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Date: 10/11/2017
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    Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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     Recently just back from her trip to china where she performed at the Asia-Africa youth summit Feli
nuna is set to embark on her much anticipated High school tour dubbed “KEEP IT TILL HE RING IT”
a slogan in relation to her viral fast rising single Gelaway which was released in August 2017.
Gelaway is a fast tempo afro beats song which preaches the importance of waiting and marriage
before sex.

     The song advises young girls on issues pertaining to Abstinence, talking about how not
be swayed by the flashy life and lies of men or guys who would deceive and sway them from their
life objectives. It also warns them about how these men will not marry hem at the end and the
dangers it might bring and how to be more calculative and careful about their sexual life.
      The tour kicks start this Saturday 7 th October 2017 at Ghana senior high School and Juabeng senior
high school in Koforidua and mampong Presec School. The tour will be a weekly event where she will
choose various female high schools and mixed sex schools across Ghana alongside other artist with
the very strong message in each school of “Abstinence”. This tour is supported by Watsup TV,,, and Tour updates will be
channelled through these websites weekly on various aspects of the tour including her
performances, and news on the preceding schools and appearance
       Feli Nuna known in real life as Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah, is a Ghanaian song writer, singer and a
rapper who expresses her music through genres like Afro beats, Reggae/ Lover's Rock, Hip Hop and
contemporary High Life. She is currently signed to Beehyve Entertainment; A Ghanaian based record
label as their maiden artist under which she has released 7 singles. For more enquiries or intrested
parties who wants to be part of this great experience or support the movement in any way being it
sponsorship or invitation to a specific school should kindly reach out to Feli Nuna and her Tour crew
or management on 0208912256 or [email protected]