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Ghana’s entertainment industry is happy to welcome Hakeem Ellis, CEO of Sultan Group of companies into Africa’s fast developing showbiz sector. The US based Ghanaian investor has formalised his entry by opening a fresh record label, a movie production hub and an artiste promotion and event agency known as Hekell Entertainment.

The record label has already signed underground artistes that they are helping to climb up to the top.

Investment in showbiz is a daring one that requires a higher dose of passion than just calculated vision to make instant income; — the lack of industrial structures to give the fraternity an assured financial return of capital investment gives it opaque overview, especially to the business collegiate.

Our entertainment industry needs cash, so bad. However, we have failed to attract serious investment that will turn the industry to good in the medium – long term.

But Hakeem Ellis has the passion and the thrive to put a long term investment portfolio into the industry. He has signed juicy endorsement deals with many bloggers and entertainment journalists in efforts to strengthen that section of the industry.

The boss of Hakell Entertainment is making sure young artistes don’t just follow the dream of pursuing music, but also get the necessary education.

Mr Hakeem Ellis

In a heartfelt letter to budding female artistes Chikel Baibe, who just completed her senior high exams, the CEO of Sultan Group really touched on our emotional chords, so we decided to pen this for posterity. Read his letter below and share your thoughts.

One faithful day Chikel Baibe reached out to me. She told me her story and I was so inspired by the things she had overcome, her love for God, dedication, and the will to not be derailed no matter how people talked about her and took jabs at her looks. She reminded me of myself! She made me better! So after thoughtful deliberation and love for 🇬🇭 music, I decided to establish a record label to help individuals with similar drive and talent. Please help me congratulate this beautiful and talented young lady for finishing high school. The journey is bright!! 🎼🎥🇬🇭. THE TRANSFORMATION will be witnessed by the world and her powerful talent will be appreciated… #Chikelbaibe to the Globe 🌍 #🇬🇭withyou @hakell_entertainment @zealgovernor @chikelbaibe @sultan_drinks_ghana


The First Romans Were Black People Called The Etruscans.



The fight to reclaim the pride and heritage of the Black man has been a tedious, but yet fulfilling battle. After hundreds of years of lies told about the Black man, nature has made it possible that we are at a great reawakening and that facts about ancient Black civilizations are exposed daily.

The knowledge which we have gathered on the history of Black civilizations has set the Black race on a new path – a path to pride and self-awareness. Which African school would have ever thought Africans this secretes? None actually. That Is because, even till date, the curriculum of many African schools is decided by European governments.

The first humans on earth were black people. And since that is so and has been proven by historians, scientists, and archeologists, it is safe to agree that Black people dominated many parts of Europe for thousands and hundreds of years, before the European (Caucasians) stock moved in Italy, which is known for housing Rome, was originally inhabited by Black people, who are referred to as Etruscans.

Legends say they were descendants of refugees from the fallen city of Troy, led by the swarthy (dark-skinned) prince Aeneas after the city fell to the Greeks.  Whether this legend is true or not, the pieces of evidence below clearly point that Rome was first owned by Blacks.

The statues and art of the Etruscans revealed them to be Africans – black people. History shows that they were a sensual and creative people. The city of Rome was originally known as Ra Ouma which means a ” place protected by Ra “.

This worship of Ra, undoubtedly by the Etruscans, means that they most likely had a spiritual, physical and cultural link to Kemet (kmt), ancient Egypt or Phoenicia. In archeology, findings show that two African peoples, the Sicani, and the Liburni occupied ancient Italy. 

The Roman writer Virgil revealed that the Pelasgians, the Kemetians (Black people) who settled in southern Greece, also occupied the Palatine, one of the seven hills of Rome. The Romans later became a ” Latin” people, and became a mixed race.


But the African element played a major part in Rome’s history. The Blacks were everything, from charioteers to soldiers, generals, and Emperors.  Rome’s famous Oracles were the Sibyls, African prophetesses, who wrote the famous Sibylline Prophecies. These writings were later plagiarized by the Christians. It was the African Sibyls who built the original Vatican, which was a temple to Mami Wata, goddess of the sea.

Undisputable Historical Evidence

Now, before we go further, we must state that many accounts about the origin of Rome that is found on the internet or even in modern books are lies. They are Caucasian versions to usurp the true identity of the Etruscans, who occupied Etruria (ancient Rome, Greece, and parts of Aegean).

The albinos (Caucasians), who were called “the Latins” started to migrate from the Eurasian plains to Italy. They most likely traveled with the Hellenes people into Greece and then moved further into Italy, which was a Black territory.

The contact between the Caucasians and the Black inhabitants of Italy was chaotic, as the Caucasians were violent and invasive.

It is important to note that the first original Black inhabitants were not just limited to Italy (Rome), but stretched to Greece, and the Aegean area. When the threats and violence from the White invaders increased, the Blacks of these areas formed a coalition.

A large number of them packed up their belongings, boarded their ships and moved out of their land. Some of the people stayed back, to defend their lands and deal with the white Etruria.

The Etruscans (Black owners of Rome), had a unique way of building their homes and cities. They built their houses on steep hills, which were surrounded by thick walls. Caucasian-Roman mythology claims that the white Romans built the first walls, but according to factual history and accounts of the Etruscans, the Blacks built the ancient walls of Rome and the Vatican.

To fully understand and possess the entire documents to this important historical fact, you can click on this link here. It gives more detailed accounts with pictures and archeological points to disproved the Caucasian Historians who keep lying and distorting history to discredit the Black man’s achievements and heritage through history.


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Africa Civilized Europe Two Times.



Wealthy Ancient European intellectuals of Arts and Sciences in Greece and later in Rome, craved knowledge and civilization from African masters. Just as investors in search of fortune sponsored explorers into Africa. They went back home to educate their people in light of what they had learned in Africa. In view of the stories they heard from travelers, African civilization was beyond their imagination.

In fairness to these early students of African masters, such as Thales of Miletus, Socrates, Isocrates, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Diodorus, they gave credits to the dark skin, straight to wooly black haired Africans of Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan and Meroe.

They were educated in the skill of medicine, sciences, mathematics, philosophy and more. Only the privileged in their communities could be educated in Africa. There was no doubt or questions about the African civilization. Of course, some Africans had mixed complexions still reflected today throughout Africa. But to label them “white” or even “half-white” is a revision of facts and history to suit the narrow mindedness of 19th and 20th centuries Eurocentric racist-pseudo-scientists armoring African Arts and Sciences.

So, that was ancient times, what happens to Africans now? Miracles are still happening in Africa that Africans do not appreciate, encourage, nurture or even reject. If you reject your own inventions, exchange your best and the brightest for vanity without substance, nobody would patronize yours. The first money most Africans make, is squandered out of their communities’ circulation, out of Africa. No wonder, descendants of Queen of Sheba and Mansa Kankan Musa, the 1st and 2nd world’s richest drunken sailors!

Long before there was any European civilization, many had to come to Africa for study with the wise men of ancient Egypt, who were black, to train in medicine, mathematics, geometry, art, and so forth. When Isocrates wrote of his studies in the book Busirus, he said that “I studied philosophy and medicine in Egypt.” He did not study these subjects in Greece in Europe, but in Egypt in Africa. So, what are today Euro-centric(s) saying?

The Greeks had no problem in stating their knowledge originated from an African origin; nowhere do they make references to “white deities” or “white leaders” amongst the black culture that gave them philosophy. ttps://

The Egyptians were colonists sent out by the Ethiopians, Osiris having been the leader of the colony. And the larger part of the customs of the Egyptians were Ethiopian, the colonists still preserved their ancient manners and cultures. What were their skin color before they mixed with Europeans and Arabs?

The primary aim of modern Eurocentric scholars is to completely expunge black Africans from the "map of human geography" and world history to kill the confidence of African children and assume superiority comples. The ideological position has been, and still is, that nothing came out of Africa but powerless, defenseless, uncivilized, barbaric and primitive peoples and ideas.

Once a people are stripped of their culture, language and pride; substituted with foreign culture, language and pride; they are slaves of the mind from one generation to the next. They arbor self-hatred for their own discoveries. It perpetuates and propagates itself as a virus until it consumes their being. The children of the subjugated also pass it on to their own kids and it goes on for generations. The conquerors need not work on the acculturalization anymore, maintenance is enough since it is already endemic.

Barbarians: In order to understand how Barbarians changed from Greece to Rome and used to describe Northern Europeans outside of Greece and later outside Rome, we must understand that as soon as other Europeans aligned themselves with Greece and later with Rome, to fight and conquer their neighbors, they call the others Barbarians. This same word is now commonly used for those not aligned to western “civilization”!

There were two kinds of writing which the Egyptians had, one was known as "popular" (demotic) learned by everyone, while the other called "sacred" was understood only by the priests of the Egyptians, who learned it from their fathers as one of the things which were not divulged, but only used as letters among the Ethiopians.*.html

There were Ancient African Writings all over the Continent called Proto-Writing (6000 B.C); Proto Saharan (5000-3000 B.C); Ekoi’s Nsibidi (5000 – Present); Medu Neter or Ta Merrian (4000 B.C – 600 A.D); Kemetic Hieratic (3200-27 B.C); Thinite (32-2700 B.C); Vai (3000 B.C – Present); Meroitic or Napatan; Ge’ez or Ethiopic, Sabean; Kimetic; Coptic; Old Nubian See slates and pictures

Writing has been so conflated intentionally, new students would think it originated in Europe. Those that were taught how to read and write are claiming to be the inventors! See Meroitic Period (3rd century BC) of the Kingdom of Kush. The two scripts were Meroitic Cursive derived of Demotic Egyptian and Meroitic Hieroglyphics derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs. Meroitic Cursive is the most widely attested script, comprising most of all the inscriptions. Antedated by a century or more, the earliest, surviving Meroitic hieroglyphic inscription.See Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (ca. 50 BC) described the two scripts in his Bibliotheca historica, Book III (Africa), Chapter 4.

Destruction of Writings, library and edifices of Egypt were preserved by some rulers and destroyed by others including Christians and Muslim conquerors just like the Taliban in in Afghanistan and Isis in Iraq. When Caliph Umar ordered his Muslim General Amr ibn al-As and his army of some 4,000 Arabs invaded Egypt (December 639 AD), he ordered "If it’s not in the Koran, it’s not worthy; if it is in the Koran, it is superfluous; burn it."

Moroccan Army, after exhausting their riches and soldiers up North became hungrier for the riches in the South. Their Army destroyed Songhai Empire but could not get to their real source of wealth in the rainforest where the gold was mined and kept away. Belatedly, they realized that venturing into the rainforest posed deadly risk for their soldiers and horses. They left with what they could raid from Songhai but almost empty handed since they could not capture the goldmines.

Africans in the rural areas are still lucky as long as they continue to retain their culture, language and pride. But as they move into the urban “civilized” areas struggling to replicate European and American cities and cultures in Africa, they loom into the danger of globalization. Well, there is nothing wrong with exposure to other world, the problem is who define and lead what Africa embraced and glamorized to them, instead of pride in themselves. Modernization and Invention is not new to Africa, but adaptation of vanity without substance is new.

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Judge Tells A Murder Trial He Was Getting ‘Horny’ Due To The Amount Of Sex Mentioned During The Case.



A judge in Bermuda has been criticised by the British Court of Appeals for telling a murder trial he was getting 'horny' because of the amount of sex mentioned in the case.

Carlisle Greaves, who served until last month as a junior judge in the British overseas territory, made the outrageous remark while a witness gave crucial evidence during the trial.

The murder trial, which saw Khyri Smith-Williams convicted of slaying Colford Ferguson, was taken to the Court of Appeal when defense attorney Jerome Lynch demanded a retrial, claiming the judge had behaved inappropriately.

The Court of Appeal ultimately rejected the calls but Appeal judge Sir Maurice Kay said the court could not condone the lewd comments. 

Mr Justice Kay said: 'In particular, his comment "all this sex is beginning to get me horny" was inappropriate and inimical to the dignity of court proceedings. 

'Mr Lynch was justified in criticising it. However, I do not believe that it damaged the defence or had the potential to undermine the safety of the conviction.'   

Smith-Williams was sentenced to serve at least 35 years in prison last October, after he was found guilty of the murder by a majority verdict.

Mr Ferguson, a 29-year-old father of one, was shot dead in February 2011, as he worked on a house in Somerset, Bermuda - which is a cluster of 181 islands in the North Atlantic usually referred to in the collective.

Troy Harris, a witness for the Crown, told the court that Smith-Williams confessed his involvement in the killing to him and admitted that he had driven the getaway motorbike.

He said Smith-Williams also told him that Rasheed Muhammad had pulled the trigger and that Mr. Ferguson was not the intended target.

Smith-Williams launched an appeal against his conviction, which was heard in June.

In the hearing, Mr Lynch criticised Mr Justice Greaves's handling of the case, particularly his behaviour during Mr Harris's evidence.

He argued that the judge had done little to rein in the witness's use of vulgar language and that the 'tacit approval' of the behaviour had lent it credibility.

In transcripts presented to the Court of Appeal, Mr Harris cursed repeatedly, called Mr Muhammad a f****t and made repeated references to 'f***ing p***y'.

But the higher court found Mr Justice Greaves's response to the unsavoury language was not prejudicial.

Mr Justice Kay wrote: 'Anybody familiar with serious criminal trials, in this jurisdiction in recent years, knows the judge has a very personal style, whereby he engages with witnesses, defendants, juries and advocates in an informal way, often using casual language and rich metaphors.

'In relation to Harris, it was important that the judge should facilitate his evidence, whatever it turned out to be.

'If he took the view, and I suspect he did, that the best course was to let the witness have his say, subject to the rules of evidence, rather than seek to inhibit him, it seems to me that that was an exercise of judgment which was open to him.'


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“Takoradi Missing Girls Are Dead. – Acting IGP Confirms



The Ghana Police Service has announced that the DNA tests conducted on some skeletons retrieved in August in the Western region have proven positive to be that of the four missing Takoradi girls.

The Acting Inspector General of the Police, James Oppong-Boanuh told journalists in Accra Monday evening.

TV3’s Peter Quao Adattor who was monitoring event at the police headquarters in Accra said the police said the families of the victims have already been informed about the development.

Prior to the announcement, Peter said the police hierarchy were locked up in a marathon meeting running into hours on Monday.

The first sets were discovered at Kansaworodo, where the prime suspect stayed
The first sets were discovered at Kansaworodo, where the prime suspect stayed

The girls – Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21; Ruth Love Quayson, 18;  Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie,18; and Ruth Abakah, 19; – went missing between July and December 2018.

The remains of three of the girls were found in a cesspit tank at Kansaworodo near the home of Samuel Uduatuk Wills the prime suspect on August 2, while the fourth in a well at Nkroful on August 6.

Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh said: “A few minutes ago, officers of the Ghana Police Service informed four (4) families in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana that DNA tests conducted on some human remains discovered in the course of Police investigations into the disappearance of four (4) missing girls have turned positive as the remains of the girls.

“The Ghana Police Service has, with regret, therefore informed the families that the remains are those of Ruth Abaka, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson, and Priscilla Kuranchie.

“Investigations now establish that the girls were victims of a serial kidnapping and murdering syndicate that operated in the Takoradi area.”

Though the Acting IGP regretted the inability of the police to rescue the girl, “we believe that the arrest of the culprits has effectively thwarted the ability of this syndicate to have contued with further kidnappings and murder”.

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