliss.

Get up close with Edem Fairre on the following social media platforms for bookings and updates on her upcoming projects and prospects.

Instagram; @edemfairre

Facebook page; Edem Fairre

Twitter; @Edem_fairre

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Get Up Close With The Living Dance And Hi-Life Star Supreme Agyengo.



Supreme Agyengo is a rising Afro-beats and Hi-Life Star. With a career that has continued to blossom; he has worked with entertainment A-listers that have recorded epoch-making music. His quest to create a great and exciting platform for audiences that seek to be professionally entertained is unparalleled. 

Supreme Agyengo’s dance and creative works have received many positive accolades from private and corporate clients. The philosophy that drives Supreme’s act is built on creating a rich rhythm that resonates with the soul of his audience. Each engagement is ideally utilized to create rich experiences.

The belief that dance, music, and art transcend time has been at the heart of his operations. He creates a dynamic outlet that allows individuals to connect with their ideals. His performances are laced with a well-acclaimed appeal that builds bridges across various people and cultures. The bond that is generated from his brand of entertainment helps to immerse various social groups in a very enriching atmosphere. With the understanding that many organizations, individuals, and social groups are looking to expand the possibilities of what they experience musically; Supreme Agyengo offers a service that cuts across the board.

With a deep belief in his talent that spans over two decades, he has been able to build a brand that is unique in every sense. His early days in the entertainment industry positioned him as one of the voices that will make a huge difference through the channel of music. Supreme has continued to increase his musical prowess through the influence of popular genre which makes him relevant to people of all ages. His ability to perform in private shows, studio, live audiences, etc; simply makes him iconic.

Supreme’s acts help to explore the depths of beauty and precision as captured in a musical essence. With a rich base that appeals to people of different faiths, social strata, economic spread, etc; he is building a new stream of consciousness with his fans.

Supreme Agyengo is open to serve corporate organizations or work with individuals based on their peculiar needs. His dance and music has a range that makes it connect with different orientations and expressions.  Every engagement with his team can build an atmosphere that entrenches and upholds our core human values. Supreme is blazing new trails with his professional music and dance act.

Checkout his music and videos in all platform; Instagram: @supreme_agyengo

Twitter: @supremeagyengo

SoundCloud: supreme agyengo

YouTube: supreme agyengo

Reverbnation: supreme agyengo


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Minister Inspects Progress Of Construction Of Multi-Purpose Youth And Sports Resource Centers.



The Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah is undertaking inspection of the 10 Multi Purpose Youth and Sports Resource Centers currently under construction across the country.

The inspection will take the Minister to Axim (Western Region), Dunkwa-Offin (Central Region) and Nyinahin (Ashanti Region) to assess progress of work at the various sites.

The Minister has already been to Koforidua and Ho project sites, where work is progressing steadily and expected to be completed within schedule.

Photo 📷Caption: Hon Isaac Kwame Asiamah (MP), together with the CEO of the National Youth Authority (NYA) Mr. Emmanuel Asigri, the Member of Parliament (MP) of the Area, Mrs Catherine Afeku and the team inspecting progress of work at the Axim Youth and Sports Centre.

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