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Date Rush Show Gets Even More Thrilling



The trending and most talked about new dating reality tv show sponsored by Rush Energy drink and the Twellium Company Ltd has set viewers at home and social Media ablaze as the thrilling gets intense in episode 2 of Date Rush Reality Show on tv3 aired on 9th November 2018. As we getting warm up for the next episode of Rush Energy sponsored reality show let’s get to talk about what transpired in the previous show and also the expectations of Episode 3.

The emergence of Social Media and dating sites have even made it more complicated and frustrating for single men and women to find the right person on a date or possibly be in a relationship with. This is why Ghana’s favourite Energy Drink, Rush Energy Drink in collaboration with Adesa production of Media General, Tv3 have introduced this Dating reality television show to help single men and women find a match to go on a date with which may later lead to a sustainable relationship.

In Episode 2 last Friday the audience at the studio were treated to a fun filled atmosphere by the bachelors and the 10 beautiful ladies who were desirous of getting a date.

Two single guys , Nana Kofi and Raymond stepped up to the challenge to wow and rouse the ladies for a date.

Nana Kofi a muscular and charming by standard gentleman was the first to attempt. The ten ladies who seemed highly interested from the beginning was however left with 6 with their Rush Energy On, which means they will like to go on a date with him. However, he got lights turned off by 2 after his own friend narrated about his positive aides and negative sides to the audience and the ladies. Nana Kofi was then left with the grand finale of asking the remaining 2 ladies (Tina and Pazz) a question of which he will base his decision on. He asked the ladies what they will do with a sum of GHS 9000? Tough one huh,; Tina replied by saying she will invest the whole sum into a business and Pazz answered by saying she will invest 50% of the money into business and the remaining 50% in Nana Kofi his man. After hearing this Nana Kofi made a his decision by selecting the gorgeous Pazz as his date ; where they go on a date at the Date Rush Hide Out!

Raymond Opoku a successful and ward winning marketer and public speaker was the next gentleman to mount the bachelors stage in his quest to arrive on a single out of 10 beautiful ladies on live television.

He is good looking gentleman poised and affable with a great personality. His dancing and other talents on display had all lights on from the ladies. He has a dream of inspiring young entrepreneurs and changing people’s mindset about the rising Africa. The burden now had to shift to the ladies who must display their talent, skill, personality to now convince him to choose one of them for a date.

It was quite complicated but worthy sight to behold with the ladies stretching out their hands and doing all in their power to catch the eyes of their potential date. One of the shocking moments was when a lady turned her Rush off because she thinks the gentleman is too short for her, but Raymond kept his composure. He was finally able to settle on 2 elegant ladies to which he posed the question “What will you do to ensure a long lasting relationship?” even though he was satisfied with both answers he chose to go on romantic date with Jessica which is fully sponsored by Rush energy drink. his date to the admiration of the audience in studio. This, however, was not without drama between the ladies, the bachelors and the amazing audience.

Watch another thrilling episode of the Date Rush show on 16th of November 8pm exclusively on tv3, watch this and every Friday at 8pm on tv3 hosted by Nii Kpakpo Thompson and get thrilled.

Date Rush is a production of Adesa Production Ltd, a member of the Media General Group and sponsored by Twellium Industrial Ltd, producers of Rush Energy Drink. The show deals with bachelors who have to impress a panel of ten women through a series of videos about them, followed by the contestant demonstrating a skill. If the ladies like what they see, they keep a light on. If all lights go off, the bachelor goes home alone.


Read; How Time And Chance Brought Edem Fairre From The Stone Quarry To Becoming A TV Sensation.



Ghanaian born, raised and now a full blown TV personality Edem Fairre, a host with TMGTV in an interview with’s Kwesi Omega disclosed how time and chance took her from the stone quarry to the screens.

The young and budding model plus TV personality recounted how difficult it was for her as a young lady after her parents’ pattered ways and she had to fend for herself and her younger siblings. This ended her up at a stone quarry amidst difficult times in school, which was coupled with bad experiences suffered from people she had met earlier on who promised hope but delivered nothing close. The grateful Edem through it all kept hope alive even with no hopes of how the offing will turn out to be.

Edem who got her first modeling gig as the face of Donthes media after a passport picture she took for personal use in 2010 which got the photographer blown away by her photogenic self also was the face of Beige capital customer service. From then till now, her courteous self-have graced many modeling stages. The model has also bagged some juicy deals; she was named the 2017 Woodin Textiles Connexion de Woodin and 2018 Voile de Woodin brand ambassador but in all this, little did Edem know she was going to end up on TV.

The then model who was at the time helping a friend out on the flank with event update on Top TV got called up by fashion GH to host their red carpet. She fell in love with the screens and just like a bait, Edem was thrown into the deep oceans of presenting with little training and no experience. Edem couldn’t help it but to sneer as she spoke about how she had to learn on the job, polish her skill and craft which has earned her a spot with VIENNTYS TV AND TMGTV.

VIENNTYS and TMGTV’s finest is currently doubling as the co-founder of Empire GH modeling management and holds an ABE level 6 certificate in Marketing management as she is beaming with the hope to soon further her education.

Amidst the trail, tear, misrepresentation and fake people, which has led to her breaking down on several occasions and had even contemplated suicide in 2018, Edem is still in high spirits. The gratifying Edem couldn’t say much, but be thankful to God, her family and friends who have been super supportive to her cause as she readies for another marathon of yet a busy year ahead for modeling and presenting which promises to be a bliss.

Get up close with Edem Fairre on the following social media platforms for bookings and updates on her upcoming projects and prospects.

Instagram; @edemfairre

Facebook page; Edem Fairre

Twitter; @Edem_fairre

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”Don’t Use S*x As Proof Of Love.” Delay Gives Women Ten Strong Commandments.



Outspoken and strong headed Tv personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso otherwise known as Delay is one lady who braved the odds and ensured that she scaled up. As a way to advise women to do better just like herself, she has come up with her Ten commandments.

In an Instagram post, the heavily chastised, but unperturbed Delay outlined ten commandments for ladies which should help shape their thinking, their living and way of life.

She touched on very sensitive aspects of life in the post. Delay advised ladies to live the best of lives without the help of a man, not to marry for money, use s*x as the proof of love, eschew alcohol and depending on men for survival among others made it to her list of commandments.

Below are her Ten Commandments;

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to move out of ur parents house.
  2. Don’t wait for a man b4 u start living. U can live a fulfilled life as a single woman.
  3. Stay away from alcohol. It has killed others and u are not special.
  4. Don’t entertain a wrong number call, especially at night. Its not the right way to find a lover.
  5. Develop a healthy eating habit. Always take breakfast and avoid sweets.
  6. Dress well: impression count. People will judge u by d way u dress even b4 dey talk to u.
  7. Don’t use sex as proof of love. Sex is no proof of love, he’ll leave u after the sex.
  8. Dont marry for the money, else u’ll become 1 of his possessions.
  9. Add value to yourself – get a career. Dont be fooled that a man will solve all your problems.
  10. Beauty is not everything. If its all you have, u’ll lose ur place to some1 less beautiful but more matured and competent.

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Eli Kharis Features Peace Hyde On Her #EarnYourCrown Series.



E.I.B networks celebrated award-winning media personality  known in the showbiz circles as Eli Kharis but christened at birth Ms Elinam Amenyo  introduces new features to her well patronized magazine-style website 

The new feature for the popular inspirational column ‘Earn Your Crown (EYC)’, featured one of the most powerful women in media; currently the Head of Digital Media and Partnership as well as the West African Correspondent at Forbes Africa, Peace Hyde. The dynamic lady working across Forbes Africa’s digital platform on revenue and audience growth initiatives as well as the editorial head for the West African region. Also the founder of leading education non-profit Aim Higher Africa, which has a focus on empowering unemployed youths in Africa to transform their passion into business.

The popular media personality and Humanitarian disclosed to Eli Kharis in this new issue of ‘EYC’, that her biggest challenge in life was overcoming her negative mindset. Obstacles she says are inevitable in life, but one needs to overcome them to enable you to succeed in your chosen or any field. The very difficult step is in overcoming your own fears and doubts, and that lies in adopting the right mindset. “For the longest time I was consumed with what people would think of me and that dictated a lot of the things I did until I decided to change my mindset”, she said. How did Ms Hyde overcome these challenges; log on to the site and read all about it.

For our 3rd feature on‘Give Back’: A column that seeks to project the works of Non-Governmental Organizations and Individuals doing charitable works, and solicit for support. We are privileged to have on board a foundation ‘Matic Music School’using one of the most powerful arts, music to groom children. The purpose of this initiative is not only to develop their skills and talents but also serve as an opportunity to explore themselves and their abilities. Founded by renowned media personality and Entrepreneur born Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei, popularly known as Trigmatic.

For our fashion lovers, head to ‘Style Gist’ column and learn all about the must have Fashion wardrobe essentials for the New Year. A guide that will help you bring your outfits together from start to finish without having to worry about what to wear, making you look flawlessly chic.

An informative piece put together by Blogger, Pro Personal and Wardrobe Stylist, MolekorAdeyinka, all the way from Nigeria: One of the best Fashion consultants, who have partnered with and consults for beauty and fashion blogs, websites, individuals and brands around the world and is the brain behind the SBM Wardrobe Swap Parties.

The magazine-style website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content that showcases Eli Kharis’s diverse talents and career, whereas that is also a place for her to blog and share the content that she creates.  It is easy to spend a great deal of time on her website as it covers a wide range of subjects from fashion, life style, entertainment and inspiring stories.

Read all about the newest Features on the website, link below:

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“We Don’t Accept Cash To Play Videos” – Jay Folley



Fiesta Tv, a 24 hour Ghanaian entertainment, music channel which is a subsidiary of the EIB group after being officially launched in September yesterday in a press briefing at the Accra City Hotel enthusiastically announced its strong presence now in 48 African countries via DSTV channel 329 and GoTv 159.

Many times have Ghanaian musicians asked how they can go international with their craft, have their works play on a Ghanaian own, but the international platform so they could advance their gains and reach out to a wider audience. The question seemed to be a mind boggling one with no solution in sight, but thanks to Fiesta TV, we have made headways.

Jay Folley who is the channel manager in making the big announcement did not shy away from the fact that scaling up and now being in 48 countries out of the 54 burdens both the managers and content providers with a greater responsibility and added they don’t accept cash to play videos but have a special promotional package for artiste who may opt for that.

“I’m excited about this, 48 countries is no small feat, but It’s a lot of responsibility on us as managers, you as viewers and the content providers as we have a lot of work to do, not to only position Ghana as the biggest entertainer on the African continent, but also let Africa speak a big language about our entertainment to the world.” Shared by channel manager Jay Folley at the press briefing.

Fiesta, which was founded by Abraham Ohene-Djan and was acquired by the EIB group two years ago will deliver a wide range of programing which includes lifestyle, music, events, entertainment bulleting’s and many more. There is also good news for Ghanaian content providers as their content will be more patronized as compared to others.

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