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Achieving The Intake Of 2Litters Of Water.



Not long ago an article about benefits of water intake was published, read more…

Why Drink More Water?

Some people find it difficult taking in water, even if they do, it wouldn’t be that much. Hence here some ways to prevent dehydration and also to spice up your daily intake of water.

Here are some simple rules to help you get more water into your diet. And you don’t even have to buy expensive bottled water so it’s great for your wallet as well as your health.

1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.
This will wake you up and help your body replace any fluid lost when you were sleeping. It’ll also give you a head start on your 2 liters per day.

2. Set an alarm.
If you’ve got a watch that beeps on the hour it can be a good reminder. Every hour fill up a glass of water, or drink from your bottle, and make sure you finish the glass before the next hour. You could even set a reminder on your computer at work, or on your phone.

3. Add some flavour.
If you really can’t stand the taste of water on its own try adding a small amount of fruit juice, sugar-free squash or a squeeze of lemon or lime. The lemon can even help with weight loss. This is because its sour taste helps your liver get rid of toxins. Your liver plays a really important role in helping you lose weight and if it’s full of toxins it doesn’t do its job properly.

4. Carry a small bottle of water around with you.
This will not only remind you to drink more but it’s also an easy way of keeping track of how much you’re drinking. If you fill it up from the tap you can reuse it as well – brilliant for the environment!

5. Eat water-rich foods.
Here are some foods with the highest level of water in them. This can also help you get your 2 liters per day.
Lettuce 96%, Cucumber 94%, Broccoli 92%, Tomatoes 93%, Watermelon 90%, Carrots 90%, Grapefruit 88%.

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11 Impressive Health Benefits of Honey



Honey health benefits includes controlling cholesterol level, managing diabetes, treating gastric problems, fighting infections, boosting energy, preventing nausea, promoting weight loss, promoting restful sleep, fighting asthma, removing dandruff, and enhancing skin health.

Honey isn’t just delicious and sweet in taste, but nature has packed it with countless health benefits. You won’t believe that a substance that works fine as a sweetener and can treat a number health problems including, cold and cough, weight loss and even cardiovascular health.

What is Honey?
Humans found honey about 8,000 years ago and haven’t stopped using it since then. It was widely utilized in Greece and Egypt. And later it became a mandatory component for Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. This miraculous substance possesses healing properties that makes it a natural healer. It is a secret ingredient for countless home remedies as well. You can consume or mix honey with other spices, herbs, and water to get the most of it.

Nutritional Value of Honey
▪ Sodium 6 mg
▪ Protein  15 mg
▪ Carbohydrates  17g
▪ Cholesterol  0
▪ Fat 0
▪ Pantothenic Acid 05 mg
▪ Riboflavin  06mg
▪ Vitamin C  1mg
▪ Zinc 03 mg
▪ Iron 05mg
▪ Potassium 0mg
▪ Calcium 0mg
▪ Phosphorous 0 mg
▪ Water 6g
▪ Fructose 1g
▪ Maltose  5g
▪ Glucose  5g

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Honey

  1. Honey controls Cholesterol
    High cholesterol is a daunting health problem that should be dealt adequately and on time. Many studies have proved that honey is a healthy source to control high cholesterol levels. A study has even mentioned that consuming 70g of honey regularly for 30 days can reduce these levels by 3%. Surprisingly, with the help of the honey, you can increase good cholesterol levels.
  2. Honey for Diabetics
    Despite being sweet in taste, honey doesn’t increase the sugar in the bloodstream and it is safe for diabetics. It is also said to reduce fasting serum glucose maintain fasting C-peptide, a compound that stabilizes insulin. It could be a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. Diabetics can now enjoy their teas or oatmeal by incorporating honey in them. Since natural products usually don’t contain any adverse effects it is still advised to consult with your doctor before consuming anything.
  3. It Treats Gastric Problems
    Gastric problems are common in children and adults alike. Thanks to antimicrobial and antioxidant components found in the honey, you can treat your stomach complications organically, once and for all. You consume it raw or diluted in warm water for better effects. It is a safe and quick way to deal with gastric issues due to an additional antibacterial quality in it – which is methylglyoxal. It fights germs and bad bacteria in your digestive tract.
  4. Honey for Infections
    Bacteria are the main cause of various kinds of infections. You can prevent your body from these infections just by incorporating it into your daily diet. Being enriched with antibacterial properties, it works as a shield against various kinds of infection preventing your body from further damage.
  5. It Boosts Energy
    Since the sweet tasting honey is loaded with the methylglyoxal compound, it is known to boost energy levels. This compound also contributes to enhance your immune system stimulating the growth of cytokines, which are found to organize immune your responses. Combined with antioxidants, these properties keep your body active and super energized.
  6. It Prevents Nausea
    Nausea and consistent morning sickness will impede you from sticking to your diet on a daily basis, making your weaker and weaker. However, adding a bit of honey to your diet can change all this drastically. You can treat this condition by adding lemon juice to raw honey. It not just relieves nausea, but prevents vomiting as well. If lemon juice is too sour for you, you can try this remedy with apple cider vinegar before going to bed.
  7. Honey for Weight Loss
    This golden colored substance is a mouthwatering way to lose weight. You can even replace regular sugar intake with it for quick results. Moreover, consuming a spoonful of honey with warm water can reduce your sugar cravings, which will help you a lot during your weight loss journey. A recent study noted the fact that natural sugars found in the honey act differently than white sugar inside your body.
  8. It Promotes Sleep
    Sleeping 8 hours without any disruption is extremely important for your well being. This is why; experts and dietitians suggest getting plenty of sleep and rest to combat health problems. However, not getting enough sleep can put your health at various risks.  It is where consuming it comes into an action. Eating a tablespoon of it before bedtime is recommended to insomniacs. This way, their liver glycogen stays up because if they get empty, your liver stops glucose formation, which is essential for producing energy. This process is said to prevent you from falling asleep as you should.
  9. Honey for Asthma
    Isn’t it surprising to learn that it can relieve asthma as well, which is a daunting health problem. It not just it treats troubling coughs, but helps relieve the respiratory system by keeping all that wheezing and troubled breathing at bay. Moreover, honey is known to soothe mucus membranes found in the airways. Consuming a decent quantity of honey can also impede mucus buildup in the bronchial tubes, which is known as a major asthma symptom.
  10. It Removes Dandruff
    Dandruff and an itchy scalp are quite annoying problems. Not to mention they are embarrassing. You But thanks to the antibacterial properties found in honey, you can get rid of the problems once and for all. Using honey on hair is as safe as eating it. To treat dandruff and an unhealthy scalp, all you need is to mix equal portions of raw honey and water. Massage your scalp with it and apply on the locks as well. Leave it for an hour and then rinse it off. You will notice a difference in fewer weeks.
  11. Honey for Skin
    There is only one way to get shiny, spotless and an even skin and that is honey. Regular application of raw honey on the face can treat various skin problems including acne – thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties once again. This sweet substance not just removes acne scars, but stops their reoccurrence as well. If you are stressing over the appearance of premature wrinkles and fine lines, start using it today to get plenty of nutrients that your skin needs. Moreover, you don’t really need to spend an extra amount on the whitening products once you have brought a honey jar. It is known to enhance your complexion keeping it radiant and clear.

The health benefits of honey are endless. You can rarely find any health problem that honey can’t treat. It is a safe source to get plenty of energy and can become a healthy alternative to chemical filled energy beverages. So, don’t wait and make it part of your daily life.

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15 Health Benefits Of Orange Juice



Orange Juice health benefits includes preventing cancer, fighting free radicals, boosting immunity, detoxifying the body, fighting inflammation, supporting liver health, supporting blood circulation, reducing high blood pressure, helps in natural cure, preventing ulcers, support weight loss, enhancing youthful look, relieving diabetes, preventing kidney stones and treating rickets in children.

What is Orange Juice 

Extracted from orange, orange juice is one of the most widely consumed fruit juices in America. Yet, many people underestimate the health advantages of oranges and how fail to benefit from its nutritional content.
Research confirms that drinking orange juice every day offers multiple benefits. Thanks to its protective effect, the juice contains high levels of flavonoids and many anti-inflammatory properties. Here are 15 incredible benefits of drinking orange juice regularly.

15 Impressive Health Benefits of Orange Juice

1. Rich Source of Vitamin C
By consuming at least two glasses of orange juice every day, we can boost our vitamin C intake. Since this is a crucial vitamin that cannot be produced by the human body, it is important to include as many sources of vitamin C as we can to protect our body against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that cause premature aging and tissue damage. Hence, making orange juice a regular item in our breakfast or diet can ensure we successfully combat free radical damage.

2. Prevents Cancer
Since vitamin C serves as an antioxidant; it also functions as a shield against many types of cancers. This is why orange juice is recommended to keep the DNA of healthy cells from turning to cancerous cells.
The juice also contains hesperidin, which is another important antioxidant that is linked to reducing the growth of tumors. Although more research is required before validating the exact effects of orange juice to prevent cancers; the antioxidants present in it are likely to prevent many types of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

3. Boosts Immunity
Oranges are known for their powerful healing properties. This is why orange juice is given to patients or individuals who are recovering from an injury. Since a single serving of the juice offers more than 200% of the vitamin C requirement of the body, it is safe to assume that orange juice is an effective way to fortify our immune system.
The juice also contains ascorbic acid, which is one of the basic components of collagen. Since collagen plays a crucial role in repairing cells and for good growth of new tissues in the body; orange juice also plays its role in delaying premature aging.

4. Detoxifies the Body
Orange juice also contains vitamin A, which serves as a moderate antioxidant. Moreover, the juice helps to detoxify the boxy since it supports good kidney functioning.
Vitamin A is also linked with good eye health. This is why orange juice is consumed with carrot juice to maintain good eyesight.
Consuming orange juice regularly also prevents the onset of many eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
We all know how citrus fruits serve as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce inflammation. Similarly, oranges also play a vital role in relieving inflammation. High fat and sugary meals result in the inflammationof various parts of the body. Since this also leads to other serious diseases such diabetes, it is important to tackle inflammation before it triggers other complications.
Research proves that orange juice is potent to protect the heart and promotes good heart health. Moreover, the juice also prevents the likelihood of developing diabetes.

6. Helps the Liver
Drinking orange juice is also beneficial for the liver since it prevents poor digestion and the fermentation of food resulted by a bad liver.

7. Supports Blood Circulation
Orange juice also has folate, which is a member of the B complex family. In reality, it is vitamin B9 that is crucial for the growth of new cells and the creation of DNA.
Moreover, folate also guards your cells from being mutated to prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Since folate plate a great role in the production of new red blood cells and stimulate the blood flow to the extremities, the organ systems in our body are able to work at their full capacity. As the body remains well-oxygenated, it performs with more efficiency and fewer problems.

8. Reduces High Blood Pressure
The antioxidant Hesperidin present in the orange juice guards the body against many forms of cancers and diseases. However, another function of this incredible water-soluble plant compound is to ensure a smooth functioning of small blood vessels.
Having this juice regularly has an overall positive impact on maintain good blood pressure levels. This activity decreases the chances of developing heart complications due to an elevated blood pressure.

9. Healing Benefits
Another great benefit of this juice is that it has tremendous healing capabilities. Since orange juice has several anti-inflammatory properties, the flavonoids work incredibly to heal pain and stiffness in the entire body. Hence, consuming orange juice is a natural cure for arthritis.

10. Prevents Ulcers
Most types of ulcers appear in the stomach and small intestine. These ulcers lead to severe cases of constipation. Consume orange juice regularly to stimulate the digestive system and prevent the formation of ulcers.

11. Helps in Weight Loss
You must have observed that this juice is a part of many weight loss programs. As orange is a citrus fruit, its juice is widely used by people who intend to lose weight the natural way by avoiding artificial sweeteners.

12. Guarantees a Younger looking Skin
Consuming this juice regularly prevents aging signs and keeps the skin younger looking. Moreover, the vitamin C in orange juice guards the skin from damage caused by free radicals.
If you want to maintain the freshness of your skin, turn to this juice and say no to other beverages.

13. Relieves Diabetes
Thanks to orange juice and its diuretic properties, it regulates excess sugar in the body. This is why it is recommended to patients who suffer from diabetes to reduce the negative outcomes of the medical condition.

14. Prevents Kidney Stones
People who have experienced kidney stones know how painful this condition is. This is why sipping this juice is beneficial in preventing kidney stones. The potassium citrate present in oranges prevents the formation of kidney stones and relieves a large number of kidney problems.

15. Treats Rickets in Children
Rickets is a common disease among children. As they have soft and weak bones, the many minerals present in orange juice successfully prevent the development of rickets in children. Consuming orange juice regularly also helps to treat many other disorders and relieve their symptoms.

Bottom Line
Like all other juices and beverages; it is important that you consume it in moderation.
Avoid buying orange juice products that are high in sugar content. The best way to make it is to squeeze fresh oranges to form a pulpy juice. Although there are no known harmful intestinal problems or allergies that are triggered by orange juice; do not go overboard. Excess amounts of orange juice can lead to migraines or acne outbreaks.

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Health & Fitness

13 Surprising Benefits Of Dandelion



Dandelion amazing health benefits includes enhancing bone health, preventing and curing liver disorder, preventing diabetes, curing urinary disorder, rejuvenating skin, curing acne, maintaining weight loss, combating cancerous cells, curing jaundice, treating gallbladder disorders, treating constipation, preventing anemia and regulating blood pressure.

What is Dandelion?

Dandelions are more popular as ornamental flower plants, but most people are unaware of their medicinal benefits for health. In many parts of the world, people use dandelion for preventing and curing conditions like diabetes, liver disorders, urinary disorders, jaundice, acne, anemia, and cancer. It is also helpful in rejuvenating skin, maintaining bone health, and weight loss.

Dandelion flowers are very pleasing to the eyes. It has many varieties, but the most common one is called Taraxacumofficinale which is the scientific name of the flower. The primitive plants of dandelion were discovered in Eurasia about 30 million years ago.

Nutritional Value of Dandelion

Dandelion is abundant with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and calcium. Dandelion comes with a host of benefits for health besides looking lovely in our gardens. Here are some of its benefits.

13 Surprising Benefits of Dandelion

  1. Enhances Bone Health
    Dandelion contains calcium, and it is the most important nutrient needed for healthy bones and their overall health. Dandelion also has copious amounts of antioxidants including luteolin and vitamin C. Age-related decline in bone health is a result of free radicals in the aging body and is manifested through weakness, bone frailty and declined density.
  2. Prevents and Cures Liver Disorders
    Consuming dandelion can prevent liver hemorrhaging because of the presence of rich amounts of antioxidants like vitamin C and luteolin. Along with maintaining the optimal functioning of the liver, dandelion also stimulates the liver, promotes digestion and supports the proper flow of bile. Properly working digestive system prevents constipation thereby reducing the incidence of other gastrointestinal issues.
  3. Prevents Diabetes
    Dandelion juice is ideal for lowering the heightened blood sugar levels because it increases the generation of insulin in the pancreas. Another added benefit is due to dandelion being diuretic in nature which causes diabetic people to urinate frequently, ultimately leading to the washout of excessive sugar in the body.
    The problem of diabetics is also cured because of the diuretic nature of dandelion. Since dandelion juice is also somewhat bitter, therefore it successfully lowers down the level of sugar in the blood. Consistent production of insulin and excretion of excessive sugar from the blood makes the dandelion extracts a perfect solution for diabetics.
  4. Cures Urinary Disorders
    Toxic substances are readily washed off because of the dandelion’s highly diuretic nature. Dandelion also has disinfectant properties that help prevent the growth of microbes in the urinary system.
  5. Rejuvenates Skin
    Dandelion milk is the sap which comes from the plant. Microbial and fungal infections cause a lot of skin related issues, and the dandelion milk is ideal for treating them. Since dandelion milk has a range of benefits in killing germs and insects and is exceedingly alkaline, it is highly advantageous for the skin. However, avoid contacting the sap with your eyes because it can irritate. The sap is also very useful for other skin conditions including ringworm, eczema, and itches as it does not cause any hormonal imbalance or other side effects which are usually caused by other pharmaceutical skin treatments.
  6. Cures Acne
    Dandelion acts as an antioxidant in the body, and additionally, it can perform detoxification actions as well. All these properties make it an ideal treatment for acne. Acne is often a result of an abundant flow of hormones that the body releases in the physiological development phase of teenagers. The regulation of these hormones is necessary or else they can deposit toxic substances in the body. The secretion of more oil because of these hormones blocks the pores thereby obstructing the secretion of toxins.
    The diuretic, detoxifier, antioxidant and stimulant properties of dandelion help release the excessive hormones thereby curing the acne and related issue. The presence of vitamin C in the dandelion also helps speed up the process of healing.
  7. Maintains Weight Loss
    Dandelion has amazing diuretic properties, and it helps in both, from gaining and in losing the dreaded ‘water weight.’  4% of fat is present in the urine and the more water we drink, the more chance of losing excess weight that the body has gained due to making reserves of water. The best part about losing weight through natural diuretic is that it does not account for any side effects. Also, dandelions are very low in calories while the benefits they offer are huge, which make them a great choice for consumption if you are diet conscious or wish to lose weight.
  8. Combats Cancerous Cells
    Copious amounts of vitamin C and luteolin present in dandelion are highly beneficial in eliminating free radicals which become a major cause of cancer cells. Especially luteolin has a specific characteristic of disabling the effect of cancerous cells when it binds with them. Research has shown this characteristic of luteolin to be at work most notably prostate cancer.
  9. Cures Jaundice
    The overproduction of bile in the liver interferes with the body’s metabolism when released into the bloodstream; this condition is called jaundice. The diuretic and bile regulatory properties of dandelion are beneficial in all three steps of treating jaundice, which include curbing the production of bile, removing excess bile from the body and finally combating with the underlying viral infection.
  10. Treats Gallbladder Disorders
    Dandelion regulates the secretions from liver and gallbladder and protects them from harmful effects of infections and oxidants.

11.  Treats Constipation
Great amounts of dietary fiber in the dandelion make it ideal for digestive and intestinal health. Dietary fiber provides bulk to stool and regulates the bowel movements, and eases the process of excretion. You can use it for children to cure their constipation. It also helps regulate appetite after someone has experienced an injury or trauma.

12.  Prevention of Anemia
Dandelion packs a lot of protein, iron and other beneficial vitamins. Protein and vitamin B are important in the production of red blood cells while the iron is an essential component of hemoglobin in the blood. Intake of dandelion juice is ideal for those with anemia in curing the condition.

13.  Blood Pressure Regulation
Most medicines suggested for lowering the blood pressure work on the diuretic properties. Because dandelion is already diuretic in nature, it lowers down blood pressure without causing any harmful side effects. The fiber in dandelion also lowers down cholesterol levels which also regulates blood pressure.

Word of Caution
Individuals already taking blood sugar modulators must avoid excessive intake of dandelion or otherwise it may result in hypoglycemia. Also, a component present in dandelion called inulin cause allergy to certain people, so it is ideal to discuss with your doctor before consuming dandelion in any way.

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15 Amazing Benefits Of Garlic Oil



Garlic Oil health benefits includes treating acne, boosting immunity, relieving toothache, preventing hair fall, treating dandruff, combating infection and treating metabolic disorder. Other benefits includes relieving headaches, controlling diabetes, supporting respiratory health, preventing obesity, improving digestion, treating ear infections and treating cold sores.

What is Garlic Oil?

Scientifically referred to as Allium satvium, garlic is a relative of the onion family, member of the lily family and one of the most widespread ingredients used in the world. Grown mostly in the regions of tropics, garlic is packed with both culinary and medical benefits. The vegetable’s rich antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral qualities make it a natural healing agent. It produces a substance known as allicin, which is an ancestor of sulfur. Besides its high sulfur content, garlic also contains selenium, flavonoids, and the amino acid arginine, which are a kind of phytochemical – compounds produced by plants – which are also really good for your health.

Garlic can be consumed in various forms or even made into oil. You can prepare garlic oil by grinding and soaking its cloves by steam distillation or in vegetable oil. Garlic oil has been proven to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases by managing high cholesterol and blood pressure. However, it can also be used as a remedy for your daily woes. Listed below are 15 amazing health benefits of garlic oil

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic Oil

  1. Treats Acne
    Garlic Oil acts as an excellent remedy for bad skin. Garlic contains allicin, selenium, zinc, copper, and vitamin C, all of which are great for boosting the health of your skin. Zinc, in particular, has abilities to regulate sebum production, which is a key cause of acne. The anti-inflammatory qualities of garlic further help relax the skin. Combining a couple drops of garlic oil with a mud pack and applying to your face for 10 – 15 minutes can do wonders for your skin.
  2. Boosts Immunity
    Since garlic is full of antioxidants, a daily dose of its oil could benefit your immune system greatly. Nutrients, such as vitamins B1, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, phosphorus, iron, and allicin are all immunity-boosting nutrients that can be found in garlic oil and are ideal for boosting your overall health.
  3. Relieves Toothache
    The magical compound allicin not only helps in minimizing tooth pain and inflammation, but also helps reduce bacterial buildup and activity, as well as prevent tooth decay. All you need to do is apply a garlic oil-soaked cotton ball onto the affected area.
  4. Prevents Hair Fall
    Garlic oil contains various nutrients, such as vitamin E, sulfur, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, which help promote hair growth and enhance its texture. Those nutrients are the same that help combat any scalp diseases. Simply apply garlic oil onto your scalp and leave it overnight. Rinse with a mild shampoo.
  5. Treats Dandruff
    If dandruff is making your life miserable then you might want to start adding garlic oil in your shampoo and using the mixture. Garlic has antifungal properties that can combat the infection that is paving way for dandruff. Its oil also contains sulfur that helps calm down irritated and inflamed skin, thereby offering relief from the typical itchiness caused by dandruff.
  6. Combats Infections
    Allicin, an active compound found in garlic oil has antimicrobial properties that help fight many parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi such as Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, and Giardia lamblia, according to a study conducted by The Journal of Microbes and Infections.
  7. Treats Metabolic Disorder
    A lot of people use garlic oil to treat metabolic syndrome, which tends to be accompanied by high blood sugar, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The antioxidants present in this oil can directly influence this syndrome, alleviating all those risk factors and maximizing metabolic activity.
  8. Relieves Headaches
    Anecdotal evidence confirms that applying small quantities of garlic oil directly to your temple, or consuming a small, undiluted amount of this oil can relieve inflammation in the capillaries and temples very fast. This may minimize the occurrence of headaches and migraines.
  9. Diabetic Control
    The hypoglycemic nature of garlic oil can help manage energy consumption and insulin production by your body. This oil is perfect for maximizing metabolic activity, and can thus help thwart the spikes and falls in glucose that plague a lot of diabetic patients.
  10. Retains Respiratory Health
    Inhaling garlic oil, just like consuming garlic, can clear the nasal passageways and sinuses fast and also relieve pressure. Besides that, the oil can also alleviate allergic sensitivity, helping to lower asthmatic attacks and clear blockage.
  11. Prevents Obesity
    Garlic oil is excellent for kick-starting the metabolism, which is equal to passive fat burning, besides its cholesterol-lowering abilities. Garlic can also help suppress hunger pangs while the sulfide compounds help you feel fuller for long periods of time, thereby reducing excessive eating and causal snacking in-between meals.
  12. Rich in Antioxidants
    Allicin is not only one of the most powerful and versatile antioxidants known, but is also found in abundant amount in garlic oil. If you are trying to lower your body’s oxidative stress, prevent premature aging, or protect your body against the growth of cancerous cells, then using garlic oil is highly recommended for you.
  13. Improves Digestion
    Garlic oil or juice can be an outstanding solution for gut inflammation and constipation, given its stimulating nature and high antioxidant content. It can help aid with digestion and also stimulate peristaltic motion, along with reducing the possibility of different gastrointestinal cancers.
  14. Treats Ear Infections
    Garlic oil is an ancient remedy for earaches and infections. Not only does this oil fight the bacterial activity causing the infection, but it also offers relief from the pain caused by the infection. This is all thanks to the antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties of the vegetable.
    All you need to do is mix mustard, coconutor olive oil with a few drops of garlic oil. Next, warm it up on low heat and let it cool down. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to the infected area.
  15. Treats Cold Sores
    Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, garlic oil makes a great option for treating cold sores. With the help of a cotton ball, apply the oil onto the affected areas for reduced swelling and quick relief from the pain. Garlic supplements may also help speed up the healing process.
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